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Advertise Your Google+ Page With Google+ AdWords.

Just noticed this on the brand page I manage. Anyone else seeing this? When I click on the Start Now button I get an error on the page and unable to read any of the content. 
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Before anyone panics, this is not ads in Google+. It's the ability to advertise your G+ page via AdWords in Google search and other Google properties where ads already appear.
I had some weird 'community announcement' today (that was a week late) - on the page profile at start up.
+Michelle Marie 
No +Timo Anttila you still aren't understanding. These ads would NOT be ON or AROUND the Pages themselves. They will be regular AdWords ads that will have the Pages as their landing page. AdWords ads appear in Google search, maps, etc., as the text in the image says.
I saw that and then the next time I pulled it up I got a floating prompt about creating a community
Where does the "start now" link to? The pop up took so long on my plus page that I clicked outside it the instant it loaded...
+Karl Smith the Communities 'Start Now' link goes to Build your own... Private or Public Comunity.
Um, it doesn't go to advertising?
It's looking like the advertising pop up +Michelle Marie saw was a mistake; not supposed to be public yet. Glad she caught it with a screen shot!
Another piece in the Goolge+ Puzzle!
Thanks for clarifying +Michelle Marie. When I get back to a desktop computer I'll look to see if that's on my Pages. 
The offer that appears in that space varies from page to page that I manage. Our +Virante Search Marketing page shows no offer. On others I get a link to help link the page to its associated site, on another a link offering to translate the page. But on none so far do I see the AdWords offer Michelle got.
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