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Shit I Would Say #quotes
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Go Girl Go.Lady's are allway's right,even when there wrong-ish.!!!
"But if I agree with you then we'll both be wrong."
ah ah ! ok As the mistress orders! ;)
Another favorite, "The people that think they know everything really annoy those of us who do"
haha i dissagree.just kiddin wat to disagree bout?
somebody once said: "you are entitled to your own misinformation"
good. but in our society if you don t agree in every thing they said become enemy to them
Why married men are 'conditioned' to say, "Yes ma'am". :)
Soviet remark methinks - next stop the gulag hospital clinic for re-education? Tim
I try not to be sarcastic it's comes naturally!!! May just piss some people off lol.....
Something I'd read on someones shirt.. lol
I resemble that remark...
It's impossible to be right in Comic Sans.
But you alwas try to do it. Have you ever thought that the mistake is on you??... I had.
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