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Internet Addiction? Or Social Evolution?

I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind before, “I’m addicted to the Internet”. Stop! You are no more addicted to the Internet than a crackhead is addicted to a crack pipe! The Internet is the tool not the drug. It’s the information highway to our interests, our desires, our hopes, and our dreams. The Internet gives us pleasure; it feeds our imagination, strengthens our knowledge, and connects us to people we share commonalities with all across the world with whom we would not otherwise be able to connect with.

The evolution of socialization.

Robert W. Sussman, Ph.D., a professor of anthropology for the Arts and Sciences at Washington University states that animals and humans benefit from being social and believes supporting evidence exists to back up his claim. According to Dr. Sussman there are two areas of the primate and human brain that are stimulated when we cooperate (socialize) with each other. Dr. Sussman believes we’ve evolved to gain pleasure form socialization through the release of hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin which play a large role in social recognition and trust.  

We must stop and ask ourselves an important question; are we becoming less social or are we becoming more social? I think most of us can agree that we’re defiantly becoming more connected through emerging technologies resulting in new ways we humans interact with each other. Can the expansion of connections between people occur with a decrease in socialization?

Many people will agree that the growth of technology in the last couple decades has lead us to be a lot less social. We’re texting instead of talking, joining Hangouts instead meeting in person, and socializing on virtual networks instead of our local coffee shop with our real world friends and neighbors. But socializing doesn’t have to occur in face to face, person to person, and voice to voice situations for us to continue being social, it’s just become a lot more convenient since the rise of all the wonderful technology gadgets and social media sites that bring us together.

Humans are not retreating away from our nature of being social creatures we’re moving forward evolving into something much bigger and more complex, a place where we feel more socially connected right from the comfort of our own homes, offices, libraries, and smartphones that can be taken just about anywhere and still receive Internet access. The world itself evolved through the process of making things more convenient and efficient. It’s nature finding its way.

Yesterday I rode in the elevator with someone who was fixated on his cell phone just as I was. He looked up at me and said “what would we do without our cell phones?” I thought for a second, “I have no idea”. But later on it dawned on me that we could question the same for just about everything that has become a depending part in our lives. What would we do with out cars, air conditioning, refrigeration, or indoor plumbing if it they were taken away? The only difference now is that we’re from a generation where we didn’t always have cell phones or the Internet. We can look back in a time where things were done in a less convenient and efficient way, but back then it was the most efficient and convenient way of doing things. To take away our cell phones and Internet access would be just the same as taking away the light bulb two decades after Edison invented it.

Change isn’t always viewed as a good thing. Change is often scary when no one knows the direction their heading and every step taken is taken blindly. But to condemn a direction that’s happening naturally would be no different than condemning the evolution of mankind.

Are we addicted to the Internet? Or are we something else - genetically hardwired with pleasure releasing hormones pushing us to invent ways in which we can socially connect in the most convenient and efficient ways possible? It seems to me we’re in the midst of a social paradigm shift rather than an Internet addiction epidemic.
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I think a lot of the time "addiction" is used in place of "habit" +Michelle Marie. Alternately, I guess maybe there are different levels or types of addiction, whether physical or psychological. I will mull this.

Thanks for sharing. :)
Awesome Post. You nailed this and I Love it. Thank You. Great Job.
zz yang
All illusion.
Regular evolutions is a myth. You know we were seeded by aliens and incubated for 5000 years. Aliens gave us the internet part of evolution too. They look like Al Gore if you're wondering.
I just saw something on the news about internet addiction and the issue was actually gaming. The person they interviewed played WoW over 100 hours a week. I am not sure much can be gained from playing WoW, but I have not played it myself. I do know that I gain a lot from the conversations I have online, far more than I do from the people that tell me that I spend too much time online. The people in my life, that say I spend too much time online, tend to watch TV at least as much as I use a computer. When they regurgitate what they watch on TV, I lose a little respect for them since they have not verified any of it. I am not suggesting that inane chatter does not exists on the internet, just that it is not where I devote my time.
I believe too much of anything is not good. Spending endless hours on the internet can never be healthy
As a recovering addict, I am EXTREMELY OFFENDED BY THIS. How dare you compare drug addiction to computer addiction. And people truly can become addicted to using the internet. Get yourself an education. Geesh.
+Michelle Marie that's a fantastic rant/post. I'm always arguing this stuff with one of my friends, maybe this'll get her to follow you ;)

+Michael O'Reilly you are correct in saying that "addiction" is commonly used in place of "habit" but i've always assumed that's just a side-effect of the unknown/fear that +Michelle Marie mentioned in her post, along with a misunderstanding of the medical/technical diagnosis of addiction.
A good perspective, well articulated. This is a place where even some of us Introverts, who might not otherwise, can feel, can be, connected.
+Damilola Oni I didn't say it was healthy. It's just nature taking it's course. And yes, everything should be done in moderation but when it comes to the point where 90% of Internet users claim they have an addiction are we all really addicted or just headed in a new direction?

That's not to say people are not addicted to online games or social networks, I believe a lot of us think we are when maybe we're not. Habits never die, they are just replaced with new ones. Before the Internet we all glued ourselves to the TV, or at least most of us did.
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The addiction thing is really serious, anyone heard about the guy in japan who died in the Gaming Cafe, from a heart attack. He died in the typical Gamer position, hands reaching for mouse and keyboard.. it sad.
Stay away from society and isolation lead to more dangerous than that of suicide
+Karega Anglin Was he addicted or simply a hardcore gamer willing to make the ultimate sacrifice? Personally, I kind of admire his dedication and tenacity...but I am a glass half-full kind of guy. :)
Ie Da
Yeah, I am right there on the right :)
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It will be interesting to see how it all changes when the other options for pumping the internet into your brains happens . Your all ready seeing some of it with the newer smart phones where you can socialize outside of the little black box stuck in a room .
love sitting naked and hunched over at my 90s desktop.
The Internet is what brought in the time in which we live, the information age.
"But to condemn a direction that's happening naturally would be no different than condemning the evolution of mankind" Simply a beautiful and true quote. :)
Whatever can not be made out to the Internet outside of the screen
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nice it true indeed..
There are questions of will it bring a dead end to our evolution . Evolution isnt always beatifically over all and there is always a chance of evolutionary split . There is the question is it false evolution because its a tool and not a genetic ability that is created .
ان نظرية الانسان اصله قرد اخترعها بعض الناس ليتحكموا بمجرى الاحداث في الكون ولكن الله مسخ بعض الاقوام وجعلهم قردة خاسئين جراء معارضتهم لتعاليم الله عزوجل The theory of human origin monkey invented by some people to control their course of events in the universe, but God is some monster tribes and made them apes, despised by their opposition to the teachings of God Almighty
True. Imagine human evolution with smaller or no legs, large fingers (or may be just two thumb) and a very large head !
my dad posted something like this and "dont let this be you"
Omar its a joke... get it? Or did religious brainwashing also destroy your sense of humor?
the next one will be a monkey walking with a ipad lol
yes u are right,in every sense
True.The sad thing is most of us are really using (traditional) hand tools less and less-everything is being fed into or made by a computerised machine. Not much traditional hand craftmanship left in the westernised world.Shopping,payments and banking will be done via smartphones
yes i know that this is reality
nice wondering what might be next
+Michelle Marie Could you point the original text you used for this post, please? I'm interested in this for my doctorate.
funny pic.. .. From animals becomes human.. Before and after..
I think heading toward video based interaction is more likely to push the genetically evolved buttons for releasing hormones. Does this new means of interaction lead to procreation? Or does it reduce the chance of it happening by creating the illusion of interaction by hitting the hormone release button? My guess is people who spend more time on-line will be out-procreated by their counter parts, only time will tell.
+Michelle Marie when I was about eight years old most of us had black and white television sets. I saw John F. Kennedy's assassinated shortly after it happen, I was laying on the floor watching t.v. when Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey. I saw the first moon landing and all the space missions live. I witnessed every major world and national event during the early sixties in black and white and then in "Living Color". We had radios that would almost fit on our pockets. F.M. stations were mostly for news programming. A.M. stations were for music. We had percolator coffee pots. When we re-heated food, it was in the oven or in a frying pan. Automobiles were basic. We had 8 track tapes. Amazing! We had Atari "Pong" and we were all so amazed we could manipulate a small dot on a screen. I purchased my first computer in 1996. It was a small Compaq 64 ram. I had no idea what I'd do with it. I bought a game or two and then I joined CompuServe. I discovered the internet! It was both a blessing and a curse. I taught me so much. But in retrospect, I allowed it to steal time. I think, as a society, we're addicted to progress and sometimes the price we pay is less personal human interaction. I often feel like I'm a time traveler! I recall the simplicity of the past, I live in the complexity of the present, and because of the information highway, I can almost see the complex simplicity of our fast growing future.
this makes sense the monkey can't see anything
Basically, I think technology and the different forms of socialization it creates are good things. However, I think they're a problem when they get in the way of our every day, flesh and blood, relationships. There's something about being totally in-person that makes socialization fully human.
We need more people like you to teach the (unaware) people of actual state of humanity.
GENIAL! No Universo tudo é rotativo. Isto é, tudo chega ao ponto de partida. A vida nasce da morte, cumpre sua rotação e chega à morte. A diferença que a foto apresenta na rotação evolutiva do Homem é que, no seu princípio ele tinha cérebro dentro dele e agora ele tem um trambolo fora dele.
Yea sure, and God put dinosaur bones in the ground as big a global Easter egg hunt.
lol sounds like your usual philosophizing professor dishing out more platitudes... it ain't that deep...
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Not addiction. A new social interface. As capitalist culture comodifies us and restricts the opportunities we trip over to interface with others, e-communities give us the opportunity for social interactiofn ; and bnefits.
It is a nightmare to me as I found out that my husband was secretly n lovingly communicating to women in different countries. He would wake up at odd hrs n ask them "What is the best time to Google chat with them" And now that I he probably made a new account to hide his actions.
Nice&makes sense...With no outside enemies, human mind always drives attention to gain that elusive knowledge & internet is a medium for gaining power.
+Christena Snowden
If you're a recovering drug addict I think you're the one who needs the education. Besides, you must have bigger problems to worry about...
Definitely a reliance on the internet. Was initially used by the Military and now used to subdue and distract us. Also creates the illusion of free speech (in certain avenues)
Hehehe im addicted to potato chips :D
The internet is tedious, ephemeral, manipulative, deceptive, unreliable, trite, banale, and I've never wasted so much time as I have online!
but I dont beleave we come from monkey thats the only thing I dont agree with.
+Michelle Marie
Personally, i believe there are 3 universal constants .. death, taxes & change (or evolution). These constants are inevitable & how we embrace these constants defines who we are & how we shape our world. People's perceptions of change are relative to each individual & given that most people are resistant to change, their viewpoint is usually bleak on the matter. Change is not a moral debate between good & evil .. its just a fact of life that we live in constant flux.

I don't think we are becoming less social, we are just adapting to the new ways we can socialise & interact with people not only locally, but globally. I love the fact that i can share my thoughts, dreams & experiences with not only my close friends & family, but with people that live half way across the globe. That 6 degrees of separation is rapidly becoming one...

Ultimately, humans are creatures of pleasure. if we like doing something we generally keep doing it. Yes, addiction is a potential outcome of repetitively doing pleasurable acts but who are we to judge whether that's a bad thing? Again, human perception is relative & biased by our own belief systems. The internet is just that .. the internet. It's neither pleasurable or painful, good or evil .. its just the internet.
Yes, we do spend so much more time on the internet but would you trade that for the alternative? Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 15-20 years, i doubt many could truly say that they could live without the internet. To say we are "addicted to the internet" doesn't really put the internet in the true context of what it has become in our lives. Its not a thing we "want" anymore, its a thing we "need"! Its just like electricity or water. Most people cant live without them. I know i cant!
wowww..i think thats a tremendous answer for suporting many of us like that :)
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Great! Great article, love it! changes my mind, and gives to think about the stuff from the another perspective ;).
Neither. Utter twatishness from someone who is brain dead.
Man stands up straight once the iPad came to the scene. That picture is outdated and always out of timeline intervals.
Jay H
Addiction is defined as engaging in a behavior in a way that increases over time, in the face of negative consequences, and not being able to cut back when you want to. To me, it sounds silly to deny that this describes some Internet users.
Yes I agree. But I have one question. Couldn't you be addicted to gaming on the computer?
do you belief what u paste here???is this how humans came into existence
Oh woow what in the world it is like it is getting older each one going down the line bahahah:)
+Mathieu Plourde My writing is completely original. It was something I had fixated in the back of my mind for a while now. However, I did search for documentation to help support my claim in social evolution via Robert W. Sussman, Ph.D from this article:

I don’t know if anything I stated in my post has been written about or studied but judging from some of the comments here it’s not a new idea :)
the picture is old.....the new future has us all staring at our smartphones instead of a monitor.....and if Google has its way, we will stand up straight again and all wear smart-glasses :P
or digital contacts I saw them on some tech show a few months ago .
For me the Internet is mostly a work tool. Honestly, sometimes I don't know how I managed as a Journalist without it. Need the correct spelling of someone's name or their correct title? Google them. Need to get in contact with a particular company? Google it and find the PR contact. Need the definition of an acronym. Google it. Misspell a word? Right click it for the correct spelling. Need to research some subject? Google it. What a powerful tool. And I do use G+ and Facebook most days, mostly to see interesting posts. But honestly in the evening I am happy to walk away from my computer and read my book. Right now I am reading "One Flew Over the Coocoo's Nest" which somehow I never got around to back when it came out.
Crack addicts should probably not keep crack pipes around.
trueee yarrrr think sooo u r a good blogger...keep it up.....
Sitting naked in front of the computer... yep that's where our society has gone all that's missing is a box of tissues and hand lotion
Adam and Eve, where they real peopple?
"TO MANY people, the Genesis account of Adam and Eve is merely a colorful story. “Mainstream Christians have long considered Genesis stories such as Adam and Eve to be allegories,” states a letter to the editor of Time. Many Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish scholars agree. They claim that much of Genesis simply does not agree with history or science.

What do you think? Do you believe that Adam and Eve were real people? Is there any evidence to indicate that they really lived? On the other hand, what are the implications of dismissing the Genesis account as mere myth?
read more here:
I'm not sure I buy this idea of the human mind permanently rewiring itself in only 20 years. You're also losing me with your theory of technology as an impetus for evolution- I'd be interested in some other examples of this concept (i.e. how have, say, the toaster or the car changed human BIOLOGY?). It seems to me some things make life easier and more convenient, but that doesn't mean they change our way of functioning at fundamental levels. If <20 years of exposure to a technology is sufficient to significantly alter a species, I'd be interested in some examples of other species changing their basic biology in response to technological stimuli.

There is no scientific consensus on the effect of internet usage on happiness. Making socialization more convenient does not mean our basic needs automatically change as well. Has any large-scale study been done on the potential effects of internet socialization on oxytocin levels? Given the importance of this hormone on so many aspects of human behavior, this could be important. I can also see the danger of losing or stunting key socialization skills with the internet. When we don't interact with actual people, instead only looking at a screen, our ability to pick up subtle nuances of pitch, tone, facial expression, etc. may change.
Addiction? Someone needs to put up the definition. Our internal bio-chemicals is the focus of "change". Hitler was looking for it. Darwin, defined the symptoms of it. Marketing nurtures it. There's nothing evolutionary about it.
@Grifter I suspect those are not missing all that often.
While we may be more connected with the advent of socialized technology, interaction within the interpersonal space is sacrificed along with all the nuances of non verbal communication. To that extent we have become less capable of interacting "in person" partly due to the facade that these devices allow us to have when not in front of a person. Some of our worst traits come out. The subtle emotions expressed when facing a person are poorly communicated via a txt message. We end up becoming social misfits in "real life" while diva's on the internet.
Well I believe the younger generation is more addicted to the web and social medias then the older. I feel as well that gaming as in MMORP games are "like crack", also that alot of us rely on our phones or our computers way too much, just like people buying a smart phone for their 10 year old done of this has to stop!
thanks for the food for thought Michelle. Good or bad it makes one look at both sides.
This would seem to depict hunters as the pinnacle of human evolution... which is interesting since folks tend to vilify them on the Internet. :)
Only time will tell what effect, if any, the internet has on socialization. In the meantime, you're making very large assumptions based on very little here (mainly, your own personal impressions and experiences).

"Can the expansion of connections between people occur with a decrease in socialization?"

Yes, if those connections are superficial, inferior, and/or ineffectual.

"But socializing doesn’t have to occur in face to face, person to person, and voice to voice situations for us to continue being social..."

Sources on this?

"But to condemn a direction that’s happening naturally would be no different than condemning the evolution of mankind."

A classic example of both the false dichotomy and straw man logical fallacies. Saying new technologies may have a negative effect on us has absolutely nothing to do with "condemning the evolution of mankind." Careful consideration and caution are not bad things in this case- we are introducing a new element to our species which completely overturns millions of years of development in a few short decades.
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Jhuk ke baitne ki jarut nai hai yaar mobiles use kar sakte hai
its up to ones attitude over it. for me its evolutuon
ridiculous , totally agree that younger generations depend to much on a smart phone. if i were to take a road trip with any of my younger friends they wouldn't know how to use a map, They would most likely say my phone doesn't work , there's no wifi. What has the world come to.?
lol homo connecticus can not mate with homo sapiens
well i totally agree with Michelle , Internet is not an addiction rather it is a virtual world in which there are no boundaries , no wars , no ammunition and above all it unites it's users by one common thing - information on everything
This is brilliant! Just the other day I was having trouble articulating this hit it spot on :-) Thanks for the insight...
yeah ever day in science we go on laptops for science but our sweet science teacher respectively allows us to do wat everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No need to fine something to accupy your idle apare time.
oh god this is not for funny.
Spent most of my teens interacting on the internet with a community of people I'd have never otherwise met nor learned from (and boy did I!) But yes, at the time, my family told me I was addicted to the internet... and I told them, it was more that I was addicted to that method of communication and interaction, than I ever was with the actual internet itself...
internet is most important tool in our life. So we can't avoid it. But we can try to change our nature and view on it.
Lately I have been wondering about this known fact, whether this instrument is isolating Us from the real world, truth be told, if you are an individual who is self assured then you won't consider this as an obstacle or a hassle instead you welcome it into your life and take advantage of it. However, if you are like most people who fear interaction with others then you make use of this instrument solely as a way to communicate. We have to engage and share in a real setting what we have learned and discovered, this allows Us to socialize in a positive manner. Life is too short to spend most of your time in front of a computer or attached to your cell phone. People as a whole don't have sex, play and dance using this medium and we have to use it for what it is, a tool that gives Us opportunities and possibilities to live life to its fullest. So take a break and set up a date or a gathering and touch and feel someone other than your keyboards.
Love this commentary! I call it an addiction, especially Twitter, but also recognize that it feeds a social need that I cannot fulfill in person all the time. I don't avoid IRL social situations, in fact, I LOVE to finally meet someone in person with whom I've tweeted. The intimacy that a tweet creates is precious to me. Words are very powerful and the emotions that they evoke are very's called literature, even when it's only 140 characters at a time.
that is a wierd picture but also futuristic
Glad to be able to use an imagination,and remember what one is!
i total do not disagree with you lol! totally true
We always go back to where we started! Always!
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Ha...ha...ha....but i feel like a little addicted...
I always used to say "I'm addicted to the internet"
Now I can say "I'm addicted to the internet, good thing, really :)"
Agree it is same thing as television..
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The internet itself is definitely not an addiction, its the sites and possibilities that we become addicted to. Facebook is a prime example.
Jay Jay
oh. we are come to back.
Hey, man. Uve forgotten a last evolutive step: a man lying on the bed with a smart phone in his hand, like me lol
Perhaps that's why 'man' has invented the tablet... To keep us upright?
what exactly are you going to say by this picture?
this does represent some strange people in the world
...and the pendulum swings back to its original position
I've been hearing rumblings of the DSM-V having internet/technology addiction as a category of pathology. I agree with you that we are moving in new directions in the realm of social interaction, but society as a whole still sometimes conflicts with the rapidly changing world. We have not yet normed every type of social media.

Also, I'd contend that doing everything in the most efficient and convenient ways possible is not always doing the most "good." I would argue this especially when it comes to love. We shun creativity in our pursuits of others for expedient displays of affection. Our consumer culture tells us to take rather than give. I'm not proposing the return to a time without social media, I'm asking that we show some restraint. Unless we can't.
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realy its very good thinking....
Dumb cartoon, the imaged depicted here is temporary, and we already see it moving away from desktops to mobiles, soon computers will be embedded in what we wear, and be able to interface with our just our thoughts. Computers are just a next step tool beyond the telephone; it provides information and the ability to connect at an unprecedented pace, if we don't learn how constantly interface with them, it will soon be hard to remain competitive in any aspect of life, and thus we must evolve.
Picture tells us that due to computer's human is in the STONE AGE again.
It's a change in the paradigm of behavior. It makes people,less social in a face to face or voice to voice sense. But, it expands the breadth and scope of whom we can interact with. It seems the latter is less likely to provide meaningful interaction (read deeper level) and the former more superficial. Communicating via computers(including smart phones) certainly reduces certain inhibitions that we have in face to face communications and reduces the effectiveness of it( i.e voice inflection;facial expressions). Whether that's positive or not seems to be a value judgement
True Michelle,The picture is worth a thousand words.Regardless how society classifies an addiction, I don't think anyone can compare knowledge gained from the "INFORMATION HWY." {DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS}
well, from the photo it looks like
i read your mention,it was awesome article,but u must do a small review to that, please be honest to real event,any way i like it so much: thanq friend
I need internet rehab
You have some good questions here. Jean Baudrillard would say that the increase in information flow is actual an "implosion of social in the masses" whereas Mark Zuckerburg will say that it is simply a change in the "social norm". I dont beleive there is a major addiction problem, but, I can see some issues of selective exposure coming our way. There are pros and cons i suppose.
What horrible posture he needs to seriously rethink his work station.
This is going to date me, but I'm reminded of the episode of Seaquest where they went into the future to take out a supercomputer. Boils down to everyone was sucked into virtual reality piloting mechs and only a teenage boy&girl were left on the earth.
Good post by +Michelle Marie.

I agree with the first point. The internet is a tool which allows access to shared data. One can become addicted to anything which they find appealing. It might not be a physical addiction, as some have distinguished above, but it would be difficult to argue that an obsessive interest is not addiction. I played WoW from release day until four years later. I found it such a fulfillment of what I had always wanted from computer gaming, that my desire to play was extremely obsessive to the neglect of other things in my life. Some people might have this same level of interest in porn or online gambling or G+. The internet helps you to reach your desired content, but it is only the means to reach your objective and not the objective itself.

I think the social evolution is a different point and one that I'm more mixed about. I don't specifically disagree with any of what is written, but the cultural change is complicated and I don't know if it can be easily explained. Texting, tweeting, Facebook, G+, etc., have allowed us to reach a point of extreme connectedness. However, is it the social interaction that is the root of the success, or do these tools fulfill our desire to be constantly entertained? I think there is a possibility that the social engagement is one form of the entertainment, but not the entertainment itself. Either way, the person who can use future technology to give people what they do not yet know they want could be the next Zuckerberg. Good luck.
They forgot to add some weight to the latest generation.
it is important that we recognize that the last evolutionary iteration on this picture [far right] is the 'machine' itself which is the next step along the rise of sentience through life to 'intelligence' itself.
Warda W
funny but not true
Ok cause I was gonna start a rehab for this... be the Betty Ford in this thing... thanx for the reasurrance.. and bear with me as I get used to +
Ah! Ah! I beg to differ. It is quite possible to express an addiction to the high provided by the Internet with the phrase "I am addicted to the Internet" as this is metonymy, a figure of speech in which the meaning slips from the drug to the tool.
this is the optimistic view & it may well apply to most people. i hope so. because seeing people addicted to "new" media is not a pretty site: shattered relationships, health problems, restlessness, inability to relate, etc
time changes for real nd no one will play d bold old harp When it doesnt sound well. So trying 2 plaY d new to be in d right direction is dat what u call adiction? Sory dia is no bio-technological definition 4 adiction. Even in d pure biology adiction is not explicit as to Which do we call adiction: symbiotic, parasitic or mutualistic?
This picture makes me no reason to recall a report about how technology changes our way of thinking. The scientists separated the subjects in two groups. They were both required to memorize a same document in a complex folder path. The 1st group was told that the document would be deleted shortly, while the 2en group wasn't. Consequently, group1 memorized the text of the document, and group can only remember the folder path of the doc. In an internet/computer age, people have learnt how to find/search information instead of remember the information itself.
don't anyone deny it, because what are you on now? :)
Paracelsus used to say that “poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.”
Life....the most important non defined.
IT's what I really want to know
its near a true say 2 describe d case as metonymy, cos d tool may not necesary d composition.
Somewhere in this photo, there should be a cell phone as the center of attention ...
I honestly think I could give up smokin b4 tech..
funny all these depictions of the homo sapien after they become man, have weapons in hand? Even untp the computer nerd. HA!
The answer to your opening question is... Yes... both.
"...a place where we feel more socially connected right from the comfort of our own homes, offices, libraries..." - funny
whatever. i am so addicted to the internet. that's why my addiction requires i get more dosage of the internet over and over...
Internet is good tool , but for some people it gets like a drug ... Like a Life.
Cool as idea, but it isn't true...
True, the computer is a tool, not an addiction.
Addiction is no joke and it doesn't just have to be drugs and booz. Addiction kills people every day and the loved one's of those addicted, my heart go's out to them. Addiction of any kind affects the whole family and just because it may be online does'nt make it any less serious. Inability to relate!!! Nice hit the nail on the head there.
You would be addicted to the pipe if the pipe controlled which drug was in the bowl.
Michelle, I'm new to Google+ and don't think I know you so I'm curious why I got your post?
Meanwhile, addiction to adrenaline is what most of this internet 'socialization' is about, hence the easy statement, 'addicted to the internet/TV/cell phones etc'.
Like every other invention since the wheel, some of us us get obsessed and eventually addicted to how we feel when engaging in a behavior. The 3-d virtual world of gaming already has versions for pleasure which will make the need for any human contact at all, unnecessar. So as long as someone brings us food and we use various games to stay fit, we are good.
The 'high' some people get off this virtual world is amazing adding a new reason for couples to divorce, it is all quite real, hurting real not virtual humans... and yet many of us co-exist with it all.
To me, denying that the concept of addiction is not valid refering to internet usage, is not the way to approach the issue.
AMEN, Thnx, marve my friends will get off my back now!!!
Interesting points. But if nature takes its coarse as She says, then it would be safe to assume that humans can possibly react violently to human contact outside the internet just as a wild animal would react to a captive animal.

Is the internet just a means to get a temporary fix to escape reality?

Physical human contact: Can we live without it? Go out to the movies for a date or streaming Netflix for dates?

- FMOT @SupaDupaViK
i am also addicted to crack pipes.
it's an addiction when you have withdrawal symptoms and can't function or live a normal life without it
Funny how it's shown as a man not woman!?!LOL
It's being human
As humans we tend to do what society places in front of us stating its okay
I really disagree with some points of this..mainly it encourages people to spend multiple hours sitting behind there desk or on there phone. If ur spending that much time on the internet then say hello to obesity and a shortened life span. Dont kid urself technology being so "effiecient" is u being lazy ur body is made to move so get outside and talk to a real person. When ur main source of human interaction is through the internet ur physical and mental conditioning will surely suffer
jaisi shuruat thi vaisa hi aant hoga.
bus jariye change ho gaye hai.
My wife seem to think that this could be me, addiction or evolution....? this needs to still be confirmed.
+Amy Redfield you added the word "compulsive" into your copy and pasted quote. What the article actually says is “Some 61% of people feel addicted to the Internet and are unable to quit browsing, according to an informal survey.” The word “compulsive” does not show up anywhere in the Mashable post. >>

Some 100% of people feel addicted to their cars and are unable to quit driving, according to an imaginary survey. :)
eh the guy sitting on the PC needs to be make it more correct.
i don't want to sit down in the same chair as the that guy. XD
Some one get the Health and Safety people in PC guy is sat wrong the chair support is too high the seat base is too low as is the desk top the monitor top is not eye level the keyboard is not wrist friendly
Sorry that pod is closed until major Health and Safety adjustments are carried out
Certainly, the information age can be a god send; however, what can aid you harm either you or others
The progress is untrue but we ended up at the computer in the end. :P
i dont sit like that at my computer too hunched over for my body type lol he needs to raise the desk up about 2 ft!
I would argue that the more people we share information with, and the more information we receive, the less meaningful and more fragmented our interactions become. I don't think we are better at being human because of access to all of this mostly pointless, mostly pornographic information. I agree that information transfer is an important and useful tool, but it is one which lends itself to a lot of hiding ourselves from ourselves. The more we engage with others, the less we engage with ourselves.
The more we engage with others the less we engage with ourselves? I would argue that engaging with others is key to knowing yourself better and putting yourself in new and exciting situations. And as for access to this mostly pointless information...just because you have access doesn't mean you have to use it. Pick the little bits of information that are worthwhile ( and there is a lot. TED talks for example) learn more, and better yourself as a human being.
The internet is EVIL!
Where is the guy with the basketball.
Of course we're talking about Facebook. The article title is about social evolution!
We're not "from monkeys". We share a common ancestor. It's different.
Everything has its limits and beyond the limits it will create problems.
One must always keep balance and balance does not necessarily mean everything in equal quantities but everything in the right proportions.
Heh...evolution makes a lot more sense then a guy that was created out of dirt and a rib-woman that was tricked into eating an apple by a talking snake
I like the "hot on Google" stream. Interesting stuff like this is on there. It was annoying until I worked out how to remove it from your normal stream.
next step is the metamorphose into an electromagnetic wave
haha i looove eveolvin
Joe Six
Interesting perspective here I thought I was just an addict now I have some sort of pride looming up inside...
Looking at lolcats, posting "LOL!" And tweeting about your cute new shoes hold about as much social evolutionary value as The View. In the same way that theres a difference between socializing at the water hole and getting obliterated with buddies... well you get it
+Tom Martin yessir - we will see "social media" fade from screens the way we know it today...the next 5 years will be a bigger shift than anything we've seen today. Hello, Humans! See this?:
Everyone is an addict to the internet NOBODY can get away from it. It's like smoking once you start you can't stop and then you need help from people to stop.
I'm a Roman Catholic and I believe that there is possibility that Gods sense of time is different from ours. There for seven days for him his seven billion years to us.
+Daniel Cameron that would be the same as God trying to talk to us in Spanish when we only spoke English. Why not just tell us that it took him 300,000 days or 300 billion days to build the earth? Seems silly he would only use "his time" to describe something to us and not tell us he's using "his" time.
funny enough i had the same idea as this picture for the Devolution of man in regard to internet porn addiction. In many cases we are evolving and there are huges advances thanks to the internet - of course there are. However, internet addiction and internet porn addiction are now officially recognised mental disorders.
Having lived with an internet porn addict, I can tell you, there was zero evolving going on in his head which had returned to the cave man state somewhere. Check out my site and very soon my book You Want Me To Do WHAT With That?! The Life Expectancy of a Relationship With a Porn Addict so see why the internet is so addictive and why it is destroying the most personal of our relationships.
I have a poster made up. Feb 22 'I survived Verizon's 4G crash!' At work. When 4G came back 9 hours later I spent an hour downloading anything and then deleting it (unlimited data) just because I needed my fix. That's normal right?
+Lindsay McKinnon the internet porn industry is estimated to be worth circa 14 billion dollars...someones addicted to it... :-)
....agreed +Roberta Lofgren ! Also when we consider Sussman's findings, there is a case for the internet enabling much needed social interaction, without the risk of aggression that may come from actual physical proximity, and in the world we live in its easy to see why the internet is a safe place to be and therefore a natural evolution. For me the thought still lingers though...were getting increasingly more connected, but are we becoming less connected ? ....and regardless of whether its addiction or social evolution (could feel like either depending on what websites you happen to look at!), and putting to one side the many efficiencies, and obvious improvements the internet it improving us as human beings? For me the jury is out. We're essentially tactile animals, I hope future generations continue to be so...
I would think I that I an at stage 3, how about you?
as noted earlier in a back post - retirement is looking nice... and may include finding the garden - and using the rake and standing more than sitting... which has been most of my working venue
i must point out that this series includes the transition of the 'tool' [last element]] into the next step, and will proceed from there.....
ammm I dont no but need more thinkes.
am came bake for u ..!
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