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Michiel van Rooijen
Noted for a bipolar, inebriation-induced, occasional burst of productivity.
Noted for a bipolar, inebriation-induced, occasional burst of productivity.
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A little while ago we reached out to the boardgame community in order to start a dialogue about finding new players. We did this in a video and through a livestream and the response was very helpful. Thanks to these insights we feel we’ve identified certain difficulties we wish to combat.

With we I mean: me and a team of specialists from all fields (computer technology, marketing, design and more). Together we’ve formed a small business called ‘The Dicey Company’ - and we’ve got something to we want you test!

We are making an app which is going to make it easier for players to find their fellow boardgamers near them.. for now let’s call it ‘Tinder for Boardgames’?

In the video below I go through the demo and we wish to have to criticism, feedback and input. What would you do differently? We’d also like a suggestion for a name (Tinder seems taken for some reason).

If you’re interested in testing the beta (soon-TM), leave a message!

Thanks again for everything and your continued feedback and support.
You can follow The Dicey Company on Facebook ( and
Twitter (

Link to the demo:

Link to video:

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Hello again X-wing fans!

Some of you may have already seen this on my channel but I thought to post it here as well and over on reddit and the forums too. I’m currently investigating the challenges, difficulties and pains in the boardgame community when it comes to finding players to play with, stores, events and such and I hope you can help as well.

I already have some great responses and people willing to attend the upcoming livestream to talk more indepth.

So feel free to respond on the video or in this thread; it’ll really help and get us going in our endeavors.

Thanks again and Fly Casual!

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Earn Google Play credit by answering short surveys. Download Google Opinion Rewards now:

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Try this, really.. try it. It's an amazing piece of software and it's free.

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Hello X-wing fans!

It's been a while since I've posted some video's on the various social media.. but we've been trucking along on my channel at a (all be it slower) rate. This week we're taking a look at a Scum and Villainy build centered around Palob Godalhi and Guri. It's a nice list where Opportunist and the Moldy Crow see some action alongside a Guri with Lone Wolf and Sensor Jammer – with more cards of course.

Go check it out! I'm experimenting a little bit with my own little studiobox and slowly moving away from the table. I hope to get Wave 8 in my mailbox soon and do some video's on that.

Thanks for watching and see you around and as always:
Fly Casual!

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I've been meaning to check out other video editing software for my channel.. time to give HitFilm a try, it's free apparently! 

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Hello again X-wing fans!

This week we continue our exploration of the wave 7 ships by taking a look at Redline, flying the TIE Punisher. We’re going for a crazy cluster missile build here by taking a Fire Control System, Extra Munitions and two Cluster Missiles. 

I’m thinking of doing a build video on Paul and Nathan’s list from the FFG Worlds Final, let me know of you’re interested in that.
Thanks again for watching and see you next week!

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Hello again X-wing fans!

This week we take a look at the first of the wave 7 ships: Miranda Doni, flying the K-wing.
The K-wing is an awesome ship. It's one of those ships that says function over form in regards to its looks and its what I love about the Star Wars universe. Miranda has a terribly powerful ability, especially in combination with the infamous Twin Laser Turret.

See you next week (should be a livestream coming up soon) and as always: fly casual!

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Hello again X-wing fans!

This week we take a look at a build that I found to be a killer amount of fun to fly: A-wings, and I call it Outmaneuver. It features Jake, Arvel, Green and Gold Squadron Pilots and focuses heavily on two outmaneuvering A-wings and one A-wing with Intimidation with a Y-wing for backup. 

As I said, I found this build to be very fun and 10/10 in entertainment.. it may not be as competitive but boy is it a blast to try!

Let me know what you think; fly with it or against it and feel free to critique or add your own flavor.

See you next week; FLY CASUAL!

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Hello again X-wing fans! 

This week we take a look at the slippery, yet odd, Laetin A'Shera with the even weirder M3A Scyk Interceptor. This builds tries to place him in a long range kiting role to combat builds that rely on gunner and try-again shots. It's not that competitive but fun to try. We can't keep the M3a dusting away in the corner now can we?
Let me know what you think of this build and what you would do with Laetin.

As always, thanks for watching and FLY CASUAL!
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