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Looking for Other Google+'ers in My Area!

I'm in the process of putting together a "Local Circle" with people who live around me. If you or anyone you know lives in or around the Lee County Florida area (Cape Coral, Ft. Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples, Sarasota, etc.) feel free to let me know in the comments section and I'll add you/them to the list. Thanks! 
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I thought about doing that, but then I started reading what the people in my area are posting, and it was depressing. So I changed my mind.
Alex D
Clearwater too far away?
Been there, back when I was, but a whippersnapper (12, 13, 14yrs old) Played Golf @ Ft Myers Country Club once.
As far north as Sarasota and as far south as Naples... anything east of me would be too far to consider local. 
Alex D
+Michelle Marie  :(

Then, it's time for me to create a circle of Tampa bay +ers!

Do you mind if I use your idea?
Jon M
Vancouver WA,  way too far:(
i had no idea you lived in Florida (maybe cause i never asked or checked). i live just outside of Tampa in Brandon...a couple of hours up the road

i know +Shantha Marie Fountain lives down that way and also +Anna Nguyen those are the first two that come to mind
I'm in the Miami area... which is sort of close by...
Alex D
Maybe we should do a Florida circle first, and then divide by region?
I live in Jacksonville, so not really close to Ft Myers. +Mark Rodriguez I didn't know you lived in Tampa! I actually grew up in Haines City.
So we Tampa folks are too good for you? :-P
Good for stalkers.
+Stephanie Van Pelt damn i did not hear about a Tampa HIRL for the G+ year anniversary...i already made a commitment to the Orlando one or that would have been cool :(

let me know if any future ones come up though
+Mark Rodriguez Circle the page for future ones! I'm not organizing as I'm about 90 miles south of Tampa - I'm just attending.
Alex D
thanks +Eric Aultman ! I have only seen really poor and uninteresting stuff in my "nearby" section. With the exception of a couple of really neat people, it's usually "I'm @ dairy queen eating a delishus burger".
Seriously, who eats burgers at Dairy Queen?
+Stacy Leets you should make it out then for the Orlando HIRL on the 30th. i believe it is gonna start around Lake Eola for a photowalk and later there will be downtown with a drink and click
+Shantha Marie Fountain dammit girl i was hoping you could have made it out for that :(

girlie, we are gonna hafta hang one day...i still can believe that we haven't already.

maybe we can have some offline convos and figure out a beach to meet halfway between us and let the kiddos play together this summer
I know, right!?!? I was just up that way twice last week, but they were so short of visits.

I wanted to hit the O-Town walk, but family stuff and travel decided to happen at that time.

We do have to make this magic happen, fo sho!

Beaches or parks would be so badass! 
I live in Ft. Lauderdale. Not sure if that counts.
+Michelle Marie   Jacksonville FL...  That may be too far for your circle but if not...thats where I be..  :-)
No Google+ers in that area. They have all sold their computers for Meth.
I own some dirt down there. Does that count?
I have a place in Jupiter, FL, but I don't get there enough.
+Stephanie Van Pelt You're right, I don't typically check-in public, only to limited circles that half-care about that sort of post.  I'll make an exception when it's some place where someone is playing movies / games on their iPad without headphones, then it's a public 'Dear jackass' post.  ;-)
+Eric Aultman No objection here either, my Tampa circle was made via 'nearby' lists and is pretty small.
I was in Ft Meyers a few yrs back and decided it was one of my all time favorite towns! Im not there these days but have a few people in south Fla that I will direct to your post. Love / Peace great town, Fort Myers...
I wish I still lived there,  I did get to enjoy hurricane Charlie and a few others during my stint in Ft Myers, sorry that I won't be circle-worthy for ya...:(   I miss those Sunday night Banana daiquiris on the beach, have one for me, MM!
I boarded the wrong plane once and ended up in Ft Meyers when I was supposed to end up in Ft Lauderdale. I still don't know how that happened!
In Gainesville, so not close to SW FL. Will be down in the Bay area for the Rays game on the 2nd. Will there be a post-HIRL HIRL on the 1st?
Bwahahahahahaha +Mark Rodriguez I'm going to the lake tomorrow to take a pretty pic to make the official post. ;)
I thought you was in Orlando, I'm way over in West Palm.
Came here for my family vacation, this is a great get away . Sorry i'm not in the area :(
I'm here in lee county...legging to be exact. I hope I am not the only one to respond to you. Would be very interested in a hangout to get to know you is still very new and has great potential ...still learning what to do to capitalize its possibilities ...looking forward to hearing from you
As a matter of fact...several large I love auto correct I see they corrected Leigh acres to
I would like to be added to a local circle.
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