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While everyone else is (yawn) complaining about the new design, corny as it sounds I’m actually really excited about it. I’m looking forward to seeing what the extra space will be utilized for.

My hopes – Customizable, repositionable APPS! And lots of them to choose from!

Gmail integration
Page subscriptions
Post pinning! – (hope, hope, hope!)
Updates from posts or users I’m following
Google Docs integration
Ooooh… Google Calendar!
News I’m following
Image gallery

The ideas are endless!! Can’t wait to see what Google has in store for us! Woot!
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We do have some surprises in store :-)
I agree, adding mail and calendar to this new look would help me knock out a few constantly running tabs.
All those ideas sound fantastic!!!
In the midst of all the complaints, it's good to see some positivity. Way to go!
It would be nice to arrange your chat windows there too!
I agree! They always have something up their sleeve. I'm really digging this.....
Nobody likes changes (that they didn't ask for) forced down their throat... :) Then again, Facebook does it all the time and it doesn't seem to have any negative consequences for them, so yeah...
+Jaroslaw Zielinski no, if I'm following a page that I would like to keep tabs on, I'd like to be able to pin that page on my screen so I can keep up with their updates without having to search for their page and leave my profile.
I like the new layout a lot!
Still rooting for Bookmarks integration. Would go well with pinning as well.
Changes are good (mostly) as long as feedback is used sensibly.
The overall look is OK. Performance is boggy. Also the j and k keys do not appear to work in the explore/what's hot tab.
I'm hoping that the users can choose to do all of the above
I would love to see those features added in, but aren't we forgetting the possibility that it will become ad space?
"if I'm following a page that I would like to keep tabs on, I'd like to be able to pin that page on my screen so I can keep up with their updates without having to search for their page and leave my profile" - good idea, now you can do it by create one-page-circle. I think you will want to have kind of shortcut on screen without dig deeper in the interface?
1 of the reason i left fb is its homepage r 2 busy. fb just tried 2 get 2 many stuffs on 1 page. it makes dizzy. the new g+ look gets really close 2 fb.

g+ should follow the android (tree directory) page design. its clean cut and easy 2 follow.
i would LOVE to grab any item from the black bar in a click and drag style and pin it to the open space to close and open as needed.
How about an apps space like on mobile phones where you can toggle between pages? That way there's room for TONS of apps. Maybe with the ability to doc a few apps like on the iPhone, or something to that factor.
If Google set API free some of this will be avaiable. Rembember Wordpress blog system model and its extensions, not mention of tons of design choices (anyone remember when those was called "skins" in WinAmp?).
Yeah! So am I, I would love to have apps for my Ipod, or my phone
pretty boring design. i dont like that huge white space. but whatever, i guess i could put sticky notes like you did earlier.
Yeah my guess is that lots of it will be ad space.
+Jack Reedy Google has lots of ad space --- on

And for those of you who are worried about ads... umm, have you never heard of Chrome extensions that remove ads?
i like the crisp design.easy to use very good google : )
there is lot of free space on screen. still its more useful and looks more smooth.. i hope they will make complete use of the space later..
I like the new design too. I guess Google will use the feedback and make it even better.
I like it. I also like quite a few of Michelle's suggestions (especially pinning posts), but hope it doesn't become too cluttered which would be annoying.
I'd love for my G+ biz page to be more connected with my personal G+ page. It's annoying to have to log out of personal and into biz just to see if there are notifications!
+Michelle Marie Well they put ads places other than like maps and Gmail. I hope they do put ads cuz I own some NASDAQ:goog.
Anyone that thinks this prime retail space will remain white should probably have their heads examined. The moment this area is utilized for api's of any sort they can pretty much give up any hope that it will be the social place they envisioned it to be or that people will want to hang out here and be held captive to it.
There's fixes for this whitespace now Michelle. - However, I'm interested to see what Google has planed for the space.
My two favorite ideas are either gmail integration or the ability to show a second stream made of a circle of your choosing.
for the appearance of google have only praise
whitespace= room for lots of adds,wanta bet!
For real!! i logged on today and was like "What is this beautiful newfangled design!?!"
Adel O
it's cool
yep, like on igoogle, you set it up how you want it.
i like the idea of Docs and calendar....having a gmail app on my G+ home page would totally not suck, either
So basically you want dancing monkeys and myspacian garbage all over the page ? Sounds good as long as I can disable it.

Google = minimalism. That is a key feature for Google in its ongoing battle against facebook and microsoft.
I have noticed that Internet Explorer does not like the new Google+. However, Chrome seems delighted:)
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