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Michelle Phillips
Web Designer | Blogger | Owner at Codefetti, LLC
Web Designer | Blogger | Owner at Codefetti, LLC

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If your website collects sensitive data such as passwords or credit card info, it's time to move to HTTPS now. Otherwise Google will begin issuing NON SECURE warnings when Chrome 56 rolls out at month-end. 

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Have you ever needed to show or hide WordPress widgets or wanted more control over your sidebar widgets? Widget Options is the answer! Control widget visibility, alignment, and more. Take a quick tour of free and premium features in our latest blog post.

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Very helpful post and good to know! Thanks +MaAnna Stephenson !

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Do you have a custom 404 page for your website? The Forty Four Plugin makes it so easy to create a custom 404 page and handle 301 redirects. Worth checking out!

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After wasting so many hours troubleshooting other WordPress backup solutions, it was great to discover UpdraftPlus. It just works!


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How fast is a fast web page, really? Did you know that there are actually 2 types of time that factor into a "fast" web page? Usually the elapsed time on the clock is quite different than your site visitor's perception.

Our latest blog post by our colleague David Husnian unpacks what is a fast web page and how fast is fast enough!

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Super helpful information especially for Genesis users. Unfortunately,  the Genesis 2.2.6  update removed the blog posting schema and this does affect SEO. Certainly has helped me understand what's been going on lately.

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Does the speed in which your web pages load really matter or is it just hype?

As it turns out, speed is important in a number of ways for most websites including but not limited to:

• Higher search engine rankings
• Better user experience
• More customer engagement
• Higher conversion rates

In the first of our 4-part series learn key ways that a faster WordPress site achieves better business success and better SEO.

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Such an honor to be included in this collaborative blog post with experts that I learn from every day! Many thanks to +Robin Strohmaier for the opportunity to share my thoughts and to learn from the others. I am honored and humbled.
Experts Weigh In: Top Social Media Trends for 2016
After recently completing a new website for a client, I was asked one of the top questions I often hear, How can social media help my business grow

To discover what the key social media trends and strategies are to help businesses grow in 2016, I reached out to experienced social media marketing professionals with my question, 

*What do you see as the top social media trends for 2016?*

I am thrilled to include their insights below on what the emerging trends are and what the social media landscape may look like in 2016.

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A huge thank you to each and every one who contributed to this post! I am honored that you shared your insights!
+Mike Allton 
+Jenny Brennan 
+Mandy Edwards 
+Juan Felix 
+Heidi Garland 
+Ian Anderson Gray 
+Jennifer Hanford 
+Sheila Hensley 
+Jenn Herman 
+Ray Hiltz 
+Ana Hoffman 
+Dorien Morin-van Dam 
+Michelle Phillips 
+Sara Nickleberry 
+Rebekah Radice 
+Mark Schaefer 
+Brooke B. Sellas 
+martin shervington 
+Ravi Shukle 
+Michael Stelzner 
+Dawn Swick-Renshaw 

#SocialMediaMarketing   #socialmediatips   #socialmediastrategy  

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Referrer spam is time-consuming to deal with and can ruin your analytics. It's a sneaky trick used by spammers to increase their website traffic or to impersonate valid domains and then send fake traffic from those domains. Our latest post explains:

1. How to detect referrer spam in: system logs, analytics, JetPack
2. How to stop referrer spam through the use of filters, .htaccess
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