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Good morning Google+'ers, I made you breakfast! Pancake pops filled with peanut butter and chocolate spread. Yum! #foodporn
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çok leziz duruyor tarifini bilen arkadaşalar var mı acaba
<sigh> sometimes I wish there could be an olfactory app.
yummy yum yum schaut sehr lecker aus. Lollipop or bisquit
look so tasty Thank's Michelle i will take other it was sooooo gooood :p
YUM YUM YUM luv it and nice shoot ^_^
I think I'll add a couple slices of banana to mine :)
Jerd Kh
Enjoy Eatting....^_^
How sweet. Care for coffee, tea, or juice?
Crap, my wife just saw this. Guess what I'm making for breakfast!
Just finished eating my pancakes. Wish I would have seen this first!
you will fatten me up_______________
Thanks! now there's dribble running down my chin.
You made me go and make one for myself :P
Max Ho
good morning. nice breakfast. ^^
That looks delicious...I'll take 3
Just made some for my son except he wanted his with jelly instead of chocolate.
Chocolate spread should never be contaminated and should always be eaten with a spoon! :p
Oh...those look awesome. Crap....I'm on a diet.
my God, what beautiful Sin Food, I am looking at....mmmmmmmyummy
+Michelle Marie, this works fine except that every time I get a message my teeth get vibrated.

And yes, I typed this with my tongue.
60+ comments and none asking about bacon? I am disappoint.
wow nice of you Michelle Marie. but its 19:10 here at South Africa
you are good at this #foodporn thing +Michelle Marie . My favorite is still the jello filled strawberries though
wow I'd like to have those for my breakfast!
I'm a bit late for breakfast, but thanks.
el dulce tienes muchas calorías, tal vez no me aguante y termine por comer demás-
Ryan K.
bon appetite mes enfents, bon appetite.
love 2 try any kind of food an strange 2
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