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Share Your Google+ Circles On Your Profile

1. Grab the link to the post by clicking on the posts time stamp
2. Click on Edit Profile
3. Click on Recommended Links
4. Add your Shared Circle
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4 steps? If I give you my login can you do it for me...imma lazy....hahaha
Very nice idea. Thanks for sharing!
Why am I in your douche bag circle? :P
The G+ Circle share will maybe force me to refine my circles a little better, but it will be an awesome feature for many of the groups that are forming.
I was just thinking how I could do this, because I'm loathe to spam my stream with this (it's all I'm seeing and it's on my nerves haha) so thanks for this 8)
If you share a stream of over 250 people it chooses 250 only, how does it determine which ones/are they just random??

We need to go deeper.
add a circle then remove it and you get updates for life for some reason :(
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