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17 Creative Ways to Tie Your Shoes
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Seriously how and where do you get this amazing stuff you share with us? :D
This is pretty cool +Michelle Marie . - I'm pretty boring when it comes down to shoe tieing... I never tie them, I just tuck them in :D
I tie my shoes the first time. And that's it.
well, you need a lot of available time and no stress at all... but looks nice!
I've done a couple of these. My favorites are the ones using two different colored shoelaces.
oh baby, that already in the age to 90's ... later than the tip, but good for some people will do.
Wow that page didn't load so quick! I'm fond of the 7th one down.
soo complicated & wasting time while going out :)
that is interenting, i just ties my jordans all awesome
I've tried only a few of them. I'd like to try something new. :)
ooo I like these, what fun shall try later. Note to self, must also teach our children to tie shoe laces - velcro is cheating.
Good ideas, but I'm part of the Velcro Crowd-can't bend over far enough to actually tie shoe laces.
That is so cool! Thanks for the link!
in egypt we have a funny saying(if u r confused what 2 do with ur time,loosen ur hair&make it into braids.creative way 2 spend time 2,hahahaha
Ooooohhhh Jeeeeez!!! Here she goes with the shoes again!! Michelle I worry about sometimes.
I use #2 all the time, does that make me creative?
it reminds on me creativity lives everywhere
Joe Sto
its been done since the 80's but retro is always in style in my city
Those involved in this have too much time on their hands....
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