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Microsoft Redesigns Bing And Makes It Look Like Google

Microsoft is rolling out a simpler design for Bing search results and now it looks exactly like Google. The idea is to take advantage of alleged user dissatisfaction with Google which is getting more and more cluttered, says Josh Constine at TechCrunch, who first reported on the change. This is a really bad sign for Microsoft. It means that Bing, which has been around for many years now, still hasn't figured out what it's doing. It also means that Microsoft is reacting to what tech writers are complaining about. That can't be good.
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This is just comical. So when Microsoft sells Bing (or gives it away) to Facebook will they clutter it up again to make it look like the rest of Facebook? LOL
What the hell is going on at Redmond these days, is everybody drunk!? It's the only explanation for staggering from one idea to another : )
I'm frankly amazed that Microsoft has missed the biggest mark with Bing...integrating it into everything they already own. Anytime you type something into explorer that it can't find, it should ask if you want to search the web. Add in contextual searches on right click in everything within Office. The possibilities are endless.
First they steal the results, now the looks?
Why don't they just redirect to Google already?
+Sharon DiOrio
That's exactly what Bing should do. Integrate turn by turn directions into mobile devices from it add it to that huge pile of software that's already out there. Problem is they are probably worried due to the burn they got forcing ie on everything. This might be considered similar.
Those who can do, and those who can't imitate?
+Ryan DeLaHaye I think you underestimate the simple power of default settings. Lots of computer users don't fiddle with things. They use IE because it's there. They use Bing because it's the default. Make it the default for everything. Allow power users to change it or turn it off, but a substantial number of folks will just stick with it. Maybe even enough to keep Bing a valid player in the search space.

I love Google as much as any geek, but competition is good. And there are only so many players left who can legitimately compete with Google in this space.
I don't use bing, not because of the search results, but because it feels old. The look & layout just feel outdated to me.
Microsoft has stopped innovating and may well go patent troll.
I have never found Bing useful as a search engine, Google has always trumped. However, it is rather ironic and indeed annoying that I now have to log out of Google in order to get the *most relevant results*….
I wonder if MS don't integrate bing as much because of Patent issues? I would imagine Google has a lot of Search Patents dealing with device & software integration. Plus its all the little things they miss, Xbox example, they have the Bing bar to search & its useful but they don't have any kind of Bookmarking/Favorites type of mechanism to save media content for future reference. So you have to know specifically what your looking for & search, with no way to save content/games/media you come across for reference in case you wish to purchase in the future.
we need an AI engine search
it may looks the same but is a big difference, bing it sucks, it is only one google ;) so mr gates get that
+Eileen O'Duffy you have to log out? What have you found changed by being logged in? I've found the results improved because I still get the normal Google search result returns included with results from people I've circled. The best of both worlds, imho.
haha that's true, +Michelle Marie. Although, Bing is a little less cluttered. There's probably just a little too much white space now. I think most people like the pictures and color that Google has in their results.
+Michael Sweeney +Eileen O'Duffy There should also be a set of buttons in the upper right of a search result pages anyway that allows you to filter in social information or just return search results sans Google+. One of them looks like a person's head and shoulders and one looks like a globe. Clicking on the globe should return the results you're looking for.
I know search (regardless of G+) tends to try to tailor results specific to the user, which lead to more sites that you usually visit showing up. I think thats why the clearing of the cache works. That's what DuckDuckGo calls the search bubble, because each persons results will tend to be slightly different when searching the same keywords.
Mike G
I've never used Bing simply because the first commercial I saw for the search engine featured the voice saying: "Bing". It makes my brain cramp when I hear it. Kinda like: "Really?" and "Right?"
Elisa T
When I was looking for an image recently shown on the Bing home page, it showed Google results higher up than its own pages. Kinda illustrates Bing's problems with relevancy.
I look forward to not using this version of Bing too.
Someone Bing me when that search engine's dead...
+Sharon DiOrio hits the nail on the head---competition is good for everyone! And call me weird but I like the Bing advertising.

I must not understand patent laws. As long as MS gives you the option of changing the default or turning the integration into something else--how is it a monopoly?

I'm an avid FourSquare user and I've been really surprised that when I experimented with Bing it didn't integrate any of that huge amount of data they had on me.
Elisa T
+Anna Bavido people had the option to change browsers back when MS was hit with a one million dollars per day penalty for including IE in the OS, and the reason they were found in the wrong was that when you integrate a browser into the OS it is effective monopoly. There are plenty of web pages that talk about it if you're interested.
But in relations to a search engine, how could it be a monopoly if you can turn it off or switch it to a competitor?
Elisa T
It's exactly the same. As others noted, the average user doesn't know how to change it, and I suspect Microsoft are not keen on another anti-competition lawsuit.
Elisa is not necessarily defending this reasoning just pointing out that is what the US Courts decided.
Elisa T
Thank you Anna, exactly. I mightn't necessarily agree, and I do think a user has a responsibility to educate themselves, but the ruling was made.
lol oh microsoft those cheeky guys...
Are we not supposed to notice? Does anyone actually use Bing? That is how you say it, isn't it? Bing?
That damn Bing is like a virus. Its always trying to invade my browser.
i use windows live bing is too plain
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