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You're face is bi winning mate.
That's the kind of smart ass answer I would give! lol
Good, GOOD. Let the hate flow through you.
"Lying". The correct usage is "lying in bed".

You are welcome.
Biwinning, also written as Bi-winning, is a Charlie Sheen diagnosis that describes the presence of one or more levels of winning-ness. These elevated levels of winning have no correlation to the depressive episodes of bipolar disorder. According to Charlie Sheen’s research; one must “Win here and win there” to be diagnosed as biwinning.
There you go champ!
You asked me to explain it, so I did mate. Problem solved :)
Look it up in Urban dictatary, it's a legit answer. You're just some kind of person that soon as they're proved wrong they claim it's dodgy. You might wanna work on being abit more tolerant buddy o' pal.
Deep stuff bro, should make a book on it.
-show me?
-too dark...
-I don't care...
--------------------------------------------------a hahha...
ok but who are you and why is Google+ desperate enough to call this 'hot content'?
a smart hot chic....if you ever get interested in physics applied to HVAC hit me up
how perverted of u!!! u do realize that kids go on this website. i could report u- but im too nice
PERVERTS!!!!!!!!!!! u actually enjoy this stuff???
Fat chicks get mad no one ask them for a nice pic or what they are doing....
If I had a nickle for every time a guy asked.... :-)
What are you doing?
I'm on google+
Why no one can see you!
I don't care
hahaha "it's dark" lol :)
wow that's funny lol !?!?!?
That's so clever! :) lol
That is just gross! only people who are desprate to get laid say that to each other!!! srry just saying
Funny as hell good one too.
HAHAHAHAHA wait how do i know you?
so funny & lol hahahaha
i hate sexting i mean if its really someone special then do it in person but really at the age of a teenager and when you not married you think you love him or her well guess what people you don't because love its unexplainable....... believe me....... its just not worth it!!!!!!!
you don't care about each other? Why do you do this shit public? You don"t deserve my attention.
Well, actually, he (supposing he is a male) just had a conversation with a white naked bar. I would date her, because she can fly.
The guy with the gray bubble sounds like a petifile
lv lv
kidding me
That questioner is definitely a guy. :)
Ellie M
really weird, child
wang j
I don't care! LOL
hmmm nice dark photo...............
Thats something neww.......................
this was reddit, like 2 days ago.
be funnier if he was like 'Oooo baby' anyways.
@Michelle i'm sorry but that's funny lol lol lol
i know right. finally- someone is mature
Omg!! that is so funny1 cant believe that happend
a smart way to tease someone.. wkwkwkwkw
Right click, save as... Open in Photoshop, adjust the lighting, thank me later.

OP, you know, the camra records things your eye cant see and but its in the file data, you know that, right? Cheers!
ha ha may be in the future!
I do hope Allan is with you
zev Jew
lol cool is anyone here playing gangs of boomtown
Eric Xu
lol it's dark
what marie whos conversation this ,,
i can still see the breast!!
+Brian Santana Thank goodness for the 'flag as inappropriate' button. You're a real class act.
cmon' dont have flash in your camera phone?
HAHAHAHA! nice one Michelle.
Kevin K
she's got dark skin
lbj 24
Turn on the lights....yay...
can u turn on the light now! hahaha...
I we ish I could see throgh that dark
vbin Zh
Smart answers!
Thats what happens every time i ask my girl friend for a nude pic
muki wu
just one word say : lol
Dev Sen
it's dark where ??
boo Jay
I think I see a boobie.
chat wid me and get fun...
hehe is dark
Qi Yin
really dark
how can i make u hear my laughter!!!!!
LOL!...imagine that,r both of them female?
I'm trying to understand things, seeing several kinds of light, trying care what I do, staing better day by day and loving peoples, animal, and so on.
Hello I've never been on face book before and I need help
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