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300,000 Mile Per Hour Solar Plasma Tornado

For a 30 hour spell on Feb 7-8, 2012 the Solar Dynamics Observatory captured a plasma tornado travelling across the Sun’s surface at speeds estimated to be around 300,000 mile.

Not only is the speed mind blowing but keep in mind that this tornado is the size of our Earth and has a temperature of 15,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Why do the embedded youtube videos come with a non-skippable ad, but if you watch it on youtube there is no ad. I thin video posts should just include the youtube link without embedding it (unless there are people out there that enjoy the ads LOL).
wellcome to the universe(jungle)
Fantastic scenery,....but What is the effect for the earth ?????
universe(i like too) isn´t friendly and undertandly
Wow! I was going to say Cool, but that seemed somehow inappropriate. :-) Thanks for sharing, +Michelle Marie.
OMG the Mayans are right, see what happens when the guy who was writhing the Mayan calendar told his boss , screw this I will stop 2012!
Not to worry , the planet is covered in water mostly so in order to survive just learn to swim!!
9.5 months to go, plenty of time to learn and master swimming.
Michelle Marie...that is bad ass!!!!
Zomg! If a solar plasma tornado is like that, I dont want to know what a solar plasma tsunami would be like...well... I WOULD love to know, to be honest. hehe
That is the most awesome thing I've ever seen. And, the fact that I get those videos on my Iphone from the SDO app, 3d sun, really makes this the age all the science fiction writers wrote about when i was a kid.
I really liked this video, it shows that particles are fighting against every other particle. I think it is funny there is weather on the sun, and in space.
My science teacher is always says after each lesson,

" Now you can appreciate the universe for more then just a never ending darkness "
not necessarily, it would be more interesting if there wasn't just darkness
I disagree at our current state of evolution we need sleep, and I sleep much more comfortable in the dark.
not total light, just the darkness needs to be filled with planets, stars, and all the things scientist dont know of yet.
I don’t think so - light only goes186,000 mi/sec!
Wow! Worth seeing several times. thanks for sharing Michelle Marie.
OMG so cool never knew science could be that interesting
amazing to see what wonders is out there.
это завораживающее зрелище, чувствуешь себя мурашкой на фоне природных катаклизмов!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is awe inspiring!!! And a little scary to!
Tak todle jsou nádherný záběry..
What's with the wind sounds? Can't hear that in space. OK. I'm being picky. Used for drama. I just keep seeing this sound-in-space thing a lot. Star Wars got it wrong. Even JPL is guilty of adding sounds in space on their animations! Shame on them for validated this common myth.
There are no words to describe how awesome that is .. some of the other vids on the site are amazing .. Lightshow in space
what is generating it?
Why that specific speed?
thank you so much for the solar tornado,very cool
It's nice that we have the technology to see things that we could only guess at before.
yes that,s awesome god save our planet
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