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Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting on White Space
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hee hee! Happy little white space
+Sean Badoud I don't always make people spit out their beer, but when I do its for a good cause!
Happy little #whitespace ?
So, is that magic #whitespace he's using, or is it titanium #whitespace ?
I just hope #whitespace doesn't become #spamspace
I was not aware of whiteness until...
"that whitespace there... that'll be our little secret"
This is by FAR the best use of whitespace to date.
Kinda surprised there isn't a happy little tree somewhere in the foreground of the white space.
btw : when you come to germany - Bob Ross is on the bavarian tv channel somewhen in the middle of the night ...
awesome! Can't you here him "Let's put in some little bit of white here, beautiful little shapes, right there, see how easy it is to do, and a little cosy white there, just let it go, let it happen..." ;)
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