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Boys Table vs Girls Table
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An* awesome story.

^^^ So true!
"A" awesome? That's why I'd rather be at the Girls' table . . .
Yep, that's pretty much it.
The boys are talking about the girls! :o)
The boys table also has the guy who is plotting a prank on the story teller who is obviously vulnerable to such action.
From the boys point of view, it is like that most of the time, but it also happens that it turns out to be like girls table! ; )
@diana Ruynekova weirdly enough the girls table...but only because google is so versatile
hmm.. ok, but sometimes even google cant be so much versatile as one really girls table ;))
I think, It shows that girls have more communicative skills than boys in nature.
Yes a perfect analogy.....and women wonder why we get lost :D
So true and I get dizzy when witnessing Girl's table pattern.!
That's a whole lot of madness going on there
If I drew this, I would have all of the arrows on the boy's table pointed towards the girls table, except the guy telling the story.
1. Very cute. Reminds me of the difference in stories my daughter tells vs. the ones my son tells at the dinner table.
2. Bill G your last name is wireless? How forward thinking of your ancestors.
3. AN awesome story.
4. See #1.
But what small dark and unknown room is the 'table' located?

Does the' table' accept new ideas in universal research?
+Mark Bradford When I joined G+ last July, it was still very small and I didn't know where it was going. I have two businesses and did not want the clients in one business to feel they were 2nd place to the other business. So I have two profiles on G+ with the hopes of keeping businesses separated. Mostly use this one however. I haven't used the other profile after the first couple of weeks.
I agree... shiny object vs. organized chaos. I visited my son at school for lunch yesterday. ...though the girl's table right next to us was left trashed.... interestingly the boy's table was mostly clean.
+Bill G wireless I have two as well. G+ Was not yet available for Google Business Aps users, so I had to create this account first. They have yet to produce the merge/migration tool so i still have two. And yes, i figured it was something like that. :-)
As I recently mentioned to many friends, and it was especially young women friends on Facebook that announced that they were leaving Facebook due to its emotional ranting atmosphere; and that they might consider Google+ as a 'breathe of refreshing new air place' that draws a much more useful purpose and intellectual following; and that this includes both men and women alike.
I likened it to, 'It's as if you left the ghetto street antics of Facebook and came back to the new living environment of a great University lecture to glean and learn from at Google+".
+Mark Seibold Oh no, you mean Facebook people are coming over to G+? Damn, there goes the neighborhood.
Liz T
I can't express how true this is.
How true. How you women can carry multiple conversations at once is beyond me.
Jeremy, et all + “Trolling as an Art”: I'm not sure trolling is really as much an 'art' as rather much more an 'online addiction' for many who are otherwise disconnected, to instead feel that they belong to the discussion through ‘trolling’ in no more than a virtual e-world. In researching the term “Trolling", I just found this interesting definition of ‘ad hominem vs. ad feminam’ that many may find will precisely define some of the views in this discussion of ‘boys vs. girls tables’- *See the paragraph starting down the Wiki page at 'Conflict of Interest- Ad Feminam >

*Also, I found that when I offered a solar research-grade telescope on public sidewalks for the past ten years as a public ‘Social Process’ experiment, and also to schools, that women were more interested and had the more interesting responses to observing than men did. Listen to these 15 minutes of excerpts out of the overall hundred hours accumulated. I handed the audio-mic to a young lady to ask the questions while I left briefly to attend my parking, later to find that a woman asking might generate a different image and responses. [Imagine if we all went out to interview real people live in a real scientific social setting, rather than just in internet chat here.] She starts at ‘10:10 minutes’ on the Time Bar, but finally asks the same question exactly as I had after several thousand times, (as I instructed her to take over to do this while I was gone for awhile) > MarkSeibold InterviewsWithPublic_SidewalkAstronomy10,000MileRoadTrip_6WeeksInMay-June2000
Bill G Wireless + No, no, I don;t think it will happen like that. Imagine all the street antics in the Facebook e-ghetto blocks. Try to go out into the ghetto and announce publicly that "All the intellectuals are down the street in the University Lecture Halls of Google+, so why don't you low-brows all go there and participate?" You know that most will just stay in the street and play on the Facebook e-ghetto blocks. It's like the old Dorothy Parker line- "You can Lead a 'Horticulture'. . .but you can't make her think"
because girls can follow more than one thing at once. lol
Ugh. I am so sick of seeing sexist gifs and images and cartoons on google+. I'm a girl. I listen to awesome stories. I debate statistics and theology. I don't talk about hair, or shoes, and rarely talk about feelings or parents. I, along with pretty much every other person at the highschool I work at (students included) sit at a coed table. I'm tired of seeing pictures claiming that girls are brainless twits. I'm tired of seeing images that suggest all we care about is clothes. It's not okay to post crap like this. It's sexist, it's not funny, and making posts like this and claiming they're funny only creates an environment where it's considered socially acceptable to belittle women.
there should be at least one daydreamer or apathetic guy.
+Hannah Grimm You seem to think sexist remarks are only made of women? Guys don't always just listen to one story or person. This is a stereotype, which is why its funny to some people.
False equivalency Matthew. Sexism affects both genders, but overall, women lose a lot more than men do from it.
Well, i will never know what its like to be a woman, but yeah, i have to agree, there are a lot more sexist stereotypes against women than men.
Umm.. this isnt really sexist, sexist is saying that you're (stupid, lazy, etc.) because you're a woman
so the true is sexist?
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