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Do you realise that your #website has to be ready for the new law by the 26th of May, whether you are a #blogger or a forum owner a writer - whatever - if you have cookies you CAN be fined a lot of money #UK
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Err what can bloggers do to action this?
Why in the world am I only seeing this now, almost a year later!?
Why do we have press, if they don't give us this kind of news?
It was supposed to be actioned last year, but no one was ready so they gave us another year lol
It means that if you own a website in the EU that has cookies, on, which most do to see how many vistors you are getting or to not have to log in everytime to post comments etc - then you have to tell people that you have them, but not only with a disclaimer, they have to be able to click it to say that they agree, If you do not, then you will be fined up to £500.000 ......
Looks like I might have to pay attention to my blog I've got amazon ads and google ads on there and there is a follow function and a counter. I must be about to become a master criminal.
I have tracking codes all over my site as like many bloggers.
While you worry about your personal blogs, I work as a web developer in a multinational company and I've never heard about this before... I don't think anyone knows about this.

Should I inform my superiors about it!? Or should I stick to my own business!?
Michelle, at the risk of sounding like a divvy, what do I need to install and where do I get it?
Any site registered and/or hosted in the EU, which uses cookies will need to get positive consent from the user before you store cookies. This includes Google Analytics, Google Adwords, most LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter/G+ widgets and plugins and anything like that.

If your site is on a cloud system, such as Blogger and Wordpress then it is less clear where the site is hosted.

It means ugly pop-ups on EU hosted sites. As +Michelle Harris points out, a disclaimer in the policy won't work - the user must give positive confirmation.
WHAT?!!! We have to pay £75 for a plugin?!!
Yes, just like the Olympics!! Ooops did I really say that? LOL
Wow, a government stupider than the U.S.A! Awesome!

Every blogger in the UK should just put a giant annoying popup calling out the asshat politicians in their country, and informing the person that they could get tracking cookies.
David, you have obviously not been exposed to our stupid politicians. I am sure it will all come to light after the Olympics - the dimwits have some lovely rules in store for everyone.

Can't we just put a disclaimer up stating that the site hold cookies?
Its very serious scary stuff - one website that was using a pop up in the middle of his page, to advise ppl of cookies lost 75% of his viewers - ppl don't understand and they click away - this one is at the side at the top and unobtrusive and explains why. Its on the website link above.
What's so funny about this is that the UK is like the most citizen tracking government in the WORLD. You guys have cameras everywhere spying on the population. I guess it's true that governments everywhere hate any competition. The old saying here is "Don't steal, the government hates competition."
Time to move on to localStorage. Let's see how long it takes before they start to throw a fit over that!
What about session cookies? That is, where the server itself stores a cookie on the visitors machine to maintain a session id.
Have contcted my web site hosts (+PhotoShelter) to ask for their comments. That will be interesting!
Awesome. But oh hey look, I don't live, do business or host in the UK. Stupid laws written by stupid 'Representatives' are utterly pointless.
that law is obviously just to make the broke EU more money in fines.
Session cookies I think would still be required by this law.

It is still a cookie, and in fact is what most Third-party cookies use anyhow.
Just put up a splash page to tell all the EU visitors to go somewhere else. [Edit: Oh, and throw in a brief explanation of exactly why you will no longer do business with the EU]
This is not going to work just you wait and watch.
We can't wait though, its a law, and we can get fined if we don't comply.
Anyone got IP address of whoever made this law? I'll throw Javascript confirm()s for them all over the place to ask them whether my cookies may be placed. Like on average 4 per page. Again, and again, and again. And again.
+Michelle Harris I'd love to see them try to fine every single website owner. Hell, I'll setup a site that has the sole purpose of placing a random cookie with the date/time just to help fund the EU. ^_^
Best answer I have ever heard, listen to this guy people he is right on.
I"m in the US, so take this for what it's worth, but even if there is such a law, I find it odd that nothing of this has shown up in any of my tech podcasts over the last year.

I really feel like this post is intended to advertise and sell a plugin that seems extremely overpriced, and the statement by +Michelle Harris

"Its very serious scary stuff - one website that was using a pop up in the middle of his page, to advise ppl of cookies lost 75% of his viewers - ppl don't understand and they click away - this one is at the side at the top and unobtrusive and explains why. Its on the website link above." seems like a major scare tactic to persuade you to go buy the plugin.

Maybe she doesn't have any affiliation to the site...just my opinion.
I finally got the point. This company is trying to scare you into buying its product. Since I have no knowledge of how to create a cookie nor to read one, then the fault must lie with the people who supply some of the software I use. Does Google or WrodPress take any responsibility for supplying me with software that ises cookies? If I get fined, can I sue them?

I do have software that I wrote myself to keep track of who is visiting my sight. It does not use cookies. All information is stored on my server. Nothing is stored on the user's computer. I am not selling it, so this is not an ad.
Believe me people who cares make money any you can, its survival time get a skilled trade of any kind!
Its simple people every comment your make here your making this person happy got it now, what a money maker.
No thanks but keep it up, I have a awesome skilled trade.
Made what up, what would I gain by that. Makes no sense don't allow people to comment if you don't like my comment. Remember this is the USA!
you said that it was not on the news and the whole thing is made up - so I was showing that it was on the news +Ryan Rodgers you make acusations without looking at the facts - sadly if you google COOKIE EU LAW you will find About 8,970,000 results ....... you can comment but I can also show you that you are mistaken in your comment
If you read the post it gives you all of the links including official gov ones
Who cares about all that, For one you watch to much news, there full of it , two they also just try to strike fear in people. and your just joining them. O Yeah three I don't care no more, I'm happy where I'm at.
This is insane !
I'm a webdev and I never heard of that !
If I don't read it here I would had never knew. What is in their brain, cookies are not harmful !! But useful !!
I really hate that and I won't follow this stupid law.
Thats OK it all just don't matter to me, Don't let people comment if you don't like it, Sorry this is the bottom line.
Comments are welcome, and I have answered yours satisfactorily, thank you.
So, what if my non EU website was opened by someone from EU?
I'm glad I don't follow this "Gals" logic. Who the hell made this "Hot on Google"?
+Ryan Rodgers You look like a very stupid guy, if you don't believe in something just Google it, what I did and I found very trusted websites talking about it.
Useless to scold after the author, even if they want to sell us things.
CHET, but you are you made a comment!
E MMANUEL, It does not matter what I believe. It all just don't matter . And your another one who made a comment.
Don't do it. "The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly."
This came up by Google's "What's Hot", Sometimes it's hard to keep your mouth shut. Sorry to all. I'll try harder.
Oh and that plugin, don't trust non open source software, that could potentially be used to spy on you / allow others to access your personal data, if you can't see what it does clearly. don't install it, unless you're absolutely sure it's safe (from a hacker).
don't restrict too much on new things....
Well, just trying to help no need to be sarcastic, you know that a corporation worked for the Music Industry a couple of years ago, posed as a torrent download website releasing its own software, and took the IPs and personal data of everyone who downloaded it to give to these other companies, your privacy and protection isn't a joke, it takes 5 minutes to write a popup script asking if they want to allow cookies, and you'll know it's safe and secure.
Then again, she's selling that simple code. so I guess I should shut my mouth or I could start an svn for an open source version.
£75 for a popup? they must be raking in the money
And I'm not allowed to sware? What the fuck!
Anyway, Go to free and opensource software, don't let the leeches make money off these laws, people make money off shitty laws like this, £75 a go is a little bit of a gold mine when you make everyone panic over it. Remember free and opensource stuff exists and will always be made available to you, you just have to search for it. become a little tech smart and you'll see how these vultures don't even understand how binary works, or the difference between a bit and a byte, all they know is they can read from a sheet of paper and make non tech savvy people squirm and pay £75+ for a pointless bit of 2 minute code marketed as something special. If you're really desperate, and want something special, as a gesture of goodwill I'd write a plugin for you for free if you contact me.
hat site has just a disclaimer which means it does not comply to the regulations which is a bit of a worry - as you are recommending it. Maybe they will change it when the 26th of May arrives - We have delved deeply into making sure that everything we supply complies fully to the regulations.

How strange that it came up with a pop up 5 mins after I posted this.
I guess competitors will try it by saying ours is no good and then posting their own links.
It doesn't make any sense,so now do I have to give up my netbook?'Cos I can't afford to have these fines that they're planning to kill us with!And any,to hell with the EU!
at this point I would like to advise people that there are some here that are giving advice here that - have no avatar and two people in their circles, - check out my credentials and the websites and you will see that we are trusted with thousands of people in our circles. That is all.
lol Michelle Harris do you really want to go there? okay how about, rather than say anything about the points I raised, attack my credibility, Hey i'll help you sell your product if you want, Here, buy this software, it'll cost you more than buying the rights to use a forum software, or almost as much as buying windows, and took the creator at most a few hours to make. PLEASE HURRY AND BUY WHILE STOCKS LAST!
also, the fact that it costs $15 a month for a vps to host a site on, or buying a domain name at between $5 - $50 (unless it's been bought by domain name investors just for the sole purpose of ripping people off). you could buy those things, you could probably buy a course in writing not only php, but C and C++ with that kind of money, £75 isn't something to just throw away, be money smart.
you know it's a scam, when they say you'll either 1. Get a large sum of money if you buy. OR 2. lose a large sum of money if you don't buy. when people start their argument with something to do with one of those two points, tell them to 'get the frak out'
Oh good grief! Another law to protect idiots from learning how to delete cookies from their browsers. sigh

Doesn't the EU have more important matters to concern itself instead of being obsessed with micro-managing the Internet? 
Yet another occasion that I'm glad to be an American.
Why are there so many people screaming against a law that protects their privacy?
Olivier Le Lain it's just unneeded uneducated law, written for the idiots who cannot learn to use a browser, they should of just made it the law that all web browsers had to be shipped with cookies disabled by default, then everyone is happy.
Oh, by the way Michelle Harris. Talking about how you're shocked and amazed at some new law, then offering the solution as a pay to download app on a website that you have a vested interest in, that's called being a 'samefag' from where I'm from, and that really detracts from your 'thousands of happy people in your circle'.
Ignore that last comment Michelle. Carry on
Daria Carey, I hope you've supported the cause and bought the app.
Thanks +Daria Carey I am now- Everyone can just read the post, that explains everything. Ppl can make up their own mind what to do, we are just offering trusted one solution. which they can see on the website.
+Olivier Le Lain Do you have a website? Or does the company you work for? Imagine having to deface it or give everyone a pop-up informing the user about a cookie which is used for generating statistics of how many people visited the website (a widely accepted thing).

And don't forget that pop-up or message you'll get on every single unique domain you visit.

I couldn't care less about my privacy on this. Sure a car may void my privacy because gas stations can log who tanked where, but I'm not gonna drive 50% slower just to save gas and get tracked less--because get tracked you will anyway.
Politicians are the stupidest people in the Universe.
that is a really good video actually - I saw it yesterday , thanks for sharing here
Wow i didn't know. I'm in the U.S. I have to look into this for us as well. Thank you for that information Michelle.
Ciao scusami ma io parlo solo italiano nn riesco capire i tuoi comenti
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