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Life before the computer...
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Seriously funny!!! Specially the last one...
what is the difference between women & computers? .. Women don't accept 3.5 inch floppies ..
and if I may add... privacy is a bliss.
...and a Facebook was something you slept on after studying for final exams.
+Ed Gray Well, I think it was TV program in American English, but now program is only used for computer stuff. However, I'm not sure.
A 3 1/2" floppy is fine, of course, once it turns into a hard drive.
What? There was life before computers? Next you'll be telling me the Titanic was a real boat... 
Im not sure +Jasraj Jangid .. but I have it on good authority from you that this is the case ;-)
Life is what it's all about, because it were given from the creator above spirituals rims no mans can reach but through Jesus!
So, before anything were before this or that, invented the creator images were of man of his likeness, brain for invention from head to toes.
Felt nice to laugh like that..Thanks a lot!
I think we're back to being embarrassed to have a 3.5" floppy.
i like it...............n its true
hey, its been a while i've hear of that word '31/2 floppy" its funny how time changes things.
If calls name Michelle · Mary to live in Taiwan Province transnational marries to the Taiwan people ........﹔
^ whut? #ruggerducky is confused.
wat the fudge hehe i get it hehehe
these are reality...that was good &calm...but today computer is the life itself ,Isn`t it ?
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