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Michelle Lim
Raised by wolves & still wild.
Raised by wolves & still wild.

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Announcement: I Have Moved
Dear readers, I would like to thank all of you who have been following my blog for the past 8 years. I have changed a lot together with it, and as 2015 comes to a close, I feel like the time has come to finally upgrade this chapter into a similar, but diffe...

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Entering Edinburgh, Scotland
After leaving the quaint little town of York , we drove and drove (cheered when we passed by the border between England & Scotland – it was actually just a signboard that says "Welcome to Scotland') and found ourselves surrounded by hills and valleys and A ...

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Bali Food Journal
It took me a very long time to finish writing and editing images from my Bali trip, but this here is FINALLY, the last post. My London trip that happened in July sort of delayed me as I wasn't keen on bringing my Macbook Air along with me on the trip, for o...

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GASTRO Go Experience With Yuzu At The Gardens Mall
Right before I swept myself off to Jakarta for the 'crazy wedding week marathon', I had one of the best sashimi I ever had in my life (even better than what I had in Japan!) because it is literally fresh off the bone. Before we get to that though, let's bac...

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Better Vision For Perfect Clarity
"Your eyes are the windows to your soul." This phrase rings true for so many poets and romance novelists when talking about the damsels of their dreams – but how can your eyes reflect your beautiful soul if you do not take care of them? Fortunately for us, ...

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Staying Bright-Eyed All The Time With Acuvue Define
Another Saturday well spent with lovely bloggers in Alexis, The Gardens Mall. We were all here to find out how we could make my eyes shine and look natural at the same time. The Acuvue team has set up a really lovely blue and white themed room in Alexis' sp...

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KLGCC Fuses Golf With Pinktober & Great Food!
The KLGCC Women With Drive event was probably one of the best things to happen at the best timing. It's during Pinktober, it celebrates women and have amazing women golfers from all over to play at the 4-day event. It also happened during a time when the ha...

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LYN's Fashionable Tale Of Romance & Leather
The chic fashion label LYN has now made its first appearance in Malaysia due to its high popularity in Thailand (which Malaysian shoppers flock to shop at). Back in 2010, I started to notice many of my friends carrying these chic leather bags that look real...

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Bobbi Brown's First Asian Ambassador Works With The Avengers!
That caught your attention, didn't it? I kid you not! Bobbi Brown has stolen the spotlight from all the other makeup brands in Asia when they chose Claudia Kim to be their new face. You might remember her from The Avengers, Age Of Ultron as the scientist, D...

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Real Moolah: Get Cashbacks When You Travel With Expedia
Travel is a big thing for me, as you can tell from my blog. From Australia to London, my travels have always costed quite a bundle of money – my returns for spending so much usually comes in the form of points from these airlines and hotel booking sites. Po...
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