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Creative Outlets Stickers
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Creative indeed, but then my fatherly side kicks in. Not sure i'd like to draw any more attention to the power outlets for the young ones :-( unless they also doubled as safety covers.
Yea the clear safety plug caps can be hockey masks. haha
trite!!! is it draw?
Not only should we not be attracting the wee ones to electrical outlets, we should remember why the third plug is there. It is a second ground (and is connected to the first ground at the breaker box) that is physically placed in a position to catch any object that falls on the partially-pulled plug.

All of the pictures above show outlets that are upside down.

The third post is there for a reason and that reason is safety.

Just a simple post to protect a metal lamp post or vacuum cleaner handle or any other object from landing on the electrically hot wire.

OK. So we are now going to make outlets more attractive to children? Nothing like assisting in getting your kid electrocuted...
This is Beautiful, doyou have any for sale!!!
Beautiful and fun to boot.
Just what we need. Kids playing with the outlets!
cool way to attract toddlers with keys to electric sockets
We use them at home. They make me chuckle. lol
this isnt really good around kids
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That's cute, but um, doesn't that encourage kids to put their fingers in sockets?
Working on updating or getting rid of those things... :p Anyway, mine in this house are all bronze. I wonder if they have any in a lighter color?
This reminds me the one sticker w/ Lord Voldemort's tiny nose hole as plug-in~ 
this is great,but Aliah is right. Kids will definitely be putting their fingers in the sockets.
I mean, that's just the first thing I thought when I looked at it. It looks like something a kid would play with.
Every child putting their finger in 5,4,3,...
Only once. Then they learn TWO valuable lessons... don't stick stuff in wall sockets and don't poke people in the eyes.
awesome more appealing to stick a fork in it
It's very important for people to have creative outlets...bada bing

As far as everyone saying they would make kids want to stick things in the socket, I agree they would call attention to the outlet. However, I really think the issue lies with the parents. If you're child's first impulse when they see a face is to ram a fork in it, there are deeper issues here.
:Disclaimer: As a parent myself that was said in a joking manner. I would never get these either.
Do want. And we don't have kids at home anymore, so don't get all preachy on me about safety......
I want the italian mustache and the hair... And then we make "Pizzarea Outlet Face"
They should make outlet covers that mimic Edvard Munch's "The Scream"
Nothing says, hey kids feed me with that metal fork/spoon like a face in an outlet.
that wouldnt be safe to put on outlets then the kids will think its okay to play with...
Dang someone once told me I needed a creative outlet and I totally misunderstood...
It's funny, but I've always seen them like this since I was a kid.
These are cute, but being a Mom of 6 kids I agree with you Stephen! I hope that people are careful when using these, especially if they have kids over at anytime. :)
why do I feel like this would make children want to play with them more...
+David Love Can you cite the code that specifies that those outlets are upside down? I've lived in a lot of houses and apartments (new and old construction) and I've never seen outlets installed with the center ground post on top.
Excellent, now children will be more attracted to them.
Lol that funny never thought of that. X3
it's very funny ja ja ja ja si la veritat es que si
nhin ngộ nghĩnh quá hihi
Put some "oh no" hands up to the sides of their face.
Maybe instead of telling people that this is a bad idea because 'What about children?', those of you should take a step back and realize that not everyone has children, and those with children may be smart enough to do what you're suggesting already. You are not saving lives by crapping on someone's artwork.
that is soo awesome my mom said that rocks
I think that is so cool! I wish i had imagination like that. I love your imagination! I really don't think that any child would hurt themselves with that, maybe an infant but older children would be just fine.
LOL nice concept but i think it can be dangerous, :O you luring children to a dangerous possibility
This is a great idea. Not a bad way to add creativity to a space and make for good laughs from guest. :)
Life is so much nicer when you stop worrying about the "children"
A fork in a 110 line wont kill your toddler. Stop multitasking and overextending yourself with families and jobs you cant handle or afford to manage effectively, and pay attention to what your kids are doing. Let kids learn from experience and from positive action and reinforcement.
yeah i like the one with the mustache too!
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I'm not sure I'd want to make my outlets look more fun/attractive to my little kids... maybe they need some with angry faces.
Totally agree...I try to hide them from the kids. Something dangerous should not be so attractive. 
At least when the kid "feeds" them he will be putting the fork in ground.
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good very good ,i like this baby
I used to draw little Hitler mustaches on my outlets. My dad got offended.
yeah, 'cause the children need to be even more attracted to the outlets...
Positively adorable. Love these!
Ack it would just encourage my kids to play with them!
Not a very good idea. Just an enticement for little kids.
I don't think I would feel comfortable shoving the male end of an electrical cord into a person's mouth and eye sockets , cartoon or not. :/
Cute! Maybe they should expand this idea! How about stickers to put on stove tops that make smiley faces appear when they heat up?
L K. P.
Very nice I will have to check them out.
Yes let's encourage our kids to play with the outlets. ;)
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+David Kirchner Building codes vary from city to city and from township to township.

I have wired many houses while volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, and some places have a code that requires the outlets to be installed with the safety post, the grounded post, to be on top, while other jurisdictions do not specify one way or the other.

In the places I have worked, only about 1/3 of them have the requirement to install outlets to make use of the safety feature.

It was on one of these H4H builds about 7 years ago that the gov't inspector first told me of the building code there, and the safety reason for the code.
Because that will keep kids from putting forks in them :P
uh.... not for households with children under the age of 6...
if you dont like these plugs then sort your life out cause they are dudey NOT a hazard !!!
Kids fingers are too big to fit in the holes anyway... unless it's a newborn and what newborn is going to stick their finger in a hole. My kids are 2 and 4 and have been properly educated on sticking things in an outlet. The stickers are harmless and fun in my humble opinion. I grew up seeing outlets as faces anyway. It's imagination. As far as the ground post having to be on the top. That is true, the code has changed over the years. However... for the rest of us who can't afford a brand new house or new outlets installed, our outlets have the ground on the bottom.
how fun if only i didn't have my baby cousin around so often
Wow! What a great funny idea, I like the way you think :-)
yeah, perfect for a child that would just like to play with it
Salt and Pepper great to play chess with.
ILIKE THEM.. very clever, but how do I hide them when there are wee ones in the house?
Makes me want to plug something in right away. However all my plugs are occupied right now.This is creative. Lmao!
Kinda of reminds me of Abbot and Castello! Funny
Whos on First? Whats on Second! I dont know is on Third. St. Louis Wolves. Lmao!
Fi Fi
very cute <33
Mar co
let the children get a funny electrocution
Thanks for sharing this find, I've been looking for these type items.
Great Find !!!!
I now want to go marker or paint my outlet plugs.. or buy stickers whatever.. :)
Is it ok if this gave me a boner?
lol i hope there are no ids in that house because those things are cute but its like saying touch me
That looks too tempting for the kiddies to play with them. No thank you.
Hey these look really coo... oh yeh, I live in the UK.
cute lol but might attract my son more to play with:(
ahhhhh! thats the best ^_^
Would teach the kids not to go poking people in the eye!
Really cute, but they might tempt children into playing with them.
Hmmm... I don't think so my toddler will definitely poke those eyes, creative yes.... BUT NOT FOR KIdS!
LOL "how to make children more interested in electrical sockets" WHAT A GREAT IDEA
Thats soooo cool! The thing is for younger kids they might try to "poke/finger" the plug socket so it might be a bit dangerous. Really great idea though! xxx
ya were did you get them those r so cute!:)
I had seen those before, but never put two and two together, good idea
Great something else i gotta buy now haha
Now someone has to create a "happier" outlet:)
Haha. Creative "outlet".. #iseewhatyoudidthere
draws kids attention to them if anything.. still awesome :)
They all looked so surprised. Maybe they had a shocking experience?
ho ho ......., it's very very creative., like it - love it
but be careful electrocuted, Hiiiiiiiiiii......^^
Esto podría incrementar la curiosidad de un niño pequeño o bebé hacia el enchufe...
they all remind me of pumkins___________
Dima Pr
this has been on The Simpsons
make them smile so we all will smile when we see them
this is to attract kids to the sockets right?
wow!! that was nice. I like it.
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Cute but won't this attract children to the outlet
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