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Science-fiction author Arthur C. Clarke predicts PC's and the Internet in 1974 and how the world will be in the year 2001.
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He also predicted telecommunications satellites about 18 years early. A true visionary and a damn fine writer.
Sci-Fi authors = Legit future tellers. More credit to the Mayans', they went 2012-far. True story.
What will we take for granted in 30-40 years from now?
Obviously, Arthur was envisioning a thin client. That may have been better than what we actually have. As long as the ISP wasn't running a virus, then you couldn't either.

Unfortunately, in such a scenario, the world's computers would be even more of a monoculture than they are today! A single bit of malware would cripple thousands, or millions of users.
Wonder what he'd say if he could see how things are now? "I'm scared, Dave. Will I dream?" :)
hey michelle

what's the prediction of the prediction, when we will reach that year '2001' .. seems not yet fully reached

giggle ..
predicting telework and the internet and online banking in 1974, wow
Well, +Rick Mellendick to some limited extent, the online banking already existed. It wasn't generally available to the masses, but wire transfers between companies were fairly common. Banks were already interconnected. Credit cards were already an established fact. The groundwork for today's commonplace marvels was partly in place, and more of it was being actively worked on by DARPA, the Navy, Bell Labs, and others.

Remember, Arthur C. Clarke (like Isaac Asimov) was much more than a science fiction writer. He was also a full time scientist, who had a finger on the scientific community's pulse.
Pfftt.... 1974? Dumbfounding that people find his parroting of Charles Babbage's ideas from 130 years previous in any way insightful.

Also, Doug Englebart already had a working demonstration of this tech in 1968, almost a decade previous, commonly referred to as "The Mother of All Demonstrations" - ( you can view the demo here - Douglas Engelbart : The Mother of All Demos (1/9)), so how is anything Arthur Clarke was babbling on about at the time in any way prescient?

This would be like Michael Crichton saying 10 years from now "Someday everyone will have a mobile computing device that fits in their pocket, and you could touch the screen to make it do stuff" ...YOU DON'T SAY?
I know what we have today, and if 10 years later I start going on about it, people would tell me "No shit Sherlock".
Mike B
Some really miserable comments here. He had excellent vision for 1974, end of.

I actually thought the most impressive comment was about remote working - spot on.
Both Asimov and Clarke were eerily prescient.
we are rare animals in the wildlife of our visions ..
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