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Porno-ish Liquid Plumber Commercial FTW!
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That was TRULY a great piece.....

of advertising.
I guess I should have been a plumber....
Ward A
I lay pipes
Ward A
ROFL this is awesome.
Thanks for the great Friday 'piece!' Love it!
That commercial cracks me up every time I see it!
heheh. never seen that one before. :)
my god i never thought you women thought like that at a drain cleaner
Nerdy Librarian chick fantasy .. check
Dodgy 70's background music .. check
Barry White imitator .. check
Cheesy porn tradesmen come to fix your plumbing script .. check

.. I think it satisfies the criteria for pron!
lol so did this commercial actually get played on the air?
What's drains got to do witrh it?
I have to say this commercial is pretty hot
Took me a surprisingly long time to determine that the girl is played by Jessica Makinson.
to think most people make fun of plumbers and their cracks
my kind of commercial. lol
everyone needs clean pipes hahahahahah
hahahaha whoa ! you made my day! + Michelle Marie
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