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Ooopsy Daisy, my G+ might be hak-ed? Why? Is a good question. *My G+ jumps on +Richard Branson's  G+* ? .... and then it goes haywire? 2nd x today?
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Or woman...
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Andy Williams - Here, There and Everywhere
S w o o N
#AndyWilliams #HereThereAndEverywhere   
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+R. Harlan Smith Cough Cough, Excuse me?
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Love On A Two Way Street - Boz Scaggs

  #bozscaggs   #LoveOnATwoWayStreet  
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+R. Harlan Smith 50's? Without a doubt Boz could probably nail any song with any rhythm, even without music. Be it in the 40's, 50's, to present time. His voice is timeless, romantic, and smooth. Even Jazzy, if he wants it to be.
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Michelle Marie

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Garbage - The World Is Not Enough

I know how to hurt
I know how to heal
And ı know when to talk
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"When you fail in business, you fail big,...but when you fail in good health, family, friends, and love, you fail bigger." - m

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~  *The Story of Our Life*  ~
oo ♪ Boz Scaggs - Look What You've Done to Me ft. David Foster ♪oo
S w OO n
#BozScaggs #DavidFoster #LookWhatYouveDoneToMe  
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+Jason Scheff You know you enjoy Boz, buddy.
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Invitation - Boz Scaggs
+Boz Scaggs +BozScaggsVEVO Howdy,.....I'm not sure what to say?  ,,,,This is Strange Boz? ~~ Beautiful Music ~~ S w oo n
#bozscaggs #Invitation
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+Michelle Marie You'll find an excellent film on You tube called "The Last Time I Saw Paris". Give it a watch and you'll see who is Van Johnson.
ps: This song was also used as the theme for the very excellent TV series called "Naked City" under the title "Somewhere In the Night."
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Todd Rundgren - Hello It's Me (1972)

#ToddRundgren #helloitsme
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+R. Harlan Smith I'm not in love with the musicians. I'm in love with the music, lyrics, rhythm, voice?  Some might get another impression, and some might not.
 - just saying -
But there are a few nice looking artist, I might say....
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Michelle Marie

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Just Trust - #GoodRead  
Sometimes you don't know if you're making the right choices. Sometimes your instincts just aren't there, and sometimes you second-guess them to death. You deny how you feel, and you forget how to really get angry. You forgive half-heartedly, which is worse than holding a grudge.
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~ My Way ~

#elvispresley <3 #MyWay  
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Sheena Easton - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
- #sheenaeaston  
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+R. Harlan Smith I have no idea? I just know I enjoy the rhythm, and can dance to this?
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