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How To Get Your Facebook Friends Over To Google+

This is a question nearly everyone new to Google+ asks, even myself shortly after signing up. The answer? You can’t.

The reason you’re here, or one of the reasons you’re here is because you were in search of a new experience. Maybe you got tired of Facebook, maybe you were just bored and needed something fresh, or maybe you’ve just become so irritated with Facebook you said “screw it! I’m leaving!”. What ever the case you came here for a reason even though you might not know what that reason is. If your Facebook friends and family are enjoying their experience right where they are you can’t expect them to move. They need their own reasons, not just your reasons even if they are great reasons.

I’ll attempt to explain it in a way that everyone can understand. Let’s assume for a moment that you live in Chicago and all your Facebook friends and family also live in Chicago. You’re bored, so bored you want a change. An idea comes to mind to move to Miami, the weather is warmer, the culture is different, and best of all there’s a topless beach! Okay… that’s not one of your reasons, we have no topless beaches in Google+. At any rate you pack up all your belongings and head to Florida. Before you’re completely settled in you realize that you’re a little out of your element. You don’t quite fit in yet, things may seem a little alien to you. Naturally you get a little homesick. Not homesick from Chicago but homesick being away from your comfort zone and interacting with people you trust and care for. So you call your friends and family explaining how wonderful Miami seems and try talking them into making the move also. But they refrain, not because they don’t believe you that Miami’s a nice place to live, but because they don’t have strong enough reasons to move. They’re quite comfortable in Chicago. And so you try to make the best of the situation and get out a little, you stroll through the streets and window shop. You see the potential of Miami but feel alone; you want to experience it with people you know.

Here’s the thing, even if you could get all your Chicago friends and family to make the move your experiences in Miami would be no different than the experiences you had in Chicago. Here’s why. The only thing different would be your environment, not your experiences. Hanging out with your Chicago friends in a bar in Miami would only mean that the room you were sitting in was different. Your conversations would be the same and your connections would be the same, in fact not much would change at all. After a while that Miami bar will feel exactly like a Chicago bar. You’re right back where you started!

Solution? Get out of your Miami beachfront condo and meet new people! Make new experiences in a brand new environment. Mingle! Talk to a to people on the beach, if you’re an artist walk into an art gallery and make friends with people who share your love for art. Find people who have the same interests as you and get to know them. It won’t take long for you to realize you don’t need your Chicago friends and family to have a good time in Miami. Actually, after a while you’ll be glad they are there and you are somewhere different since you're breaking free has opened up a whole new world for you. When your Chicago friends and family get so sick and tired of shoveling waist deep snow every winter there’s a very good chance they’ll book a short vacation to Miami and check things out. Warm weather and nice people will sure catch their attention, who knows maybe they’ll pack up that U-Haul and make the move. Until then, build your own experiences and don’t depend on others to build them for you. You'll thank yourself for it later, trust me.
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There's a topless beach here?
great question ....

but the ans is

through the mouse...
More engagement over here on g+, far as can tell.
I think most people figure that out right after joining g+. After a while it's like why even bother trying to get your friends here when it's so much fun already.
Nail on the head! This is perfect.
Do we really want the majority of facebookers on G+?
Facebook is tired and silly compared to G+. Very easy move.
I would just add one more word: "I have moved on"
Thing I love about G+ is what is not here:
1. Self-affirming quotes in picture form.
2. 'Copy to your status if you agree'.
3. 2/3 of my graduating class from high school.
Great analogy. I pretty much gave up, although I don't put full albums of pics up on FB anymore. I'll put one pic up and a link to the album on G+. I'm done putting the same pictures up on facebook that I put up on google+, and the google+ interface is so much easier to work with for pictures!
+David Taylor actually those picture quotes are here. Keep doing what you're doing and maybe you wont see them ;) lol.
plz exp;ain shortly i can not raed all !
i really dont know whats in here, im feelin low
I don't really care to know what someone I went to high school with is eating for breakfast.
You can't get your friends to join because G+ is not Facebook. The biggest mistake you can make is comparing it to Facebook just because it's a social network. People are pretty dumb these days but they're adept enough to realize quickly that these two products are vastly different. G+ is much more like twitter sans the character limit.

A lot of users I know on Facebook are only interested in people they know personally while I find that G+ is more or less (in current state) about discovering others that you do not yet know but appear interesting.

I also find Facebook far more fun to troll.
You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him +1 it
+Michelle Marie so you're saying we should treat people & communities online like communities & people IRL? That's ridiculous ^_^
I never had a FB account. I sometimes looked at some friend hanging at FB, and it seemed dull to me. To talk nonsense, I prefer to talk nonsense face to face. Then came G+, and I must admit, at that time I felt a bit of an outcast without FB, but I had chosen to be that kind of outcast. So I said "ok, let's give G+ a try, and hope it's something interesting". And since my circles were tiny at first, it went dull for some time. But as I started finding people around that post interesting things, it's growing better every day. I could lure a few friends that use FB here, but only because they also enjoy sharing interesting things.

I still find that some improvements must be done in order to make it a better place. To be able to nest comments (comments on comments) is a must to keep conversations together, and I hope we can have that here soon.
I think the best part about this analogy is that it takes about 2 seconds to get from Chicago to Miami and you don't even need to buy a plane ticket ;)
Sorry but I'd rather leave all my constantly moaning friends on FB and leave G+ moan this comment if u agree 😄
I started here. I always thought FB was for teenagers and grandmothers. Of course this is not true, but that thought kept me from signing up. I'm glad to be here and my invitation to friends is: "If you ever decide to try Google+, look me up."
Thank you for making an astute observation, Michelle.
wlcm d change in life......!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Michelle Marie .. You can lead the horse to water but you cant make the bastard drink! ..
I tried & only a few came over to g+. The beauty of human nature is that it is so predictable .. People resist change (the path of least resistance). I moved to g+ primarily for work reasons & the fact im just curious when it comes to all things technology. Not everyone is like that & thats cool. No matter how u sugarcoat g+ to others, the fact remains most people dont like change. Im here for my own reasons as is everyone else here .. Ive found some amazing people & minds in g+ which in facebook i would have never met, yourself included.
Should my friends never join g+ is fine by me. As the saying goes .. Its not the desination .. But the journey that keeps us going. Ultimately we because we all share the same idea .. To continue the journey .. Not settle for a destination ..
Miami is a dangerous place when your on the street, a social pariah, or unable to fend for yourself. Your analogy is very insightful and seems apt. Following you recently I realized that trying to become familiar with who you are by reading your posts has given me perspective on social networks and google+ that still confuses me and makes me feel like I'm experiencing culture shock in a new environment. It makes me want to run back to my beach front condo and hide, never posting a thing. The adage stems from the meme, "Women, as much as you try you will never understand them.." This is a rather sexist meme, that hopefully isn't true but I find it apt. apt again what is it with apt. You said, let me create and anaology, that I think everyone will understand what I really wonder though is whether the man in It's a Beautiful Mind would be comfortable outside of Stanford, or Harvard (which was it?). You may not get what I'm alluding to, but his theory that all information is interrelated and can be modeled mathematically is not as crazy as many people dismissed it as, and the dynamics of social aggregation and such is what the old google engine attempts to model. It is exciting, tempting and amazing, but a little dangerous if you like to be a mole.
That's ok buddy we all have our own views..but when I browse FB I see constant moaning and twitter style status updates and to be honest I don't think they could use G+ without any type of profanity updates 😄
Definitely agree - I'm really sick of these idiotic FB farmville texts notifying me someone has a 'request' or they've watered my crops LMAO. Message to sender - FYI . . . I don't have any f**k*ng crops because I've got a life and I'm not a cyber farmer with too much time on my hands! And maybe your not the kinda 'friend' I wanted to stay cyber linked with (Jackass) I think facebook is like social SPAM with these things and I look forward to G+ hopefully a USEFUL product created by adults not some mastermind geek with a brilliant idea that's now a f**k*ng billionaire - maybe he'll create the next big product: the Facebook friends EXPORTER! LOL
i use the FB account just to have images for my contacts... i like G+ way more and probably will stick with it
Sven H.
FB, G+ – two different paradigms. I think we are going to wage war againts each other in near future. Lilke catholics and protestants. And at the end will myspace triumph. Amen.
It's about an evolution of yourself and you environment.
I agree im here because of school assignment. Im sure I would have found out eventually but your post gave me a good sense of why to keep utilizing this format. Thank you for that. ; )
I search for topless beaches in the g+ bar and instead get insightful commentary. Oh g+ you so funny!
+Michelle Marie, this is pretty much the exact tack I've taken with Google+. I've met so many great people here, many of whom I now legitimately consider friends, that I don't worry too much about talking other people into moving here on my account. That's not to say that my sense of compassion doesn't kick in to want them to get to experience the wonder of G+, but I no longer do it for the selfish reason of wanting my "friends" to be over here with me.
It's not for everybody... only a few of my family or fb friends would appreciate the kind of interaction here.
G+ is already attracting the people that make it great. There is no need to coerce, it's doing a great job on its own.
I enjoyed your thinking on this but wow that topless beach - now that would be the place for serious deep thought.
amazing post, I really agree with your insights on how different social webpages should also include different relationships
Great post!! Exactly what I am going through right now and its a tough change but I am excited to see where Google takes me, even if I came alone :-(
I like both so I just go back and forth enough said ....WDE
I can agree with what you say. I would prefer to keep face book away from here, maintain the higher level of conversation. Facebook, seems to have become a media for promoting ones self rather than to be informative on topics of interest.
Anyone else buy plane tickets to Miami just now? haha. I never tried to convince anyone about coming to G+ besides 1 person the rest of my friends don't even know i have a G+
both Fb and google, I'm not influencing my friends on google..
+Michelle Marie The problem is that people are afraid of change. Change is really hard for some people. To change is to progress and not be afraid of what change can mean to you. And some people can not handle it.......AS Alfred E Newman used to say "WHAT ME WORRY"
Hey,I tweet on Twitter,make facetious comments on Facebook,and now,post gobbledegook on Google+.I copy and paste from here and my other two media can be connected.Simples.
so simple....frm fb to i hv nt yt moved....still using fb....
Interesting point of view Michelle, i do agree with you !
I got sick and tired from Facebook, no security with stupid people, than i discover G+ ! So wonderfull, circles, interface, colours, biography, games .. etc. Also there's more interesting people out here, even if it would be good to have our friends here, it's also good to get some new friends here
doesn't matter the country you are ! google is global ! virtual intergalactic world ! welcome !
Ohhh lui il dit ça parce que y'a pleins de Francais sur G+ hein Vincent... But i do agree with you, G+ is global, it's important to know people all over the world and to exchange our culture with them
Each 'brand' of Social Media' has it's own merits and caters for different age and social groups.I am new to Google+ but find it great for News and 'Quirky' items;My Twitter is dominated by teenagers,but 'follow me,I follow back' is as addictive as any vice,and finally my Facebook reunited me with my old Schoolfriends,with whom I share chat/banter,You Tube and even personal details I wouldn't share with my family.Embrace all I say.
Google+ have great facility.. ...but Facebook still more popular ...
There are things I'll say, or post on FB, and there are things I'll say, or post on G+. Sometimes I'll post on both. Right now, it's not an "either or" thing. There are people that I "hang out" with on FB that don't want to come over here. That's cool with me. I've posted lot's of old family photos that I've restored on FB. My family loves that. However, I'm seeing, and reading posts here that I would never see on FB, and I like that. This is so cool.
Gosh....and I just moved OUT of Florida.....and back to Neeeeww Joisey!!
I started with MySpace in 08 and realized what a waste of time it was. After reluctantly starting a FB, that site again reaffirms my thought. Both Twitter and G+, I actually do not want any of my friends to join. There's a reason for that and I hope it stays that way.
I love it here. I honestly do not want G+ to devolve to another tired social network.
Google plus posts are definitely deeper thoughts, not a variation of facebook.
Too many stalkers on facebook, I need to how to move them on the DL instr...
Makes sense Michelle ! Thanks for sharing !!
Like the reasoning.. now where are the circles and buds to hang with? Let's all meet for a beer, eh? ;^]
This will come in super-handy - thanks!
id sure like to share this with my FB too bad i cant copy and paste. ooh nevermind. just found the link to this post wheeeeeeee.
Yes well said.
I just spent hours trying to move contacts to no avail.
Now I have a Yahoo account (with all my facebook contacts on it) that I will never use.
In my idea, g+ is good for all who wants to refresh his mind.
i just love this!

i always compare FB to a work place lunchroom and G+ to the bar.
at are so limited. conversation is usually about work and maybe, family.
at the bar, you make a friend in the bathroom, a friend while getting another beer, a friend while your friend is in the bathroom and you talk to the person next to you, a friend while you go out to smoke. you just chat. and it's random. and it's really kinda fun :)
Best answer to this popular question.
Awesome response! I never thought of it like that! Thanks for helping with such good insight!! :)
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