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Who made this funny old fellow?
Humphrey B. Bear I can remember the very first time I saw one of these Humphrey B. Bear hand puppets, I thought someone had pulled the head off a Metti Humphrey and knocked up a homemade hand glove to make it into a pup...
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How adorable is this vintage Bambi?
Bambi from The House of Metti. A quick blog post to help you identify the Metti Bambi. Metti Bambi Bambi is fully articulated including her head (I'm calling Bambi a girl). I very rarely see the Metti Ba...
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Can't wait to get started trying out new recipes and a new way of cooking with this lot. Caravan and at home cooking :-)
My Thermal Cookware has finally arrived. As stated in my last post, I've decided to try a new way of cooking while we're in the caravan and also at home. Thermal Cookware, Shuttle Chef Before deciding on which...
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What a lovely vintage doll catalogue to help identify your Metti dolls.
The 1968 Metti Doll Catalogue to help you identify your Metti doll or just to take a look at how lovely these dolls are, a time when dolls looked human. Metti Doll Catalogue 1968 From left to right: Susy 18 inch bru...
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The House of Metti, 1970 visit by Bobo the Clown video and my as yet unidentified Metti Doll as well as my savings tip, see how I only spent $63.00 on hair care products that totalled $270.00. I love a bargain.
For all the Metti doll and toy collectors, there is a real treat towards the bottom of this post. A black and white video from 1970 of Bobo the Clown visiting The House of Metti. First up, I have this sweet all original ...
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Jamie Oliver, homemade pumpkin soup and some emails answered.
Some of the JO dinnerware I purchased for $2.00 a piece.
A quick post for anyone looking for the Jamie Oliver Dinnerware at bargain prices. Woolworths have them on sale. They're practically giving them away. J.O Dinnerware I picked up six dinner plates to add to ...
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We should stop over analysing Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Lewis Carroll's state of mind and accept the book for what it is...
Most people know by now, I don't care for the Alice in Wonderland story, in fact, I loathe it. Having said that, I have a strange obsession to keep buying the books, I like the concept of Alice in Wonderland, some of t...
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...Just my opinions and other stuff...
A bit of everything in this post. What happened in Bali. I'll start by stating, I do not support the death penalty - ever, but please don't mistake my stance on that, for how I feel about drugs or for what those...
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Hi Michelle, I think I've missed a few of your posts recently but will be over later to catch up.  I always spend a happy hour or so when I visit you. Hope life is being kind to you all. 
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I'm not afraid, but when he comes alive...
The Petitcollin Company, France has been around since 1860, it originally made combs then branched out into making toys - dolls are still being made today. Petitcollin has produced some of the most gorgeous dolls and toys...
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My grandsons use the word 'sick' when they think something is wonderful so maybe Gracie is using it in the same way  :-)  
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Lists of miniature antique children's books for identification, will continue to update lists as more information is found.
First of all I'd like to thank a lovely lady for gifting me a copy of Little Pink Petticoat. This charming book is illustrated by Lilian Amy Govey and published by Humphrey Milford. You are very kind and the book i...
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#competions  wins, freebies. Who doesn't like to win stuff? I like the smaller everyday prizes :-)
I'll start with competitions and show you a few of my modest prize winnings and share some tips and rules that I have when entering comps. Do you know what a $400.00 iron looks like? Like this When I saw this as a ...
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