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Dear friend,

Do you want to learn how to use Web 2.0 Social Media to become a millionaire overnight? How would you like to increase your Twitter followers by eleventy-billion in 3.68 seconds? Do you want to use Twitter to make a gazillion dollars through affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing schemes? Do you use the term "Twitter Coach" to describe yourself?

Great news! You're well on your way to becoming a Social Media Douchebag already! We're not quite ready for you yet, but we're gonna BLOW YOUR FREAKIN' MIND. Find out how at: via: +Alexandre Romao
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omg. LOLing IRL over here.

edit: The best part of this is undoubtedly the Comic Sans. Good lord.
Already took the course, it is paying dividends.
Amazing! Tell me more about how I can use numbers to increase numbers and douchbaggery to increase my tooliness quotient!
Pure awesome... love Cthulhu!
Is eleventy-million followers in 3.68 seconds the average or the record?

Either way, it's clearly an amazing number judging by the amount of pop in that collar...I think it's like, 500% popped!
I want to subscribe to this man's newsletter.
Comic Sans makes everything totally legit.
+Christina Trapolino sounds like you'd be interested in my newsletter "Graduate to the Top of your Pyramid Scheme!" This newsletter is perfect for anyone who got in late and is stuck at the bottom of a pyramid scheme, with the skills I teach in my seminars you can graduate your way to the top and make your millions. </troll>
I'm waiting for the graduate course, "Professor of Google+ douchebag-ery". I hope the classes aren't long, I don't want to miss my time here.
This would be more funny if we didn't see this stuff every day...
I agree with +Scott Schneider , your definitely killin' it tonight +Michelle Marie . Dynomite!!!
eleventy-billon? That's a number I can get befrontashide!
I love the disclaimer in huge red letters:
"If you send me any money via PayPal, understand that you are not purchasing anything. Any money you send is merely a donation for bringing a smile to your face, in return for all the hard work spent writing the copy for this ridiculous website."
Sure Michelle i want to learn How
i thought you were serious, lol, nice one
i think i will contribute to the cause
that one is better than many charities
i know, i used to be in the charity industry
with this post you shot you out of my circles
Insincerity sucks. Automated insincerity disguised as sincerity is even worse.
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