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Join us for a FREE webinar on Wednesday, May 21st at 7pm to learn about the basics of first aid homeopathy and how to use homeopathic remedies to banish bug bites for you, your kids and even your pets.

Whether your summer plans include a few weeks at the family cabin or hiking in a city park, this webinar could help you to manage the nuisance of mosquito and other bug bites that can take away from summer fun. Places are limited, so reserve a spot for yourself now and feel free to share the invitation with someone you know. #homeopathy

This will be the 2nd (and final) free webinar on first aid homeopathy this summer, so don't miss it! Register here:

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Ever find yourself ruminating over and over about an argument or disagreement or a conversation with someone? The words or situation keeps coming back to haunt you, getting in the way of relaxing or fully appreciating life?

How do you find your way out of that mind spin? You got "hooked", and there you are struggling on your meat hook and no way to get off. The hook is always linked to some part of our sense of self; (a concept of who we are based on identifying with what we do, or who we think we are). The attachment to our sense of self is reflected in every experience we have in life and is especially marked when we face things that support (or challenge) it.
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By engaging with our inner world, we enter into a deeper dimension of consciousness and tap into our most precious resource of creativity. Dreamwork is practiced by Buddhist monks, and can be used as a doorway to awakening (ironically). It can transform your relationship to sleep, and help insomnia.

Dreams provide valuable indications of what might be behind challenges we face and they can also be used to enhance the healing process and provide confirmation that healing is happening. Read more and download a free guide to using dreams as a gateway here: #holism #holistichealth #naturalhealth #mindbodysoul #consciousness #stress #dreamwork

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We've announced a 2nd free webinar about our programs & how alternative and complementary medicine is changing healthcare. Join us on January 24th at 7pm. Reserve your spot:

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Embark on a meaningful life path and professional career. MICH online training offers a full spectrum of study options, and the opportunity to study at your own pace. Learn more about the program that best suits your needs at our next Q&A webinar: 

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Practice using your heart's energy field and intelligence to reduce stress levels and optimize your own inner "coherence". Use this meditation sequence regularly to strengthen the connection between your mind and heart, anytime you feel stuck or reactive , to deepen moments of awe and wonder or with affirmations to increase their results.

#holism #homeopathy #alternativemedicine #heartintelligence #mindbodysoul #stress #heartratevariability #hrv

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Asking our heart’s advice is a way of inviting greater wholeness to guide our decisions and actions. Tuning into our heart helps us tune into the greater wholeness of life and our innermost essence.

If you are struggling with a decision, it's a sign that you need a bigger context from which to see your situation. It is an invitation to grow into greater wholeness so that you embody an evolutionary relationship to life.

Too often, our decisions are based on perceived needs that are just the projection of, or reaction to, an old pattern. What we truly need is the insight and clarity that comes from contemplating our relationship to a greater whole and greater wholeness.

Inviting your heart’s guidance leads to a more fulfilling life: one that is truly satisfying for you, your soul and the greater good, and lets you experience the interconnectedness and wholeness of life. Do the heart-based decision exercise anytime you feel stuck, reactive, needing clarity or caught in indecision.

#indecision #holism #holistichealth #mindbodysoul #heartintelligence

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For a therapist or health care professional, over-care is dangerous and can easily lead to burnout. Over-care actually reduces the benefits that our caring could have for another. It's important to know how to catch yourself in over-care, and how to come to a truly heart-centered place of compassion which does not deplete us energetically and very effectively and measurably provides tangible support for the other person. Read more -

#compassionfatigue #overcare #holism #homeopathy #alternativemedicine #heartintelligence

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Don't miss this last chance to sign up for the 2016-19 program. Embark on the fulfilling, meaningful holistic career you always wanted to have in a supportive, individualized learning environment that takes you step by step to mastery in Homeopathy AND Naturopathy. In person training is only once every 4 years, that means that once we close registration for our 2016-19 program, your next opportunity to learn from the heart of MICH will only be in 2020!

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