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3.2 billion pixel Camera (Yes, Billion!)

A 3.2 billion-pixel digital camera designed by SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is now one step closer to reality. The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope camera, which will capture the widest, fastest and deepest view of the night sky ever observed, has received “Critical Decision 1” approval by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to move into the next stage of the project. via:
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Looks good. Anyone on this Camera... ( :
I don't think that we'll see this at least until iPhone 6 tho ;)
Kim B
Like to see those pics.thanks for sharing,
At 56568x56568 pixels (ish), I bet that generates quite a big filesize! Stored in RAW format, that's .... er... insane!
What kind of flash unit would you need for that many pixels? ;)
Not quite cell phone sized though huh?
That's stunning - Imagine how many images you could pick out of one picture.
+Jason Lovell But these pictures are used for research, not to post on Flickr. By their very nature they will be repeatable if requested by peer review.

wonder, will this lens and eye of El-Peñón somewhen give somewhat signs of life from outerspaces
is it going to have an iPhone adapter?
That will catch all the imperfections.
So glad the camera wont be pointed my way
Need to get me a new camera bag for that puppy.
Yofat J
Holy crap on one hand this is amazing and we should all revel in this impressive piece of hardware. On the other hand I died just a little on the inside as I read this from my 5 megapixel toting Sammy Nexus lol
The file size on the image must be huge.
Wow I'd love to have that take a close-up of my face :)
I should be using that to take my award winning astrophotos of the sky!
It's RAW file size will be monumental.
Neil Vj
Amazing, now let's see when the DOD adobts too this tech and starts using it too moniter and police it's populous.
Rudy K
How about the memory? any billion bytes storage already?
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