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Movement, Strength, Mobility, Online Coaching
Movement, Strength, Mobility, Online Coaching

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Tap into your surfing potential, become surf durable, build your physical capacity, move dynamically and surf your best. Highest level mobility, strength & conditioning coaching.
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Desk Break Quickie / 3 sets of 3 exercises #2

1. Plank Elbows to Hands X 5 reps per side
2. Inverted Shoulder Over and Under Stacking X 5-10 reps
3. Crab Bridge to Pike Sit X 5
X 3 sets.

Easier Versions:
1. Plank (on Knees) Elbows to Hands
2. Inverted Shoulder Over and Understacking - reduced shoulder range and lower height of feet.
3. Chest Opener (hips on floor) and Hip Lift (toes on floor).

Shoulder, arm and core strength.
Increased productivity, mental alertness and concentration.
Elevated mood and a firmer bod.
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Desk Break Quickie / 3 sets of 3 exercises:

1. Cossack Squat X 10 per side
2. Inverted Push-Up with or without feet elevated X 5
3. Plank Thoracic Rotation with hips facing down X 10, alternating sides.
X 3 sets.

Reduce or increase the depth of your Cossack Squat depending on your ability level (moving to the floor is optional for those with great hip mobility).
For the inverted Push-up, keep your feet on the floor and hips closer to your toes to make it easier. Elevate your feet and move your hips over your shoulders to make it harder.
For the Plank Thoracic Rotation, have your feet wide and hands close. Move your supporting shoulder directly above your wrist and keep your hips facing down as you rotate from your upper spine. Hips that elevate or rotate up = cheating. This should be harder than it looks to do correctly.

Hip, leg, upper body and core strength. Improved blood flow. Enhanced concentration . Elevated mood.

#sydneystrengthconditioning #deskbreakquickie #dbq3x3
Music "My Ambition" by Madmotormiguel
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People ask me how I train and it’s a combination of bodyweight and free-weight strength, traditional lifting, mobility and skills work, pre-habilitative strengthening, cardio and sprint training.
You can learn the foundations and fundamentals of everything I do and teach to my clients with my online training programs.
Train using your bodyweight, lift weights, move heavy things safely and efficiently, rehabilitate from or prevent sports injuries, and keep mobility training a high priority.
Join me in learning and applying these various training aspects to set the foundations in being able to move your body confidently in space, allowing you to do what you love most in life.
Type 50FREEFS into the coupon code to receive 50% off the first month of my Full Spectrum membership. Interactive support available.
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Turn your inner Sloth into a Ninja. 💪 I'd love to offer you guys a first time discount (I only just worked the coupon thing out) on my gigantic Full Spectrum membership. Working from foundation level to advanced, I coach using bodyweight, free weights, traditional lifts, rings, monkey bars, vaults, stall bars, sticks and bands in gaining more strength, mobility, power, endurance and managing sports injuries. Click in bio and use coupon code 50FREEFS for 50% off first month of Full Spectrum membership. 💪
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Internal shoulder impingement is commonly described as a condition characterised by excessive contact between the back part of the greater tuberosity of the humeral head (top of the arm bone) and the back aspect of the glenoid (shoulder blade) border when the arm is placed in extreme ranges of abduction and external rotation. Think overhead or throwing athletes such as tennis players, volleyball players, baseball players and swimmers.
The impingement is caused by laxity at the front and tightness at the back of the shoulder which creates an imbalance of structures across the shoulder and can lead to impingement symptoms. -----
Posterior capsule tightness leads to poor shoulder internal rotation. This causes pain and lack of function.
This is cross body stretch targets the posterior shoulder capsule and also shoulder internal rotation. I worked on both my shoulder internal rotation and shoulder adduction before I could get into this advanced position - do not start here! I used to think I just had shitty shoulder internal rotation until I started working on it. Head to link in bio and trial the Fluid Body membership for 7 days to start the process!
#sydneystrengthconditioning #mobility #shouldermobility #shoulderinternalrotation #shoulderposteriorcapsule #sportsrehab #sportsrehabilitation #exercisephysiology #fluidbody #tasmania #movemore #movement
+Australian S&C Association
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Shoulder abduction + external rotation (active) mobility.. Chest opener.. Prerequisite to my "Functional Pec Training" video found in this feed below 😉
Build strength within end ranges of motion to expand your end ranges of motion.
MUST keep shoulder held down and held back throughout the movements.
Video is shown in double speed.
1. Shoulder abd + ER PAILS and PRL - pushing the hand into and then away from the ground.
2. Torso and hip lifts - paramount to keep shoulder held down and back.
3. Shoulder abd and ER ENG - aka Pec Eccentric Slides. Push against floor and slowly extend elbow forward.
Tunes ⚡ by the lovely @djlilijoy
#mobility #functionalpectraining #frc #functionalrangeconditioning #kinstretch

+Kinstretch +Dr. Andreo Spina
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Meeting Louie Simmons and visiting the Westside Barbell Gym in Ohio back in November 2011 greatly changed my perspective and confidence with coaching clients in getting stronger. I am not a powerlifter, nor have I coached professional powerlifters, but understanding a fraction of the concepts Louie has practiced and preached for decades is an empowering tool to have in your coaching toolbox. Louie is passionate, warm-hearted and one hell of an inspirational dude. I will be forever grateful to having the opportunity to meet him and check out a tiny slice of his coaching world.

The Westside Conjugate System is the best of 2 advanced training systems for getting strong AF; The Soviet System, where several special exercises are used to advance the training of the athlete or superior lifter; and the Bulgarian System, where near-max efforts are performed every workout.
The Westside Method is based on 3 basic methods of achieving maximum muscular tension; -Max Effort Method -Dynamic Effort Method -Repetition Method

If you are a strength coach, I highly recommend his book Westside Barbell Book of Methods and Special Strengths Certificate DVDs. As written on the website "I spent 12 years training with the wrong methods, one being the western periodization that is a dead end street. There are only 2 methods of training being used today. Regardless of what you currently believe or have been taught, there are only 2 methods. Everything else is basically well marketed and highly lucrative smoke and mirrors. The methods are simple and they are training Athletes Correctly or Training Athletes Incorrectly.” Worth hearing what this guy has to say regardless of what type of client / athlete you coach or what sport you are interested in. Learning from a wide range of different teachers in your field (strength, mobility, power, conditioning, etc) and being able to adapt your coaching methods to the client / athlete in front of you in key to helping them achieve their goals.
#westsidebarbell #westsidebarbellmethod #louiesimmons #strength #speed #power #strong #strongaf #ohio #strengthcoach #keeplearning +westside barbell
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Heads up to my online members that you now all have free interactive coaching support - remember to find the private facebook coaching group and join in. I will check your uploaded exercise videos, comment and correct technique where needed.
Body Gym (bodyweight strength) and Fluid Body (mobility) memberships both have 1 week free trial so test it out and see what you think 👊 📷+Wade Adams
#sydneystrengthconditioning #michelledrielsmanaturalathletic #strength #fitness #mobility #movement #sportsrehab #bodyweightstrength #weighttraining #traditionallifting #onlinefitness #onlinestrengthcoach
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