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Vulkan vs OpenGL ES 3.0 on Android

A demo  called Gnome Horde which runs under Android on the Intel-based Nexus Player integrating a PowerVR G6430 GPU.

for more details:

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Turn off MMS Auto-retrieve on your Android phone's messenger app. Supposedly there is a huge security leak in that function.

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Besides a working Project Ara phone assembled live on stage and hot-plugging camera modules, this was one of the most interesting things ATAP presented, a gesture-recognition Radar Chip that could fit inside of a smart watch.  I think this has far more potential for interaction with wearables than stuff like the "Digital Crown". 

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Here is something absolutely spectacular. When we look up at the night sky, we can see our own Milky Way Galaxy as this white fog like line all across it. It's a stunning sight. And we can also see distant stars, but we have no concept of other galaxies because their edges are not distinguishable by the human eye. They are not bright enough to be seen as a whole.

But what if we could see them? How big is our neighboring galaxy, Andromeda, really in our night sky? Below, is an image overlay of the night sky, with our moon, and the actual size of Andromeda. 

Isn't this amazing?

It's huge! And keep in mind that it's currently 2.5 million light years away. Here is another picture from NASA:

But, of course, it's going to get even bigger. Andromeda is on a direct collision course with our Milky Way Galaxy, currently approaching at a speed of about 396,000 km/h, and it will slam into us in about 4 billion years (although there is no real risk of actual planets hitting each other). And after a short dance of another 1-2 billion years, we will merge into a new larger galaxy. Here is a simulation

Of course, this makes little difference to us here on Earth. You see, Earth won't be a habitable planet by then. Our own sun is dying, and will slowly turn Earth into a wasteland over the next 3 billion years. So by the time Andromeda hits us, we will no longer be here. 

Hopefully, we will have become a fully native spacefaring race by that time, with colonies on thousands of planets, as well as entire civilizations living in huge spaceships wandering the universe.

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Valve teaming up with HTC for a next gen virtual reality headset

+Valve pushing for VR... this is going to be interesting!

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Wow, the Boston Dynamics team is doing some pretty remarkable things -- 

Introducing Spot: Spot is a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. Spot has a sensor head that helps it navigate and negotiate rough terrain. Spot weighs about 160 lbs.

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The picture below is, to me, the most offensive picture in the news these days. In it, we see Russia, Germany and France discussing a peace treaty in Ukraine.

You will notice that there are several things missing, like for instance the current Government of Ukraine and the Separatists leader(s). You know, the people who are actually fighting each other.

You will also notice that the very question of which they are fighting over is missing as well, the question of independence and the rights of the eastern Ukrainian population to define their own path. In fact, the fundamental issue here is not being discussed at all, which is whether or not someone can declare their independence from the country it currently belongs to.

At the same time we have the discussion in Europe about whether we should give weapons to the Ukrainian Government. Mind you that in Ukraine we want to give weapons to help kill the separatists. In Syria we want to arm the separatist so they can kill the Government (and ISIL... because, it's complicated). So in one country we want to kill the people who want to be free to choose, but in another we want to help them.

What exactly is it that we stand for here? ...or have we forgotten what it means to be human in our quest for political war mongering?

As I wrote over at Twitter the other day: "So we want to give Ukraine weapons to kill the separatists? But we want to arm the separatists in Syria? ...and what about Dalai Lama? He is a separatist too, you know."

This is not just offensive, it's a joke. And thousands of people are dying over it, and almost a million have lost their home. How can we possibly justify this?

How can we justify continuing this charade of not allowing people to be heard? I don't care if Russia is involved or not. As you can clearly see from this picture, we are very much involved as well. Put the question they are fighting over up for a vote between the people involved, and then we can talk. 

Remember, this whole thing ended up with this mess exactly because we refused people to vote about it. They asked for that privilege repeatedly, and we repeatedly said no. We refused to solve this democratically... and now we want to send weapons?

In the 'Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union", we have Article 44, which states:

Right to petition: Any citizen of the Union and any natural or legal person residing or having its registered office in a Member State has the right to petition the European Parliament.

While Ukraine is not part of the EU, we are basically violating this right. We are not granting the people of Ukraine to forward a petition about their own future. Nor are we granting such a petition to come to a vote, in order for us to get the facts we need to accurately evaluate the case.

Instead, we are playing this geo-political puppet game, resulting in so much suffering.

This has to stop! We are violating the oath of democracy of which our society is based.

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Game of ROMs
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