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The Procrastination Flowchart

I'll finish reading it later.....
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I true procrastinator would never complete a flowchart.
OMG, this is too funny, yet oh so true.
I need this in poster size for my son.
I would like a 3 page report on this on my desk in the morning!!>> Reading it latter is not going to cut the mustard!!>>

I would file it away for another day.
Mike B
I think that's really.... ohh look, space-x
started reading it but I... never mind, i'll finish my comment later... bye...
it's so funny,I'll read it later
Apparently, one really need to do it if there is a way out of it, but not if there isn't a way out of it :/
I'll read this later.
+Greg Loechel hmmm, I see, my statement alone with no reference created a Pinocchio paradox(or what ever it is called) :P By not having to do your request I have to do it, and because of the previous case said I have to do it, then I don't have to do it, and so on :P
Yeah, i'm good. lol
wow..... even I dont think I could read this....... Oh welll!!!!! I guess I'll read it later.
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