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Not so fast. The mission isn't over yet! #NASA #MSL #CuriosityRover  
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Wish I could give credit to the person who posted this first but it was posted to a limited audience. 
It's been floating around for a couple of days....not sure where it originated from.
we knew you were coming and shoveled it all into a crater
well if they haven't found beauty,Tanning and Manicure salons already ?!?!... then neither are women... ?! ;)
Alex D
Venus has been shown, however, to be hot while being covered in chemicals, seems close but isn't, shines a lot but is very acidic.
Also, men consider looking at her, but never committed to a long term project. 
Yup. Women are from Venus. 
apparently there's a lot of dust there, that should be a hint.
Well, we built a 53m rocket that launched into space atop a pillar of fire and smoke that reached nearly 21,000 km/h and reached more than 2000 °C when it slammed on the brakes.

Sounds like the ultimate hot rod.  

Maybe it's not that we're from Mars, but that's where we should be!
Yup, only women would get so lost as to end up at Mars on the way to Earth from Venus.
On behalf of all men .. we need to rectify this sad scenario & bring the sports, beer & porn to mars!
Hm... if we keep sending rovers there... nascar may end up sponcering a rover race viewed on espn...
and for beer...
well until we can start growing the ingredients over there (I mean we already have ice there)
There really is no need to go to mars.
Oh and in terms of porn...
we have enough porn to take us to pluto
via usps
There is one flaw in this statement, you'll need feds on mars to regulate these things, Now you know know why King O'buma canceled the colonize the Moon program and decided Mars was more important.
Dean, WTF are you talking about? But I do know where you're speaking from - that would be YOUR ASS.  Colonize the fkn MOON?? Oh yeh, that's what our Earth Economy needs right now. When was that bill introduced?If it passes PLEASE promise you'll be on the very first flight! (ps: CURIOUSITY ROVER Planning began almost TEN YEARS AGO, Teabagger King Dean - now let's see how good you are at Math, so How long ago was Obama elected? Now compute who was president 10yrs ago) Do ANY of you EVER check for actual facts? That answer would be a resounding NO.
On Jan 14th, 2004 President Bush made a speech declaring that NASA's destiny was the Moon. I had been hearing this for years from many Engineers whom work with my brother at Lockheed Martian. My brother was one of the engineers that designed the Orion Space capsule. And I have been into the space program since my first birthday when JFK said we would land on the moon before the 60's ended (That was 5/25/61)

As for the Curiosity, the program was created in 2004 by a JPL leader and NASA contracted out to Lockheed Martian to build the lander. And Joe I can tell you're from the dumbocratic party. I never liked the idea of making someone dependent on government for how and why I live. But just because I comment negatively on your King you immediately turn to personal insults and get close to using cuss words. How about if you desire to insult you try to use more than a brain cell or two, that's if you still have active working ones that are not robotic and obey orders from you puppet master at White House.
Well granted, you're much older & wiser than me, & gosh your brother was an
ORION engineer. Hmm, but my Dad actually hand-built one of the original
prototype TIROS Weather Satellites at RCA, so I think Dad trumps a brother,
who was probably stoned besides.
But some speech The Cocaine President made about the Moon, still doesn't
explain why the Martian Rover design was being developed in mid 2002.
(granted, by '02, Dubya was back to just pounding shots&pills, after being
told he won an Election, he actually lost) Then 9/11 really put him in a
funk. Until Rove bought him the Christian Right Vote, the guy hadn't set
foot in a Church, since he'd married Laura, (a Democrat, BTW)
So I guess the Martian Rover guys just went rogue on a wild guess, that
made headlines 10yrs later?? That your story, & you're sticking to it? Btw,
I had MY first RUTGERS degree, before you finished Elementary School.
& the reason the Moon was never "colonized"(a classic Teabagger Term), was
& remains that it's not nearly as feasible or ez as you DC Comics readers
think. The risks&costs are more than formidable. Check with Newt. Maybe
yall can hitch a ride, when he implements his Moon Tram. I suggest yall
bring lotsa water, Ramen, & oh yeh, just a big buncha extra O2. (it's
called S-C-I-E-N-C-E; now repeat after me - SCIENCE) Hava great trip. Be
sure to send King Obama plenty of pics! Me too.
looks like a political exchange got started here.  Just a twig to throw on the fire - did you heard one of the latest Curiosity pictures appears to be President Obama's birth certificate?
THIS is really a good one ! Bravo...
Iti doresc multa fericiresi frumoase succese Dumnezeu sa te binecuvinteze !!!Esti minunata***
What would they expect from the Venus expedition ?
A lot of tampoons and careless drivers with PMS behavior ? 
Dean, I'll let you decipher these bad words for yourdamself: GFY
Ino I ain't changing your vote, but just be aware YOU'RE VOTING AGAINST YOUR OWN BEST INTERESTS, FOOL!
Peace Out, My Brother In Christ!
Oh, since you don't know shit, run to your brother & ask him why the designs were being developed in 2001? Apparently, you're vicariously living your NASA dreams through your brother. I'm guessing you're primarily involved with the Fast Food Industry.
So when is NASA going to check Venus for sign of woman being from there?  I'm sure they'll find woman shoes, clothes, diaries and phone booths. 
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