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What?! And why the hell did they leave Google+ out of the fun?! That's it.... I'm making a phone call to KLM Airlines! Pfft! The nerve of them.
Meet & Seat

Airline KLM has a new initiative called 'Meet & Seat' which allows passengers to pick their seatmates based on their Facebook and Linkedin profiles. It's an opt-in service (obviously) and 1,100 profiles have been shared so far. Would you share your profile?

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Well, that is something I havent heard of before. I like it.!
f in! Makes me think of the Mile High Club. (Yes, I am an ODB. Not the ODB, just an)
I could share my profile all I want - I get so sick on travel that I have to look forward and basically just sleep. Even turning the head to the side to talk is problematic. So: no. ;)
Yea me too +Michelle Marie there is a lot of that going around today.... Gripped at my favorite tv station for putting all content on Facebook for their contest
Smart move! Makes sense to see who is on your flight. Who knows what kind of opportunities will present!
Guarantee to get a space next to your seat by setting up a pretend profile claiming to be an axe murderer who struggles with BO problems.
As long as there isn't a screaming baby in the seat next to me, I could care less who sits next to me. So no, I wouldn't have any need for this service.
maybe cuz google + is scared of heights
Great idea but where is Google+ ... come on KLM The Dutch should know better than to ignore Google+
+KLM , oure eyes are on you! F IN = THE END! ;) put a plus to that
Could this be the speed dating idea of the future?
this would actually make me want to travel alone!
Have you read about the stalker app? Where guys can go to stalk you based on your profiles? The reason why Google+ won't do it is for privacy reasons. I for one am glad that they don't do it.
I don't think it's conceived to be non mutually consensual
With Facebook and foursquare privacy policy, a lot of it is unintentionally mutual. Most of it because of ignorance, but still
What Stalker app? Are we at risk ?
There is an app, that links all of foursquare and Facebook info, into one place. So if you are going to a bar,you can look ahead, see who's there, look at his/her profile, find out all about them. Then use that to hit on them. There is an article about it.kinda scary. You can also use it to track people, so you know where they go all day. Pretty scary
not scary at all to me, that info was public to begin with... What's scary is how easily people publish every second of their life willingly, and then later whine about it.
Hence the statement, ignorance. But from a chicks standpoint, its scary. But that's why you need to be smart about stuff like this.
You are right most people give out way too much information like even when they go on vacation telling the "nasties" that there house is now probably unattended !
quite right alberg thiel

its not wise to oppenly announce where one has been, where one is now and where will one be
Indeed Omer it is not wise at all and should never ever be done (posted)
I feel like that would interept my nap, but would be an awesome way for singles to hook up
nobody in Google+ flies KLM...rather Virgin Atlantic..where else can you get Absinthe on a flight?
advertising a service for FB and Linked on G+. does this make sense?
I'm sorry but this is probably the stupidest thing that I have ever heard of
I will never forget the time someone showed up to meet me when he saw I'd checked in somewhere on Foursquare. I didn't know him, but he felt he knew me because of how long he'd been reading my updates.

Parasocial relationships are bizarre. I ask myself, if he felt he knew me enough to run up to me and try to hug me and want to stick around without any consideration for what I'm doing or what I feel about it, what else might he have done if we'd been in a cabin with nowhere for me to go?

And if the person doesn't know me at all, but they see I'm a sex columnist, what assumptions are they going to make? Are they going to put a hand on my thigh as soon as the seatbelt sign is turned off because, oh, you know, sex columnists love the Mile High Club, hey, baby, hey.

Fuck. No. If they won't let me on their planes armed, they don't get to parade me around like a flesh extension of their marketing plan.
I would share if I were traveling for professional a conference, or what have you. I wouldn't make myself discoverable if traveling with my family for vacation, though.
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