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Digital pathfinding
Digital pathfinding

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My piece in the Irish Independent on the Stormont crisis...

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21C Governance - Alignment

Five questions:

1) What incentives drive good/bad behaviour for UK political parties?

2) How could they be changed (legal and non-legal) to align interests of existing parties better with the public interest?

3) If one were setting up a new party from scratch what principles could be established in order to align the party’s interests with the public interest much more effectively than is now the case anywhere in the world, and how could one attract candidates very different to those who now dominate Parliament (cleverer, quantitative problem-solving skills, experience in managing complex organisations etc)?

4) Is there a good case for banning political parties (as sometimes was attempted in ancient Greece), how to do it, what would replace them, why would this be better etc (I assume this is a bad and/or impractical idea but it’s worth asking why)?

5) In what ways do existing or plausible technologies affect these old questions?

Dominic Cummings

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21C governance - Case study for why accountability matters

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Making of modern Ireland...

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Trust is the Next Frontier

Yours truly joins +martin shervington and some very special people in looking at the crystal ball ;) 

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The authenticity deal...

From Nora Casey

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Common Questions Regarding Machine Learning Answered

Not a single equation or algorithm in sight! :) I tried to use plain English throughout. Let me know if there are things you still need to know about. 

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Why Do ‘Perspectives’ Matter More Than Ever?

Not everyone is like you, not everyone uses the same platforms, not everyone has the same family viewpoints, not everyone speaks in a way that you can understand, but that is how it is. Put simply, we all have to listen to the people who are ‘not like you’, who don't share your perspective.

+martin shervington

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21C Governance - Thinking big and long again
21C, episode 23: Transition

"In a network, once we've found a few others, we're finding ourselves in the middle of a great transition, tasked with redesigning our narratives, our networks and our organizing metaphors to better serve ourselves, others, the planet and our future generations."

"If we develop our collective imagination as if it is our core 21C Literacy, we will make it. Otherwise we will not."

2014 - 2016
The lost rabbit hole years, the last imploding stage of old, ersatz, 20C media.

2017 - 2019
Networks designed to enable (knowledge) logistics, rather than advertising.

2020 - 2022
Humanity rising to the occasion (or not) depending on how much resonance and resilience we've managed to broker through our new distributed, distributive platforms.

2023 - 2025
Data and Narratives. Uncovering the options we need, rather than using data to reinforce what we've already got.

2026 - 2028
Demise (and possible partial rebirth) of institutions on all levels. Core dynamic behind the transformation: awkward procedures, too much lag time between cognition and action. The insufficiency of Davos.

2029 - 2031
Understanding. Experiential understanding. A proliferation of grassroots movements. Most of which will fail. Some of which will succeed, turning societal imaginal cells, depending how quickly the institutions realize they need to remove themselves.

2032 - 2035
Last hours of ancient beliefs. All kinds of weird shit - tribes, reactionary movements, conspicuous consumption bordering on Elysium-levels.  Out of which a deep unlearning of obsolete beliefs. Birth pains of sustainable regions, some which will make it, some which will not.

2036 - 2038
Equity and ecology co-evolving. Achieving decent livelihoods for all the human beings that remain. Regions increasingly coordinating needed efforts.

2039 and beyond...
The second half of the 21C will be characterised by our collective, collaborative, cocreative capabilities for stewarding autopoietic shift.

There's three main scenarios:

- Slow Crash (default & devil take the hindmost)
- Elysium (crash & entitlement separate)
- Long Boom (equity & ecology)

A massively multiplayer sensemaking game called 7 bn
What is good in all three scenarios, is that all the poor and all the uber-rich can be counted on to react in fairly predictable manners.
The wild card, the key uncertainty, is a small yet significant proportion of humanity inbetween. If we (whoever decides to rise to the occasion) coordinate our imagination and imagineering.

Finding 300k Others
My best guess for now - we need to gather together 300k people, to achieve critical catalytic mass, including kickstarting new covenants and new currencies.

Conversations That Mind And Matter
There's a set of patterns, generative sequences, method cards and story-cards in development, compatible with the outlined scenario, which will work to turn our conversations into stories making for effective collective action, and once we've rediscovered how to play really well with others on a small planet, stewarding autopoietic shift.

Situational Awareness Out Of Shared Understanding
If we build sufficient shared understanding, out of these two articles - we will save time. There's obviously much more that needs to be shared - we need to place our trust in any and all others in digital networks, to share what unique part of the puzzle, will add to the autopoietic shift - or at the very least not work actively against it.

Thriving individuals co-evolving with resilient communities
As for the three-year stages - yes, time can be shortened, but only if we turn authentic enough. A bit paradoxically, we need strong, healthy, vibrant, resilient, thrivable, anti-fragile ego's - if we are to accelerate the above process. As a general rule, people will let go of their comfort zone and their denial and their confusion, only when all other options are exhausted.

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