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I love my smoothies and I'm on a kick with finding posts for them today (this one from my friend, +Dane Findley )
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thank you, Michelle! I made one this morning that was one of my best yet. It had live arugula sprouts. I'm still high from it!
+Dane Findley - I'm such a creature of habit that I love finding new recipes to try. I'm not very good when it comes to creating my own recipes. Hence why I love sites like yours! 
I kind of wing mine, because how I make the smoothie each morning depends in part on what fresh produce I was able to obtain at the farmers market. But the ratio of fats, proteins, and carbs -- that stays pretty much the same. The longer you make green smoothies, the more you get the knack of it.
This is one of those "practice makes perfect" things. I've been trying to get right "ratios" of my normal smoothie with my sister's blender so I've been venturing out just a tiny, tiny bit more!
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