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A Prakkypedia rewind:

Read my article about making the most of your promotional signs (without annoying your public). 

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Happy to share the news of my change in direction. I'm excited!

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Hot on the heels of #Twitter announcing another redesign to profiles (bigger images plus the ability to Pin a tweet to the top of your account), is news that Twitter will introduce live Notifications.

Some of you would already receive live notifications via #Hootsuite, #Tweetdeck or your smartphone app of choice like #Tweetbot

Handy or annoying?

#socialmedia   #socialmediadashboards  

Save the date: next #Socadl    at The Astor, Tuesday 29 April from 5.30pm, to hear three great speakers talk about social media content + copyright. Lots of learn, all welcome!   #Adelaide #socialmedia  

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Why do some social networks thrive, while others fail?

I’m sure you can all list a few social tools you eagerly tried out and then promptly forgot.

I asked some of my friends if they’d tried and abandoned a social network or tool – and why. You’ll probably find yourself agreeing with them, while in other cases their answers will surprise you:

Vern Schulz: The social media app I’ve abandoned (long ago) is #Gowalla. Gowalla showed great promise in the start, I liked its navigation and interface was pretty easy to use. Unfortunately, it went the way of Beta video cassettes and the public take-up was poor – hence I dropped it [Note, Gowalla ceased operating two years ago – Prakky]. I’m also finding #Klout’s relevance is …  well …  irrelevant to me. Maybe it’s because I’m not a business and I’ve no need for knowing what my SM impact is. I’ve no doubt it’s a valuable tool, but for me as a personal account, I don’t have any interest.

Alex Croker: I’ve pretty much abandoned #Hootsuite. I found it to be excellent as a business managing tool – or a tool where you have a lot of pages or responses to get to as a team. However, as an individual I’ve found it frustrating, irritating and almost like a leach on my phone notifications. The most frustrating feature is by far when it brings up messages which I have responded to a long time ago – it regularly does this with direct messages and could use much better synchronisation with my Twitter profile more commonly accessed through my boring old Twitter app.  That said – it is much better for lists than Twitter’s app. [See Alex’s YouTube channel here:

Tom Williamson : #Path springs to mind because I see people still using it and I occasionally check in to see who’s there and if it’s changed. It rarely does. For me, Path was too similar to too many other apps. I could do almost everything there that I can do in a multitude of other apps. Writing it now, it sounds like the dream app – a one stop shop for all my social addictions but it wasn’t. I felt bombarded with options to share where I was, what I was listening to, what I was watching, how I felt about it, what time I went to bed, when I had lunch, add a photo, say something interesting and then post it phew.
I also remember when #Facebook was more complex; I could super poke, throw sheep and cows, I had a Fun Wall and a farm full of animals. Then the Zuck simplified it. One wall, games became apps, businesses were given pages and status updates were the focus. It was simple.
Slowly, features have been added; we can now let people know how we feel, tag places we’re updating from and friends we’re with but it was a steady introduction, not an attack of features to learn how to use.
Perhaps I wouldn’t have strayed from Path (pun 100% intended) if it had started out with 10% of the features and slowly added the rest. If the objective was clear from the outset – what did the creators of Path want me to do? – maybe I’d still be using it and the answer to your questions would be about Facebook.

Jenny Clift: “Instagram, I’m sorry, I’ve broken up with you. I tried. Yes I did. But I have to tell you there is another. See, I started using Flickr in 2005 and it works for me. I can use a web browser or my phone to upload to it. Alas, Instagram, you won’t let me upload using a web browser and that is a deal breaker for me. Plus there’s only so many social media platforms that I can share my photos with. Flickr, as I mentioned, is one. Facebook is another. So, #Instagram, sorry, it’s bye bye to you.”  See Jenny’s site:

Thanks to the contributors.
What about you? Is there a #socialmedisocial  tool you've tried and abandoned?

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New on my blog: featuring some great YouTube parodies, including the very latest surrounding that First Kiss Video.

(Cute - you don't want to miss the dog version).

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My social media courses are taking off this year! I've had a lot of requests for in-house social media workshops for teams, and one-on-one coaching is still popular.

Read more here ...

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I'm starting a new Communication Revolution series on my blog.

First up? Down with boring official speeches!

#commsrev  #comms #commschat 
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