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Yay! I'm a blonde again! Now I have something to blame my stupid moments on and nobody will think much of it. Oh blonde hair... How I missed thee!
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OMG Your hair looks so cute! :) It's definitely YOUR color
We definitely have to talk about this on my Hangouts On Air Reunion Special for #7Questions . Are you cammed-up yet? :)
just in time for summer. :) Looking good :)
go yu, it is true what they say, blonds do have all the fun...:) in they own special way..;) yu do look nice tho...
you look good Michelle, but I did like your dark hair. Either way still pretty. =)
well done...was it difficult? My wifee returned to her blond roots after being a redhead for about a year and it was quite the process...
Hey, where are the rastas? I'm a bit disappointed! ;)
It looks good on you. Ditch the hat.
Andy F
looks great!
Yes, I'd have to say, and I speak from experience, blondes really do have more fun. Enjoy!
I was a blond through my 20's you can tell my age in photo's by by my hair color. Pretty much as soon as I turned 30 I went back to brunette. Oh, and you look cute either way +Michelle Marie !
:o this is what a hair colour change does? i guess i might get mine done next...:D haha just messing! 
just recently got blond highlights. and i love them!
Check you out! Looking awesome.
look great.! Good day..
I love this guy! ---> +michael mills (he asked me if going from brown to blonde was difficult) lol. I'm impressed... a man wanting to discuss the technicalities of hair bleaching ;)

No it wasn't difficult, I've been doing my own hair for well over ten years. The only thing that's a real pain in the ass is bleaching my roots when they start to grow in (cant see the back of my head easily). I hated doing it so much I just went dark so I didnt have to bother with it. I hate paying someone to do something I can do myself... Sometimes I'd rather not do something than pay someone else to do it especially when they can never get it right.
Woah nice change :) welcome to the light side :)
Ever thought of experimenting with red hair? I can see you as a redhead, and I likes what I sees :P
+Michelle Marie true, though when it does the transition is quite "smooth" (red > brown) where blonde leaves a stark contrast when the roots grow back in.
Amy O
Love, love, love. Great pic! Now I want blonde hair :)
yeh friend ,you speak portuguese, I speak a little english ,I am brasilian and you is american
yo just give me hair....any you have yours cut, have the hairdresser mail it to me, so they can glue it on my
if I had not kiss or hug ceases to be blonde oh you are beautiful not to be ... because you're beautiful as you want and is very difficult to discover one like your> god bless
I thought you looked great with dark hair, but I think even better with blonde! 
I must report that this "home" is not appropriate to some images. Muy linda.
If the point was to show us you're blonde again, why wear a cap? Still nice blonde hair. =)
oooh porque si solamente decimo en realida lo que ella es
A lot of books there anything interesting?
+Michelle Marie There must be someone you know that has the same problem, can't see the back of her head, but needs to bleach roots. Have you considered a bleaching swap?
We know blond is just an act so you can get dum men to do what you want facker all men are suckers for a pretty lady
+Michelle Marie yay dyed glass ceiling? :p

That being said, it always takes a bit to decide if you like a new look..but it's not bad!
im not impressed by hair??! Thats stupid, but if a lady wants to make an effort that dont include surgery to to change apperance, im all for it. but then im not bitter or judgemental or suffered rejection to the level that i have to make a negetive remark.
I don't know... I'm still a fan of brunettes.
LOL- Thanks for the +K and listing today- Hope you have a great night
No one will know except for ALL of us. Taking bribes now.
"Situational Intelligence"? LOL ")
It made your smile bigger and your boobs huge. Those are pluses. ;p
It's really how it makes you feel that matters the most, Michelle. I do like it though.
You are hot both ways but much like Lady are a little hotter with brown hair.....hey just my opinion.
And for the record you are much better looking than Lady Gaga.....just sayin.
Gee only 222 comments... what wrong with everyone... she NEVER shares pictures like this. Nice shot +Michelle Marie one of these days I think you should let me take a few for ya. Good seeing you again.
Yikes, love it. Up till now I have only visualised you in B&W - long live the avatar! :-)
Looks Good with that hat as well. Almost GI Jane style :D
Very Sunny Shinny Healthy Bright Perfect Beauty :) All The Best :)
hi Marie, u looking so cute and beautiful.......
+Lamarr Wilson a Fruit Loop wont fit on my finger. I could stretch a Gummy Life Saver to fit though! Red one please....
You're credibility has been compromised!
Von Aso
u looking like my nighboor she's single mom :D
Unfortunately, you look like a lot of women now...
wowwww u look so amazing. very nice like a chocolat lol
really love u the way u shine my sweetie
That's deceptive, your working on being underestimated.
I See many books in the shelves behind of you.....I am curious: What kind of books you prefer
+Ettore Gallareto free ones :) most of them were given to me by a friend who moved into a smaller place and had to trim 1/4 of her book collection. I have around 450 or so books packed in boxes in my garage that I have no room for until I get more bookshelves. I'm in the process of building a massive home library lol ;)

Not all of those books would be something that I would find interest in reading but I do read them when I get sick and tired of staring at the Internet. Books I enjoy: true crime (my favorite), technology, new age, biographies, science fiction, and theoretical physics (second favorite). Most have a hard time keeping my attention long enough to finish them but that never stops me from wanting to keep diving in more books :)
You could be bald and a member of or the President of the Hair Club For Men & Women, and you'd still be beautiful. The blonde looks great though. You look very nice!
your kukadla very nice (kukadla its eye :-) )
Hi, you are realy lovely, i love youand your style, plz feed ne back
Tjenare Michelle Marie men vilket
MycketSexxxxxxxxxxxxxxigbild det är på Michelle Marie säger Henrik och
Du har okscå MycketFinaÖgon.Med
många hälsningar ifrån Henrik men om Michelle vill skriva ett gmail till
Henrik då så ska ju Michelle skriva detta som är
plus ett foto utav Michelle om hon har
U look so hot and sexy?:) 
deliciosamente hermosa. un beso....Jose
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