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10 Important Tips for Google+ Beginners

1. To get the most rewarding experience on Google+ begin by circling at least 300. I picked 300 since it’s a manageable number. Circle too little of a number of people and your stream will be dead, circle too many at the beginning and you might overwhelm yourself with an overload of information, most of all you’ll have a hard time making solid and lasting connections.

Don’t just circle blindly or you’ll get bored. Do searches for terms you like reading about, if you’re interested in physics do a search for “Einstein”. The search results will bring up a ton of posts relating to your interests. Go through them then click on one that catches your eye. Check the users profile out, do you like their content? If so circle them! Keep doing this until you've got a good amount of people circled.

2. Pay attention to the What’s Hot posts/section, some of the posts that get in the What’s Hot section come from hightly active engagers. Connect with them! You can learn a lot from watching what goes on in their threads. I haven’t met an active engager who wasn’t friendly, so don't be shy.

3. Once you’ve started connecting with people who you share the same interests with and begin experiencing just how wonderful the community is you’ll start to realize that it no longer makes a difference if your real life friends and family move over from Facebook.

Google+ is much different than Facebook in a sense that here you make new friends, friends who you will probably have a lot more in common with than your family or real life friends over on Facebook. Making new friends or connections seems like a daunting task but actually comes quite easily and naturally once you begin engaging with other people and find your place among a group with similar interests. Right now you want your friends and family here to fill a void, once that void is filled you wont give it much thought since you’ll be wrapped up in fun and interesting discussions or sidetracked by all the yummy information that fills your stream.

4. Everybody wants comments and shares, that’s natural. Give it some time, once you begin actively engaging with other users you’ll notice more action on your posts so long as others find your content interesting. Google+ isn’t Twitter so posts that contain just a sentence or two will probably be overlooked. Look around, find out what other people are commenting on, pay attention to the topics that get attention. Provide users with content that will benefit them in some way. If you’re an expert at something write a post on tips and techniques. Be helpful, people will appreciate you for it!

5. Post original content. Reshaing posts is a great way to spread something interesting but be interesting yourself and create unique content. People who only reshare the content of others probably won't have many people following them. We want to get to know YOU, not just them.

6. Over time you’ll begin to make friends with other users by replying to their comments on a regular basis. If you jump all over the place and don’t become a regular commenter to a handful of people you follow then it’s kind of like you’re just passing by. When you become a regular commenter people will notice you, they’ll see that you’re an active engager. Engagers follow other engagers. Post helpful or interesting stuff and you’ll begin seeing an influx of comments and shares on your own posts.

It takes time to grow your circles and a bit of skill in learning what types of posts get the most action. Don’t give up! Engage, engage, engage!

7. One of the reasons users follow other users is because they’ve read a comment they wrote that was well thought out, helpful, or inspiring. One of the things I look for in following someone is their sense of humor. I love being around people who will make me laugh! So funny comments tend to grab my attention.

8. It’s never too late to “click” with a group. Normally “clicks” are considered a bad thing, they remind us of high school. But here clicks are formed by people who share the same interests not people who flock together thinking they’re better than everyone else and don’t care to let anyone else join their “club”. Here everyone is open to connecting with new users, the more the Google+ community brings us, the better. So don’t feel like you can’t find a place to fit it, trust me there are thousands of places for you to fit in. We’re all very accepting here, we love connecting with new people!

9. If you have questions, ask them! I don’t know one person here who wouldn’t take the time to answer a question from someone who is new. We were all new at one point and had our own questions. Heck... I still have questions! Don’t feel intimidated because you’re just learning when it seems everyone else is already an expert. We’re not, there are new features coming out all the time, we learn new things from people every day. We’re ALL learners. In fact, I think that’s why we’re here, to learn something new!

10. Have fun! What could be more simpler than that?
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Great advice Michelle. Number seven is the main way I pick people.
Thanks for the share.
Could you give me a Facebook account?
I think everybody here at one point, even the people who were here from the beginning said they wanted their Facebook friends here. Now I don't think many users give it much thought.
I send my share's extended but few people aren't resharing my info.
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Oh dear! I forgot an important tip. Post to the public as much as you can! You'll get more people to circle you by posting public.
Thanks Michelle you've certainly given me a few good pointers to get started with.
thanks for this info. I will take any help I can get lol
Thanks for the advice Michelle ...very useful for newcomers like me :)
Very nicely & simply stated.
Perhaps a tip about what to do about abusive of hateful users might be helpful as well. Unfortunately, not everybody is as nice as +Michelle Marie
Hell o deal .. I am workin on it, got me a f.b. but .. only use it for messages now. But ur rite, pretty much a dead circle here. Have not been doin it rite. Thanx for the info. Duhh! Lol the whole electronic /computer thang is totaly new to me. It don't look nuttin like a hammer!! 
Thanks for sharing!!!!!!! This will help a lot. I'm campaigning to get my friends switch to Google Plus.
Interesante es de Todos, Pero él here Que El mas resaltante Hijo de Los # 3 -9 y 10, me gusta G +, y Voy a Tomar El Concejo de Preguntar CUANDO des CONOZCA o este ignorante
It's very useful, Thank you.谢谢!
300 is a "manageable number"? I've a bit above 50, and my stream is overflowing already :) I don't want to spend hours muting not interesting posts, and there are some people who are producing tens of them per day, but maybe only couple really useful per week.
Perhaps, I am terrible wrong, but anyone who has more than 100 has way too much free time (and barely reads everything anyway) :)
+Alexander Demenshin It helps to adopt a policy of "I know I can't read everything, and I will miss some good posts." I follow about 1000 people but they're in different circles, so I can read posts about particular interests when the mood takes me.
Or....just pick a 5 of your best friends and a couple of interesting people that write a lot. No need to flood your screen with the random thoughts of 300 strangers.
I already Commented but once again, thank you very much for the TIPS. It is indeed a great Help. Thank YOU!
thank you im new too it seems complicated like it was facebook at the beginning. i think i will find out soon.
#7 totally agree. I have found so many new photographers or people who live in the same state based on posts from others I have circled. I always look at their pictures and what they post first to get a feel for their style or interests. #greattips
Hi michelle,
I am indeed a very new user and will probably need to pick your brain when user problems crop up. Just loved your article and all the info. Dont feel so much like an incompetant now. Thank you. Tony M.
Thanks Michelle for taking the time and sharing such great tips.
Very helpful! Thank you! I'm a newbie to google+ and think I just screwed up my blogger photos through google+. Now I get exclamation marks only. Got to figure it all out...
As a newbie holistic, I can feel that you give here very good advices. Sure I will type 'Einstein' and 'Dalaï lama' in the search engine to grow my circles, carefully checking each profile.

Thanks for the tips an keep on the good job. This kind of tool is revolutionary in human education and socialization, it will go far beyond our imagination on how it will transform the world.

I can already see here a lot of wise people sharing their knowledge for free. Free sharing is the best way to free individuals from the politico-enocomical bondage they get caught in.

Thank you +Michelle Marie!
+Michelle Marie, a good starting point is to create saved searches for your favorite topic. Then you see what is written about those by other users. And you can directly comment and +1 in the saved search stream. In this way you can also identify the main contributors to a topic.
I agree..a manageable levels of real people makes the experience more worthwhile.
+Steve Mayne, the problem is that I've to clean my stream from noise (most of the time). It is like deleting spam in your mail, and the difference is - one person may post something useful (1 of 10-20-... posts), but you have to find it in your stream first. It is nearly impossible to find something useful unless you read everything at least briefly.
But if you know how - I would be very glad to hear it :)
300? I actually left MSN because I had 150 contacts. 100 of them were people I didn't know. 25 of them were people I knew, but never talked with. 15 of them were people I talked with sometimes. 10 of them were peoples I often talked with and were also my friends.

I didn't like to have a huge amount of unsocial contacts. But that's me ;)
Thank u for the tips!
Thanks for the tips! You did an excellent article! Congrats!! :)
Really Great tips
great post. just what i was looking for
thanks, these are great tips. I have been planning to invest some time in getting familiar with Google+ and so this post comes at the right time for me. Thanks again
300? I don't think I'd be able to keep up with that many updates, but I'll certainly try my best ;D
Steve T
You should look up "Dunbar's Number"
It's fascinating that Google+ as you describe it is essentially a social network. While that may seem bland it is a eureka a moment for me. I get it, new friends, new people, shared information, communication, altruism, fun, fun, fun. Is this the new micro blogging platform, like Vox a social network for bloggers that actually reaches an audience that simply likes to read and ingest content that appeals to their interest. Should I get rid of my actual blog now and start writing on Google+ and what about the plethora of 300 people I follow, are they just a way for me to satisfy my mind or is this my chance for social popularity in my anti-social, internet addiction. Maybe it will get me fame, fortune and teach me about the nature of the universe. The sky has no limits. Forgive my cynicism.
Thank you for the great advice. I'm NEW and really enjoying all the great stuff on here but it's easy to get lost. I'm looking forward to sharing and engaging, yay!
Thank you so much Michelle Marie for the encouraging tipps, I am one
of the beginners, feeling so stuck, sometimes. All the best regards to you!!
+Alexander Demenshin keep in mind that you can throttle the stream of your circles.
If you click a stream (same applies to what's hot) you can set the slider at the top.
I have a couple of circles follow, follow slow, Ultra slow.
Depending on the circle more gets into my main stream.
And circles are not set in stone so you can move people around to get more/less of their content :)
And people can be in more circles so you can put someone in a follow slow circle and also in a zombies circle. If you set the zombies circle to 0 you can post to zombie loving folk but control how much you see via the follow circle :)

ps you can also set the noise level for what's hot with the same slider
Yes thank you, Michelle for your good advice, could use more please.
Thank you. I had been treating G+ like my FB and have been disappointed. This is an interesting look at the differences in the way the two mediums work.
+Michelle Marie , I enjoy reading your post. But, just little of my friends are on Google+ (Less than 5, maybe) despite the fact that I found Google+ is far more interesting than Facebook. So, I hardly get connected with peeps and "0" notification in my Google+ just saddens me much. I'v tried hard to influence all friends on Facebook to switch to Google+ or at least, to create a Google+ account but to no avail. So, what can I do so I enjoy communication and interaction here at Google+?
Cheers Michelle only jst got g+ I'm liking it so far but I'm struggling to get friends cos no one I knows got it yet... ill jst keep spreading the word
+Michelle Marie I've been having this running debate about posting public vs posting to your circles. What are your thoughts on that?
Great tips, thank you very much for sharing them! I think where I've been going wrong is by treating G+ like Facebook, this give me a much better perspective on how to make the most of it.
Excelente post! And I read it in a perfect moment because I was starting to get kind of disappointed of Google+
Thank you, a really good insight to how Google + works, especially for us newbies
Why does this application eat away my battery?? Must fix ASAP.. skyrocket
+Franc Schiphorst, sure I can control how much I could see, but I couldn't control what exactly I see - G+ can't filter noise for me. So, I still have to look through what people write. And even if I have all sliders set to minimum, with 300 persons the stream will be looooong :)
Thanks Michelle, straight from the hip! Im not good with social sights, find them confusing, but that was insightful and clear. Thanks again
Thank you for the great tips. I used Google+ like I use Facebook at first, but after reading this post I realized that Google+ is much more than that.
This helps out so much thanks
Very useful. I'm already finding though there is so,much stuff on here that skim reading is a useful skill. So nice not to read about people's cats or what they had for tea. Facebook for grownups.
Another useful tip for the newer G+ community.
If your stream is quiet and you're looking for interesting people to circle, there are websites that group people by their interests i.e #Photography #Sport #Technology #Creative #celebrity #fishing and many, many more. You can quickly find like minded people or even new interests to follow. Enjoy.
Very helpful tips, thanks much!
+Michelle Marie you know, when you say, post original content, are links to interesting posts (something many do) considered original content (in this context) - as I love doing that, but also followed my some comments on why I think the link is worth reading - thanks for the great tips
Great post, found myself wanting face book friends here at first, but now don't think about it there are so many interesting people and info out there. Having a great experience figuring out g+ ;^}
Great tips! Thank you for capturing them in one location. I wish I had those tips when I first started out on G+.
Makes sense, well thought out. I will definitely try this out.
Know where this wasn't an issue? GReader, before they messed it up trying to force people onto G-.
Nice post. It definitely helps me better understand Google+. I do prefer Google+ over Facebook. It's so much more engaging. I also find lots of interesting people and subjects.
nice hunnnnnnnnnn! can u tell me the tips for beginners pls
This is great advice from +Michelle Marie.

Just remember that "interesting" people to follow come in all flavors, and you can find them all here. Some skew towards technology, some challenge you to think, some towards politics, some towards humor, some towards dirty humor :), some towards posts that have a lot of "heart", some towards sports, etc. What the next person finds interesting, might not suit your tastes. You can craft your stream and your circles so that you can see what you want, when you want it. Good luck!
Thanks. I like how you mention how this is different from how facebook is used.
Thanks for this! I'm very new to this and love the concept!
Are you saying that we should circle strangers? Or even worse celebs?
I think I will wait for my real friends to show up.If they dont I wont stay.
Nice tips am new an am really liking G+
Thanks for this amazing tips, I am new and I dont know how to get started.
excellent advice..esp. the whats hot section..have met some interesting people and enjoyed new interests. Most important..dont give up.. it is not FB.. it is simply better,,and thank God for that.
well done Michelle it is useful
Just read an article
How soon before a Google+ score? Hopefully, never. So, I'm a little reluctant to just go around an adding people to circles that I don't personally know, mostly because I don't know how connecting with them will affect my overall "social score". Reminds me a lot of McCarthyism. You must be a terrorist or other current social taboo because one person in your circles once liked a comment that was deemed questionable.
Awesome tips +Michelle Marie! I think that's the common misconception a lot of people make, thinking Google+ is like Facebook and Twitter. It is a new social media experience and there are new rules to follow and a new approach to connecting with others. This is probably why Google+ will survive unlike Google's Buzz. This time, Google didn't imitate, they attempted to pave a new direction in social media. And because of their attempts, Facebook was forced to change and alter what they were doing with their users. Fantastic tips, def worth sharing on my feed :-)
Excellent stuff as usual, +Michelle Marie! I'd really underline this: It takes time to grow your circles and a bit of skill in learning what types of posts get the most action. Don’t give up! Engage, engage, engage!

Circle, curate, create, communicate and consume.
Now i realize, g+ is like combination of social network and forum. Thanks for the enlightment. I'll reshare this post :)
As a beginner this is exactly what I've been looking for, thank you!
Beginner here.... thanks for the useful tips :-) I haven't really used it much since I logged on cause I honestly didn't know where to begin, lol!
This is a great bit of advice for us newbies.
Re Ne
+Taha Oualif Oh Sorry to hear that! It worked for me but that was months ago! Fb really hates Google+ :(
Very helpful, but (after reading #5) I won't be sharing this
I'm a newbie. Not sure how it works yet.
To my mind, these recommendations are duplicating the errors that people made and continue to make with respect to Facebook and twitter.

If you are circling 300, you might as well be on Facebook.

If you are posting publicly all the time, you might as well be on twitter.

Google+ is not your blog. It's not your photo sharing site. It is intended to serve your real world relationships in a virtual space and not as a vehicle for self promotion to a bunch of folks whom you have never met and never will meet.
This post is exacly why I enjoy google + so much. Thank you for taking the time to write this up!
El Bee
300? No way. Circle the 20 personal friends and the 20 professional contacts that you care most about. Then your stream won't be super-duper active, but it will be meaningful stuff from/about/to people you actually care about, and who actually (might) care about you! "300 friends" is why Facebook is worthless and dead.
Is really nice following you!thanks so much for your are really talking to me.hahaha
Going to give it a go,first up Michelle Marie. o.k. now for number 2.
Gosh, sounds like hard work!
+Dominick DeGasperi
a + 1 is a little bit like liking something in Facebook. There are differences, but basically, it's the same idea. 
I'm afraid of trolls. I don't want to get cut down by someone because of my views or beliefs.
Its good !! but bit confusing as its not similar to other social networks...
and Thanks for the tips .... hope to get acquainted to g+ very soon..
after all engage, engage and engage might help....
Thank you, Michelle. This is useful & interesting article.
Good to know. Thanx for the tips.
Excellent tips! I definitely need to share this! I was beginning to wonder what I was trying to accomplish here, but I do find that I am really enjoying it.
For all you worried about "noise", it's something you will get used to. You're much better off ignoring noise than not circling enough people to keep your experience here worthwhile. Your posts might be considered noise to someone else, but wouldnt you like for them to circle you anyway, hoping that they can over look the posts that dont interest them and comment on your posts that do?

Noise is everywhere, not just on the Internet. You just don't notice it because you've learned to ignore it :)
Great advice Michelle. I'm still learning from your posts :)
+Yukiko Yamamoto we ALL hate trolls! Dont let some idiot ruin your experience here. We all have different views, and the wonderful thing you'll find is that the people who share them with you outweigh the people who dont. Don't feed the trolls. If they pop up, ignore them or block them :)
Hah hah hah hello 4 people in this server! & hope we reached this friday safely.
Thanks for the helpful resource. I look forward to engaging more with g+
Great tips! Thanks. I look forward to using G+ more often. :)
G+ surpass FB in many ways , probably because it came later and learned from fb , what should have what not
Great tips. Since joining I've seen it as a place to make new connections and expand my world. It's good to know that I'm not alone in that thinking. Thanks!
Thank you for all these great tips. I just started using Google + about a month ago for my social media class, and it is a little overwhelming. However, the more I use it, the more interesting it gets for me. It's user friendly in the commenting and sharing aspect, but I think it's also a little intimidating. Practice makes perfect, right? #NewhouseSM4
Great tips! Thanks for sharing
Very helpful information for the Google+ beginner like myself. Thank you!
hi how do i import my contacts from my anotner gmail account to my new ones?
I have a fb account but somebody somewhere hacked it &"fb" can't do anything for me to restore it! I come to the point to think that Facebook is like a pigeon the entire planet helped them to fly
Now that they are up in the in the sky,they
shit on you!
Thanks for this Michelle I really didnt consider being to active on these social networks but this post has me wondering if I may be missing out on something productive and fun.
Great post! I am still trying to figure this network out so this was a great way o thinking about it!
hi how i make use of tip for d begginer
Very nice and helpful thank you for your tips
Thanks for the tips! It deffinetly opened my options and i have a better idea as to how to build my circles with out my rl friends. I guess facebook and myspace just got me used to that over the years.
300!!?? Maybe if you pick 250 people/pages that never post! I only have about 60 or 70 and I could never keep up with my stream if it was my full time job!
I've had so much positive connections with people after doing a search it does make g+ the social site like no other. Thanks Google!
I find it frustrating when I share something I read on G+ on FB 'cause that's where my "friends" are.
Thanks for the tips though I could do with a few more. Im not really sure about hangouts or sharing so if anyone could give me some easy tips I would be very grateful.

I have to agree there are some really nice people on G+ who take their time to respond to comments and queries so many thanks to them.

However, I am horrified by some of the nasty comments I have seen just because someone doesn't agree with something they have read or because they want to snipe at the photo or whatever. Its such a shame but I guess thats the world we live in.
I would like some of my friends to come over to Google+ so we can "hang out", but that's a dream I can only hope for ...
Thanks for the info, this way i will forget about everyone in fb.
Great post. Thank you.
#Michelle thank you for sharing. I found it very useful
I really like the features of Google+, much more than that of FB. I have tried to get the people I know on FB to try G+, but it is not happening. Some people resist change.
I plan to use Tip 3 and see what happens.
The bottom line is Google+ is a kick A$$ Social network... Facebook watch your back..!!
Thanks Michelle I know why you created this post big help
Very well written - especially the comparisons to FB
Thanks so much! Great advice.
Google +is Awesome for any devloper Thanks for tips.....
Thank you so much for this post. Perfect case in point, I found you by searching for tips.

It is so true that you need to narrow your focus a bit. If you aren't willing to return and continue commenting and engaging with the same people you are just passing through. It takes time just to remember someone's name let alone why you followed them in the first place.

Just in the last 7 days I have seen a 400% growth rate by moving all people who have commented back or communicated with me into a special circle that I visit first each session.

Following established people is important but a few dozen people with small followings can be more rewarding.
I check my whats hot tab almost everyday just to see if something interesting and funny pops up and it has yet to disappoint me. This post is great example. Thanks!!
+Alexander Demenshin if you are already overwhelmed with 50 users than you need to manage your circles better. It takes time I know. Try having a few circles based on posting frequency. For example a circle called most interesting one called not sure yet and especially have one called noisy posters. Make the the noisy one is turned right off.

You do not have to rely on your main stream. Some people can be visited separately when you choose to. Also if you are getting flooded with too much content just remove some and start again.
Thank you i will now follow yoy,cuz you rock
google + blows I had higher expectations... im sick of the whats hot feed..
Nice tips sister. Value added.
Lt Blak
Wow this is interesting
Thanks Michelle Marie this is just what beginners need.where did you find this info? I quess im looking in the wrong area.
Ro May
Thanks. Good article.
Thanks for posting this. I'm just getting into my stride on G+ after not really "getting it" for some time. I think that they have made some changes (like the "what's hot" feature) and I've made some changes (like doing a lot more searching...after all, Google really is an information company after all). These were really good tips and I'll definitely use some of them.

OK, so now I'm going to be "that guy". The word is "clique" not "click" when referring to social circles.
+Michelle Marie I started with an invite, as well, but didn't run with it as you have! Very impressive! Do you leave the p.c. much? hahahaha!
Normally I wouldn't read post this long this was easy to read and has gave me lots of ideas. Thanks
Good way to learn your way around the google+ world if you are a noob. Thank you...
Great advice. Thanks for these tips. Great help to get started.
Thank u so much, i'll try to practice these stuffs
I am so glad I finally took the time to read this... now I understand google plus just a little better. thank you Michelle for the information and. pointers
Yes, thank you very much for the tips, I think they will really help me out. One thing that is difficult for me is having people with diferent languages, and I dont want to post everything 3 times in a diferent language...
It is very nice that you layed out the basics....I have been on G+ for about a week. I have been contimplating that transition from FB -> G+. Even though my friends are not on G+, I have encountered "content" that actually sparks my interest...not some circulated gossip or updates about reality TV celebrities. I am here alone, but it is only a matter of time (timeline) before my friends are here. The comment about meeting others that share the same interests proves to be "critical" for me!!!
i appreciate too . thanks very much Michelle
How Do I get my videos out the public page?
Thanks it's really helpful what you're doing here

Thank you +Michelle Marie for this very informative and helpful post on getting the most out of Google+. Being somewhat new here and having a little too used to Facebook I have been trying to figure this place out. If You don't mind I would like to share this post so that others in my circles and my area can also benefit from your tips.
This is cool. Thnx for the 101
Just reread it this is so helpful for me being new to this. I must admit I was off to a bad start. so I thank you again Michelle Marie.
Great, great tips Michelle, thank you very much for sharing.
This was very informative, thank you. It sparked a little more interest in Google+ for me ! :)
Laptop mag gave a detailed info about Google plus ,It is first time I knew about this social network !
Can you shoot me a printable copy of this please??

C.Lo Russo
Now, go out there and make solid and lasting connections with at least 300 people. " What was your name again"?
How can I upload my gallery pictures to Google+ as well as transfer my fb friends to my contacts? I would also like to know if there is a "save to sd card" feature to save videos? Thanks for any help you can provide.
300? I can hardly get a dozen people to actually use Google+ let alone circle 300.
Thank you for this information and I will share!
Great tips. I'm new to Google + thank you.
thank u very much for this..
i m just new for google +
let me know how i delete a person from list of aquiantices ?
300 people could be intimidating to someone new to social media.
These are very useful. May start doing some myself
So I'm new and do have a question. I post but dont see it. It shows up in my post but not in the nearby section. What am I doing wrong?
I think you forgot one extremely important point.

Be attractive or at least Have an attractive looking profile picture

That matters on how many followers you get.

Wow putting stars (*) around text bolds it! Never knew that!
brilliant... sharing this with my friends...
Thank you! I've been on here awhile and never really understood. 
Awesome article! I'm still trying to learn the ins and outs of g+, and am sometimes left a bit confused (like tagging a location to an older post or already uploaded photo?), but I'm having fun exploring! Thanks again for the great advice!!
I thorght this was a video lol

+Michelle Marie but how am I supposed to get 300 people circled, when I am just starting, and nowbody is following me from FB? This would take a lot of time in front of the screen, searching for people and sourcing them out by comun interests. Let`s just say that being new in Google+ is like being born, and as time pases by, you make friends, meet people (some you like, some not), and eventually some day many years later, you will have pretty good social circles, with interesting people who enjoy each other.
I need this because it is a tad confusing
I like the concept of Google+ much better than Facebook. Here I'm more inclined to socialize with people I want to socialize with, rather than wasting time reading posts from people I don't even talk to, know all that well, or even care about (but added on facebook because I would've felt bad for ignoring it).
I am new to google+
add me to your circle or....something(: lol
Hello +jena soto. :)
If you add a photo to your profile, you will find more success in adds. If you look around we use a variety of photos as a manner of expression.
What image expresses you?
and I am a beginner and google won't find any better advert for google+!! :-)
So good infact i just started this side n by this blog atleast i know lot more things to operate g+.
Thanks for the tips. Great post.
Thanks. I got some good advise out if this post. 
Thanks, great tips for a beginner like me!
You just turned on the light for me on how Google+ works. Thanks :D
Thanks that was very helpful I just started google+ this week!
CJ Carr
Sorry, I can't imagine actually living my REAL life and also circling 300 people. I have chosen a select few who I either enjoy their philosophy of life or find their posts interesting/educational or amusing. 300 is too much gunk to read through with any time for thought or emotion.
Thank you very much for this post! A friend and myself were discussing Google+ and how to properly use it and you've done a great job of explaining that in plain English. I will be sure to share this post with my friend. I am looking forward to growing and learning and connecting with Google+.
Wow that was the best explanation of google+ I've read . Thanks for giving me the confidence to explore a little more
Another great way is to put together a really useful and helpful post like this one to get people to add you to your Circles. Well done!
Best tips if have seen thus far, very good job indeed.
Hmm thanks ~~i'm new and havent a clue lol
I'm Still A Beginner At Google+.
Thanks! Your words explain a lot more than the sign up. 300 seems high to me a newborn, I have 25 and I am learning slowly.
At first, I did try to convince a few of my friends on Facebook to get a Google+. Nobody did, but then I thought, "Facebook's never been that important to me. I talk to my Facebook friends in real life more often than check my stream or post." I began to realize that Google+ is more for connecting with people with interests like yours, even if you don't know them yet. That's why it's caught my interest and makes me want to use it. 
+Betty Stackpole the reason why I suggested 300 is because you'll get to experience the community somewhat in full that way. The more people you circle the more you branch out. If you are here to engage and would like users to be active on your posts leaving thoughtful insights or opinions then the best way to get to that point is by expanding your social reach. These suggestions arent for everyone. Some people here are happy with a few people circled, and there's nothing wrong with that.

I'm often asked how I get so many people to circle me, and get the comments that I do. I just shared my secrets ;) I hear a lot of people say things like "Google+ is dead, no one comments on my posts, I dont see anything interesting here." It's those users who I wrote this post for, and anyone else who is curious about how engagement works. If you want people to come to you, you need to go to them first so they know you exist ;)

Do what you're most comfortable with :) Take baby steps if needed. These were just some suggestions not rules as to how everyone here uses or should use Google+.
Great write up! I loved the part about waiting for Facebook friends/family. They don't know what they're missing.
Very enlightened perspective. Thank you for sharing.
That's a really interesting post. It had never occurred to me to use Google+ like that. I'll give it a go. BTW, do you really spell clique like tbat in the US?
tat really helps alot THANK YOU alot 4 da help!!!!
Thank you so very much . im so new here and this helped me alot!.... guess i better get to "Engaging" lol
Good tips!!! It made me clear that the differents between Google+ and Facebook.
Hey do you remember me jojo I havnt seen you in firever how r things going
These are really good tips, now only if I could get these to my actual friends. They refuse to even look away from FB for a second to give this a chance.
Well done and vital information for any G+ User...especially the new folks crossing from the sorry pastures of Facebook! Welcome aboard folks, eventually the others will get it!
Thank you so much I was starting to think google+ was just wasting space on my phone haha.
I am fairly new would like to add people BUT can I do it from a my smartphone?
Thanks for the great tips! I am just starting Google+ and wonder how to get started. Thanks a lot.
Any friends I have over about 50 are friends I neglect. This is more like tips to be popular on Google+. I just want life sharing re-thought for the web.
+Steven Spencer : yes, you can add people to from your smartphone. what mobile OS you have ? android or iOS?
I have not subscribed for this rubbish, please stop sending it or I will change my email account.
What an absurd instruction! Just go away now . . .
Yes this whole thing is new.But I'll try.

I will trry to use this program as an alternative to socializing in a real liife setting now due to the fact that I'm surrounded be a bunch of imbecils who's only objective is to slander and send money back to their respective places of origin. Most of them are illiterate....
If I or most of the people I know came to G+ for the first time, and we wanted something simple to explain to us what is going on, and we saw this post, there is a good chance it would not have begun to be read through. I've been on facebook long enough to know it well, and I wouldn't even read a bunch of paragraphs to learn anymore about even it, much less a network I'm very new to and probably skeptical about. I know I can't speak for just anyone or everyone, but it's still true. We need more visual, simple, strait to the point approaches for keeping G+ presented as simple and not complicated.
Thanks, Michelle! Very comprehensive guide. +1
Thankyou so much! I always have to learn everything the hard way.. I love you Google! Thankyou very much for many a lesson.. How can I ever repay? Xxx
not sure I agree with 1 or 2, but the other, yes. Its quality not quantity. I've also never found anything of great interest in Hot Pics that appeals to me. Id rather find my posts than be force fed them. ;-)

However, great post with good tips for everyone +Michelle Marie
my the other googleplus account was suspended. It contains basically nothing. Not sure what's the problem. sigh....
When I click on view options after your article what does "view ripples" mean?
I found this to be very helpful. Its seems like alot. I dont have alot of spare time. I have people that have added me to their circles.. I need to now make time for them... This posts has really helped me out and trying to figure it out by myself.. Thank you.
Great thought, I've been g+ing about 1 month and circles around 40 people, as +Michelle Marie say expand yourcurrcle to about 300, it's indeed true because sometime i see the same post keep repeating, kinda bore.
And 2nd is to post good content i think this is tougher than the 1st part.
Anyway i really live g+ lot more than,fb.
Great post, Michelle, thanks! You are right about everything, sharing original stuff, getting circled because of comments on other pages, giving it time and so on.

Getting comments on own posts is also a cultural thing - some people(s) are simply more talkative than others. I recently had some doubts about posting sth. about Italy on a holiday (as in 'people offline'), but 200 comments later I was obviously proven wrong. :))
Ok, I'm probably going to sound stupid for asking this but how will I be able to find this post again incase somebody comments? 
Impressive stuff. Only started on here properly this last week - I like the possibilities but am yet to grow my friend base ( as I had no idea how to!!!!)
Great Post, very helpful
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