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Jolie Body Hair Thinner

Jolie Body Hair Thinner is a handy device for men who don’t want to scare girls away with their chest rug, but are reluctant to dispense with their body hair altogether! Simply pass it through your hairier areas to thin them down to a manageable amount.
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Good thing they added that yellow arrow, else I would have thought it was putting hair on him.
I'm a fuzzy beast. I'm not sure I'd want to change to that degree.
It looks like something the vet would use.
Terry B
Some dumb ass will use it on their head! 
As a man, I find that tool a bit frightening. It looks like it will pluck my hair. I use a little Oster Peanut clipper with a long attachment-it works awesome and smooth as silk cutting. Leaves the right amount of fuzz too :)
It works awesome and smooth as silk cutting. Leaves the right amount of fuzz, smile! I'm being sensored by Google!!
Yeah it could also be handy for some women,not to scare the men,let's not forget that!!Before u know she is the silver back in the forest.......and u r scratching someone other then u....
+Wendy Cockcroft I didn't click your link. I saw Sean Connery in the link and knew it wasn't necessary. Sean Connery was always a man's man.
The most I'll do is keep my unibrow tamed, my beard trimmed, and occasionally ward off any wolf-hairs from my ears.
Well, yeah, +Chris Aultman. I'm not into Neanderthals. Grooming is good, but I just hate the idea of men intentionally going for the 15-year-old-with-muscles look. Gives me the creeps.
I guess this is better than using something like a beard trimmer?
It starts by telling them that proper men look more like women or pubescent boys. Urrgh!
+Wendy Cockcroft  yep and they all are gays and bisexual for the rest,and their wifes have a clitoris like dicks so long and hair...blablabla
This makes my think of the time, when I was sitting in the bathroom and my Girlfriend's epilady was on the counter, once seen I couldn't get it out of my head. So I pick it up examine it, turn it on turn it off move the bar by hand see how it works. Then I think what the hell how bad could it be... and bring it to my cheek... when I came to there was a broken epilady (that I would have to replace) a bruise on the back of my head from where I drove it through the dry wall behind me trying to get away from this device and three droplets of blood where hairs used to be. That spot was smooth for 3 or 4 weeks. So my advice is if you do see anything like this on the counter guys just walk away...
+April Fecca  I've never been ashamed of my body. I've been under weight and over-weight. Men, as I whole, tend to be more comfortable with their own self-image. Women, on the other hand have always been bombarded with how they should look to be considered attractive. Though television, magazines, and even the toys they had as children. 
I don't want to spread the misery. I want the misery to end.
lotsa outrage over a grooming device. o,O
U know what i hate!!spitting someone else hair out!
And after that also get to hear that i have a nasty smell out of my mouth,i just hate that!!!  pppfff So Fuck that!!that's out!
I DO need to add that someone needs to get the troll spray and use it liberally, stat. I can't abide them. I don't mean you, +April Fecca.
it works awesome and smooth as silk cutting. Leaves the right amount of fuzz too :)
interesting idea, maybe Robin Williams could be a spokesperson.
Bello!!!! ha due funzioni......N. 1 fai la riga di mezzo e pettini.....e se non ti piace rapatelo.
I though as a cave man I was supposed to have body hair.
If nothing else, I won't use a product that has a face on it.
it pulls like crazy, might as well just let the mach 3 fly over it
hahahaahahah tel me michelle thou don`t cut that????????
If God wanted me to have hair of a boy it would have stopped there. Rise up Wookies of the world and unite against this.
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