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Digital pathfinding
Digital pathfinding

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Bad storytelling..

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21C Tools - whiteboards for ideation
Creative thinking spaces - what are the best designs?

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21C Life - Creation, Protection, Destruction

An extraordinary Reddit experiment called Place...

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Transformation light...

“There are two kinds of light — the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures.”
 — James Thurber

Via the great +John Kellden 

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Keeping up with the machines, on a minimum wage...

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21C Governance - Why mimetic story telling is not enough to build trust in government

The Greeks broke narrative into two integral parts: mimesis, the showing of a compelling story; and diegeses, the sphere or world in which narrated events occur. A purely mimetic story may be compelling but without sufficient diegesis, it bears no relation to the world in which it purports to exist.

- +Mick Fealty,

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Lessons from the US and a failure of secrecy

Leadership must develop a new, inclusive, transparent process. Otherwise they’re going to face failure after failure because they don’t offer a process that is open and listens to everyone before they try to ram something through. Without that process, how different are they from the Hastert three hour Medicare Part D vote, except without earmarks? The strategy and the bill can’t just be written or advanced by leadership – it has to include everyone.

- Ben Domenech...

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Powerful thoughts for those who've suffered during the troubles

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Participative Inquiry - After the question, sharing the story

exploring beyond the comfort zones of old, increasingly obsolete 20C narratives: monocultures, old white male entitlement, hierarchy, oligarchy, technocracy, fast carbs, consumerism, ads and proprietary platforms reducing passionate humans to captive eyeballs and clickbait.

Moving beyond is exploration. It requires extending trust to fellow participants and requires meaningful connectivity when returning to the village after the quest, sharing your unique story.

- +John Kellden
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