Beautiful video visualising how Amazon's recommendations engine draws upon book purchase behaviours. Great post by 'Mr Networks' himself +Antony Mayfield
Networks are an abiding obsession for me. So I love this... This data visualisation video illustrates how Amazon applies the power of networks to selling more books (and everything else) - by tapping...
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Hi Michelle
thanks for posting. It's certainly a cool tool, I just wonder how many digital marketers would crumble under the wealth of data and struggle to know how to drive improvements from it?
Do you remember the Econsultancy visualisation that Chris Lake set-up to show in real-time who was where on the site?
Visualisation tools are powerful, but using the data even more so. Are you using anything like this yourself with Clients?
Nice enough - but I wish it was better at working out what I bought as a present, rather than for myself. Maybe using delivery address?! I still think it's incredibly blunt tbh..
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