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Join the Internet SOPA Strike! #StopSOPA

On January 18th, 2012 the Internet is going on strike to stop the web censorship bills in Congress! Now is our moment – we need you to do everything you can, whether you have a website or not.

On Jan 24th, Congress will vote to pass internet censorship in the Senate, even though the vast majority of Americans are opposed. We need to kill the bill - PIPA in the Senate and SOPA in the House - to protect our rights to free speech, privacy, and prosperity. We need internet companies to follow Reddit's lead and stand up for the web, as we internet users are doing every day.
Internet goes on strike — blackout everywhere. This Wed Jan 18, many of your favorites sites will be unavailable to you to stop web censorship. Tell everyone, petition even more sites to join.
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why a website on the 18th of January will be terminated
I hope everyone is still pissed off when they try to get OPEN passed. Brace yourselves, regulation is coming.
I'm willing to bet it doesn't matter how many Americans oppose such retarded bills. Big Business will ensure they pass in the "US" Senate and House. Go Big Business... I mean America.
That´s a two-ways... road ! Censorship... is not right (but... can avoid exchanging... "terrorist´s messages"... to strike at your street !)
Who can guess and be sure of its benefit ?
I don't think it's the users that need to do this. The providers do. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, CNN, etc. Show the public what it will be like when you can't rely the services we depend on.
+Robert Scott Herrick I'm just playing devil's advocate here, but how would this affect a user on Facebook? its a domestically hosted site, all of my friends are in the USA, and more often than not they link to an array of other domestically hosted content. What would I see or experience that would be different?
What would CNN have to do differently if this bill did pass (which I hope it does not, and don't believe that it will in its current form)
+Ben Alexander, if someone posted something on FB that was perceived to be an infringement on intellectual property (or whatever the govt sees as harmful in the future) then a request could be made by whomever owns said property to block the FB DNS entry. Want to get to FB? Hopefully you know the IP address or have a proxy/VPN outside the US. Chinese readers might be able to help with this.
the reality of this is that SOPA is not dead it is just suspended. So the fight goes on. As far as troliing goes I did a censor post on my website to protest, I can't afford to censor or take down my domain but I can show support and objection to SOPA / PIPA. the reason I posted the URL is in case anyone wants to edit out the graphic for their own use.
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