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Vajayjay Cup Cakes

Some of these scare me. On second thought they all scare me. I'm sure they taste a lot better than they look. Ummm... what? Wait! Oh never mind.
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Be scared when you see them encrusted with jewels.
Strolling past an erotic bakery can be quite a surprise.
I'm all for celebrating the naughty parts, but literally eating them is a bit... creepy...
The pic and comment made me blow lemonade out of my nose. Very funny.
So, where these modeled after real women? Or were they just being creative?
i dont like this shjt, it make me scare
Cue the muffin eating jokes...
are these pussy cakes...................because they all look like one?
hahaha,what is this :))
Tastefully inappropriate.
So was the maker working from memory, photos or imagination?

Seems sort of weird no matter what the source of inspiration don't you think?
tjh tjh
so it right?! kaka
mmmmmmmmmmmm........ rich and sweet
Where's the pen...

//nevermind. I don't want to know. There's two that just shouldn't go there.
Thats Looks Sooo G O O O O O O O O O O O O D D D D D ! : ) <3
Don't be shy about it... (trying to keep this clean)
they are definitely pussy cakes
WOULD ANYBODY LIKE TO JOIN ME IN PARTAKING IN THESE FESTIVITIES?? Not quite sure of the sprinkled ones.. looks a little buggy
I wonder what kind of cream come out when you stick your tongue in it or does it cream at all
LMAO ' their cupcakes people lol w. a EXTREMELY weird look tooo'emmm lmfao
hahaha.. there are even ones in that special time of month!
tjh tjh
yes....all girl..must keep it lean every day..^^
Where exactly does one serve these??
I Know I Wanna Know Where They Serve 'Emm At Too LMFAOOO !
I can guess how they taste by smell and... Oh nevermind... there just cupcakes =P
If this is for the guys then next be pricks and balls for the girls
not only do you make men (or women) hungry but horny too. My my my.
I just don't know how to respond to this.
Hopefully the penises could come on a loaf cake... more length. Ijs ;-)
The human brain is trained to create patterns what you see now is what you are used to see everyday :-)
boys favorite thing I'm loving it
maybe with fish flavor?
sec time i seen those cup cake first time was on the nina hartley website they just around
That one on the 3rd row, second from the end. I've tasted that one before.
These kind of pics + 87 comments so far... Aaagh... Is G+ becoming a Facebook now? Heh...
Wow the look very nice,,,,,,,,can i try one!!1111
Hello I like to know you from any kind of these, and I hope that the image represented by a member of the penis in men
The ones with the crusty sprinkles are umm.... WRONG. Thats the best way I can put it.
Too many comments, most would get me shot so I'll smile say nice and move along ;)
Add this to the list of foods you should not be eating while looking someone in the eye
gotta love this idea! but hope sb will not have work done by variety of sausage.
"Um, yes, I'd like a dozen Muff Muffins...Yes, with piercings. Oh, and could you hold the Raspberry sauce?"
They probably taste like fish 
Codesti dolci mi ispirano parecchio!! :)
Von Aso
i love it first bottom :D
My tongue gets tired just looking at them....and my finger smells funny...
Why did they have to show RED coming out of two of them?!!
who made these? ew but bet they tasted good
Yummy, i am hungry now...
I could get erotic out of these cupcakes
I'm ready to masturbate!! I would never happen on Facebook..
Someone needs to find a pic of Chef's "Chocolate Salty Balls" for the ladies, now. (OLD Southpark reference, for those who missed it)
J. Wack
I like the variety ... seems so realistic and D-Mac McDaniel is right ... it's all good as long as it is clean. I am hungry all of a sudden.
Wow... this will be in what's hot...
ajaja XD .. Repostería Vaginal XD
LOL ..
the scary thing is that some of those are actually pretty accurate. although i'd feel sorry for the girl who has the 3rd one on the upper row (left to right)
Haha twisted mind you have there Michelle..
Ahh! I'm confused as to why I'm salivating so much.
I recognize a couple of them.
Images like that or sculptures like that should stay in the bedroom.
bellissimi dolci, ................goloso sono!
Is the taste really that what counts with these? :) :) :)
looks like ..................................
Funny and a great assortment.
What in the world, somebody is hungry for something lmao
Que desagradable y que occiosidad de la Mente Morbosa que expone a la Mujer en ridiculo y sobre todo a las Mentes Obtusas las ponga hablar Sandeces.
Wow!...อะไรกัน นี่มันคืออะไร ใครช่างกล้า....วาาาว..
damn...they all look delicious! really feel like 2 dig in now. hahaha...
My mind is telling me they look like something else that I should not be seeing in public :))
good one janet, me too felt the same :)
So, what's the point? Is this meant 2 b compensating those who don't have chance to taste the real thing... 
First of all, are they cakes or pies. also, I think I dated most of them.
@Janet Cress~ Did you say public or pubic
Should....should I have sex with the cupcakes?
Anyone notice the label in the upper right? B Hard.
looks inviting______________
some do look funny. we should do a taste test ;)
I just had this strange vision. Of a Nerd walking down the street stopping women and asking them if the were a match. Sorta like the Prince Charming/Cinderella thing with the glass slipper. Time to back off of the Red Bull for a while.
i would of probably think twice, before eating those whatever, but according to Michelle Marie, i am sure they taste great. lol
I wonder what the maker of this thought while doing it?
ohhh i need one plsssssssssssss ;)
What are hell are these? do they really exist in reality?
Joe Sto
oh they exist...yes yes they do exist :)
Geez, the weak comments here are sad. All I see are coy or immature or bashful comments. Grow up, people! Vaginas are good. You came into existence through one. It's just an interactive celebration of womandom that just happens to be delicious.
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