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How to quickly get blocked by a "PR Professional" on Twitter. lol.
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oooh i just love your style sister ;)
Too funny Michelle! Love it!
Dont let follower numbers fool you. She has 30K following her. Scary.
since when did you need experience in some industry to know what people are selling or not? lol
The difference in the Klout score makes it all the more hilarious :P
( even if Klout isn't exactly very relevant )
Quality is, after all, usually better than quantity.
well she's obviously an expert as she's selling giving away an ebook on Facebook marketing on her website!
+Michelle Marie The first rule of being a "PR Professional" is that you don't deliberately offend anyone in a public forum. Well, perhaps that is the second rule, I am not certain.

That was no professional. Entertaining perhaps, but not professional.
I have a problem with how she wwebsites as on the Internet!
#Epic I Lol'd! "Why don't you use twitter for what it is used for..." Really sweetness, you couldn't come up with something better? smh
I guess she meant "use Twitter to scam people" lol.
+Michelle Marie , that's what I've been using it for. I actually have gotten people to read my blog from posting on Twitter and giving people the impression that I post interesting stuff. Buncha suckers.
"Why don't you use twitter for what it is used for..." Yes, spamming unassuming users with get rich quick scams, duh!

[EDIT] Dammit, you beat me to that one, +Michelle Marie ... The lightning wit is a little sluggish today.
"and we actually do that. Check around!" Ummm.... I DID check around! LMAO, that's how I copied the quote! Stupid people are stupid.
+Anacron Allen Always listen to experts. They'll tell you what can't be done and why. Then do it. -- Robert A. Heinlein
Good for you! Whoever this was, just demonstrated to everyone just how stupid they are. Twitter isn't like Google+ - when you say something about someone there, it is on your profile, and if they issue a retort it is on their profile. I have found a few highly placed people who have taken my bait on occasion, but that is rare - most people aren't that dumb.
she's obviously running an auto-quote script, hoot suite will let you schedule that sorta crap. Also, probably well embedded in a follow back scam scheme, always suspicious of people who have very similar follower to followee ratio, she even advertises follow back scams schemes too.
How to get 5,000 Twitter Followers in 30 days BUYING from you!
+Michelle Marie - will you be taking on that deposed prince in Nigeria who wants us to help him move his ill-gotten millions to North America via our bank accounts? If so, let me pop some popcorn first! :)
i would have checked my grammar and punctuation if I'd suspected I was gonna be linked to ;)
Nice to call BS without being confrontational. She created the confrontation all on her own.
I have no problem with people selling training materials, but if you're going to sell something don't mislead people into believing that you are actually out to hire someone. That is all.
I wonder if that dude worked for Ocean Strategy...
+Michelle Marie it seems now that calling people on their bullshit is childish now. If so, I will never grow up.
Seen her on LinkedIn .. she's a virtual spam machine
Booom, in tha face Angela. Seriously, she didn't deserve your polite questions. I guess I'm just a rude person, would have reacted differently. 1 troll down, 6.999.999.999 to go.
+Michelle Marie Too many of those around on Twitter, not to mention the bots, fake accounts etc., Left unchecked, proliferation of those may serve to drag down Twitter.
Unfortunately, since they're just spammers, publicly shaming them has no effect. Anyone who would bother to check on their name would be savvy enough to notice that they're selling garbage without help. Still funny, though.
+Raja Mitra agreed. It's very hard to find interesting people to follow on Twitter, not so hard here on Google+ :) Lot's of interesting people to circle!
+Chad Lubrecht true.... but maybe someone who was following me who was also following her saw my tweets and made a smart choice to unfollow her.
I dunno .. I thought you were using Twitter for what it should be used for .. trolling other people's posts
I like how she says to use twitter for what it is used for (which in itself made me scratch my head). Pretty sure Twitter was not intended to be either a recruiting portal or a resorce for selling vague promises.
+Ivo Bozic I wasn't trolling... it was a sincere response to her tweet, maybe a little blunt but no intention to start a flame war... just kinda happened lol.
And her Klout score is only 47. You shouldn't listen to anyone with a Klout score below 50.
All of those people are victims of the virus they're helping to spread, whether it be a chain, pyramid, ponzi. Just desperate, ignorant people trying to beat the scam they fell for if only they can eventually break even and get whatever it is they were promised, but never seem to. :p
Looking for people to do spam postings, must not know how social media actually works. no questions
+Ivo Bozic OH yeah super elitest. But us people with higher Klout scores are better than everyone else anyways.

PS-thats sarcasm and I couldn't give a crap what my Klout score is. For all I know mine could be below 50.
I always love when people assume you don't know what your talking about. Working in IT i get annoyed when people say this next bit may get a bit technical for you. Why not ask first before you insult me..
Thanks for following me, I look forward to following your tweets ;o|
I would be careful this could be classified as cyber bulling - just saying...
If anything - the original poster should be reported for false advertising, or fraud. There is no cyber bullying here.
Heroic! In the words of the comedian Bill Hicks when addressing the sales people and marketers in his audience he said, "Go kill yourselves. Really, go kills yourselves."
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