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Sharing Quality Content On Google+

When you share quality content you’re adding value to Google+ and users such as myself are on the constant lookout for new people to Circle who are posting entertaining and useful and information.

Quality content entertains, educates, and helps engage the community! If you don’t share content that is considered valuable you cant expect to gather a large group of followers or receive much attention on your posts. Keep in mind, your focus should never be aimed at being “popular”, your focus should be aimed at providing valuable content to the community.

So what does one consider quality content? Unique, well written, and original content that your audience will find interesting and informative. Okay, okay, so not everyone is a great writer of original content, that doesn’t mean you can’t provide valuable curated content by digging through the Internet to find the not so easily found awesome content that lurks deep within. (20 Best Kept Secrets for Finding Content to Share: ).

Whether you’re sharing original content or curating content here are a few tips that can help you produce better quality posts:

• Start with a focus by picking a few topics to post about.
• Share content you think a lot of users will find interesting.
• Be unique and give your posts personality. Let users get to know you more.
• Summarize reshared posts by giving them your own twist.
• Don’t just reshare content, create your own content!
• Add variety to your posts by sharing videos and pictures. Words only = boring.
• Don’t go crazy with posting. Quality is more important than quantity!

Have tips you think should be added to the list? Let me know and I'll add them :)

Happy posting!

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Rob Go
I do what I want... like a boss!
I am the king of unquality content. I blame Facebook for that. I kid! I just haven't had time to write anything quality yet.
So you're saying you don't like cute "kittehs"? ;-)
G+ is also like Twitter, so... you don't have to follow people, no-one forces you.
Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That's relativity.

Albert Einstein
And, strangely enough, the search for quality is what was a foundation of Google's original search. This is a big reason that Google created G+ to get the social media pointers to quality content (which the holy algorithm was unable to see).
I share only the best gifs, and strictly use only real goatse content.
Why is so important to have a lot of followers? For business or for your own pleasure? Anyway, I totally agree with you that it's not important the quantity but the quality. I also think that's really important that someone should post new, creative and innovative posts (sorry for the joke), but I also think that resharing a post of another person is also important, to let the people you know that aren't "friends" with the person who wrote the post to know that post (I know it's confusing).
Good advice's, i did share it now
I'm all for content creators/aggregators, and that's a big part of why G+ appeals to me. However, G+ is in competition with Twitter and Facebook. Do you expect the typical Tweeter to stop microblogging or the typical Facebooker to quit posting and commenting on pictures of their kids? For my part I blog and tweet, are you suggesting I have to choose?
Posting quality and well thought out comments are a good way to gain respect within the community as well. 
I like to share stuff that interests me first and foremost but I do understand everyones idea of quality is relative.
One persons passion is another persons poison. Ergo; who are you, I or anybody else to make judgements on what, or what is not quality?

Personally I think all of the posts patronisingly telling people what and how to post - are total quality fails. All of the points above are obvious - and none of them are compulsory.

Honestly - do we REALLY need people telling us teacher-like, how and what to post? Someone posts something you don't like = ignore it. They post several things you don't like = uncircle & block em! It's that simple really. Personally I hate all the cat posts (I just don't get it) - but I understand and accept that plenty of people love em. Horses for courses.
My criteria for my own public posting: "If this showed up in my stream posted by someone else, would I find it interesting to read?"

That's the best I can do. I don't write things that I don't find interesting just because I think someone else would. I have to write things that I find interesting, and hope that others will, as well.
Disclaimer: That was my response earlier to a similar post/conversation, but it seemed to apply here.
+Michelle Marie , one of the issues I have right now is finding content relevant to some of my tastes in music, movies, and other more obscure topics.

I did a few searches on specific topics trying to find relevant people to follow, but mostly all I found was a lot of noise and people with not too relevant/interesting posts. There was also quite a bit of public posts about family and personal things that I find are more relevant to your family and friends circles. If you want legos...AHEM LEGO posts and tech, Chris Pirillo is the man to follow, but Google needs to find better ways for people to find topics and stuff. Maybe other people can add tags to other members or add an option that you can add tags to the posts you make to make it easier to find on a search. I do like what Robert Scoble is doing by sharing his circles already segregated.

Quick question: how you heavy followed manage the noise levels? I end muting LOTS of posts of the people I follow...
Exactly. Well said +Michael O'Reilly. We post what we like - thinking and hoping that others might too. They can take it or leave it, it's up to them - as oppose to being up to poe faced, self appointed arbiters of quality. There's just too much of that pontificating flying about in G+! Stop it people.
But those people will post what they want - (I'll take this opportunity to re-iterate that I hate the cat thing too) - and it's perfectly their right to. If it bugs you that much - get rid of em. Whining about it or issuing ridiculous edicts aren't gonna make a bit of difference. People will post what they want - and rightly so. If it reaches the point of supreme irritation - Block em (do you really think they're gonna listen anyway)?
Brendan James -
"I hate the cat thing too"
"it's perfectly their right"
"If it bugs you that much - get rid of em"
"Whining about it or issuing ridiculous edicts aren't gonna make a bit of difference."
"People will post what they want - and rightly so"
"If it reaches the point of supreme irritation - Block em"

+Brendan James Its my right to have posted this. Consider it a "cat" post, if you will.
If it bugs you that much, uncircle me.
Whining about my post isnt gonna make a bit of difference.
I'll post what I want because its my right to do so.
If my post irritates you that much, block me.
+Brendan James this is not an order, its just some suggestions... tips - that's all. Take it or leave it, it's totally up to you.
Roly SC
Ur awesome !!!!!! u so rock !!!!!
I can think of a few people to send this to. ;)
Nice tips. My only objection is to number 2: "Share content that you think a lot of users will find interesting." For me it's more important that people share what they like, without considering possible impact. The posts are in this case better.
+Gonzalo Travieso, everything I share is stuff I'm interested in, I dont recommend sharing content that you have 0 interest in. I guess I should have been more clear.
Yes, +Michelle Marie I can see it from your posts. It's just that there are people that really are too much focused on getting followers.
I break all the rules. They are more like guidelines. PIRATE!
+Brenda Curtis If you followed the rules, I wouldn't follow you. Gotta have some anarchists to mix it up.
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