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21C Governance - Unreliable platforms

The report showed that a record number of governments restricted mobile internet services for political or security reasons and often in areas populated by ethnic or religious minorities.

A total of 30 governments, including Venezuela, the Philippines and Turkey, were found to be actively engaged in using social media to stifle dissent.

The report found that the use of fake news, automated bot accounts, and other manipulation methods gained particular attention in the US.

“While the country’s online environment remained generally free, it was troubled by a proliferation of fabricated news articles, divisive partisan vitriol, and aggressive harassment of many journalists, both during and after the presidential election campaign,” the report said.

“Russia’s online efforts to influence the American election have been well documented, but the United States was hardly alone in this respect.

“Manipulation and disinformation tactics played an important role in elections in at least 17 other countries over the past year, damaging citizens’ ability to choose their leaders based on factual news and authentic debate._

"Although some governments sought to support their interests and expand their influence abroad—as with Russia’s disinformation campaigns in the United States and Europe—in most cases they used these methods inside their own borders to maintain their hold on power.”

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"A Little Girl named Harriet, the Ghost of Charleville Castle, Ireland."
At Charleville Castle, ghosts are still around. Buried in a forest, the castle still holds on to the memories of the past.

When the story began...
The huge staircase of crumbling old Charleville Castle is reportedly visited by the ghost of a golden haired 8 year old girl named Harriet. Harriet was the youngest daughter of the third Earl of Charleville. On April 8th, 1861, she was sent upstairs to wash her hands before eating. In a playful mood, the Earl's daughter thought it would be fun to make a grand entrance on her return down the stairs by sliding down the banister of the grand staircase. To the horror of her parents, Harriet's prank did not fare well, as she lost her grip and crashed to the hard floor, meeting an untimely end.

Many visitors have sensed movement of cold air when traversing the stairway. Others have seen the child on the steps, as well as throughout the rest of the house, often seemingly playing a spectral game of hide and seek. Occasionally she is spotted with a small boy for her playmate, but who he is - no one knows.
She has been heard singing in the middle of the night, even laughing in a playful way. Others have also said to have seen an image of a little girl with a blue and white dress, with golden curls with blue ribbons in the hair.

No matter how you may dismiss this phenomenon, you will still find her there - perhaps waiting for someone to return, or just a playful child still at home. But then, that's another story for another time.

The story of Harriet's accident and death are historically accurate.
The Castle: Built in 1798 by the first Earl of Charleville William Bury, the castle remained in the family’s ownership until the 1960’s. After that it lay in ruins for many years. Today, this amazing property is now maintained by the Charleville Castle Heritage Trust, which hosts many events at the castle.

- Abbie Stewart
- Photo: Grand staircase, Charleville castle, Ireland.

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Above all, space needs to be cleared for the production of new stories capable of taking Republicanism on a meaningful and fulfilling journey by means that are consonant with the historic and popular all islands agreements of 1998 (and the 19th amendment).

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Deep nets
The future of deep learning

Given what we know of how deep nets work, of their limitations, and of the current state of the research landscape, can we predict where things are headed in the medium term? Here are some purely personal thoughts. Note that I don't have a crystal ball, so a lot of what I anticipate might fail to become reality. This is a completely speculative post. I am sharing these predictions not because I expect them to be proven completely right in the future, but because they are interesting and actionable in the present.

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21C Parish rebuilders

"No matter who they are, they're all Ballyhaunis kids playing for Ballyhaunis..."

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Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin enrol 63% as foreign students...

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+David Amerland reminding us why Google Plus was/is a platform like no other for social discovery. And learning.
Google Plus Six Years On

Google Plus is six. Over the last six years the platform has changed considerably. It is still, however, one of the major reasons why I spend as much time online as I do and the people I have met here have rocked my world.

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21C Tools - whiteboards for ideation
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