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I got my wisdom teeth taken out about a week ago, and I have numerous complaints about the overall experience I had with Dr. Wazney. Medical Complications: I haven't been able to feel my tongue since. Medical Care Complaints: 1. I talked to a bunch of my friends who have had their wisdom teeth taken out and was informed that they had been instructed to rinse with salt water and also given syringes to push out food particles from the wounds. I was not provided with the advice to salt water rinse or with a syringe. I wasn't able to open my mouth up very wide, and by the time I was able to look into the wounds, I saw that there was a ton of food particles in my wounds back there. 2. She scheduled my follow up with me RIGHT AFTER I woke up from surgery so of course I was still drugged and didn't remember this taking place. My father was there, but since he is not the one driving to the appointment, I found it completely illogical as to why the follow up couldn't have been scheduled before the surgery so I could've written it down. 3. So now I had concerns about one of my wounds possibly being infected as well as the concern that I had nerve damage in my tongue. (still can't feel it ). I drove 30 minutes for my follow up just so she could open up my mouth, spray some water in it, look for ~<1minute and tell me everything is fine. Everything is obviously NOT fine. I attempted to ask her some questions, she kept insisting everything was fine then walked out of the room while I was still asking questions. After asking, she said my numb tongue could recover within "a week, a month, a year, or never", and then continued walking away. ... NEVER? with no further explanation, this seems like a totally irresponsible way to inform a patient of potentially permanent damage from a pretty common procedure. Overall, I have gained more knowledge as to post-treatment care and potential causes and recovery times of my symptoms from the internet than Dr. Wazney. If she would've bothered to tell me that the percentage of permanent paresthesia (the numbness) cases are in 1% of surgeries, I probably wouldn't have freaked out as much as I did on the car ride home. Additionally I wanted to know if there was treatment if my case is permanent. Again the internet was of way more use and comfort than Wazney. If you go to Wazney, be sure to do a lot of internet research on the procedure, risks, and care, because you aren't going to get it from her. She seems like a nice lady with a lot of practice, but her patient interaction needs some serious work.
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