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Oh. My! This is seriously so delicious. Even my picky other half loved it. I didn't let on it's a skinny recipe. ūüėč

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It's National Brownie Day! Here's a quick tip -- add a drop of peppermint essential oil to any brownie batter. Yummy goodness! ‪#‎nationalbrownieday‬ ‪#‎essentialoils‬ ‪#‎tipoftheday‬

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There is a new scanning product being introduced to the market place. It is being offered to essential oil reps with a phenomenal promotional offer and though I wanted to "test" it before posting about it I have decided that you need to be given the opportunity to participate in the promotion.

The device is called iTOVi. Here is the link to their web site: It seems to be comparable to the Zyto Compass, with a few differences.

Here is the deal for the introductory promotion. I believe this is good until January 1. This also applies to people who do not presently own a Zyto. So for those who are interested and don't own a Zyto presently you can still take advantage of this offer.

1. Pay $39.99 a month for 12 months and you own it outright and never pay another dime but have lifetime access.
2. Pay $399.99 and have lifetime access at no extra cost.
3. Have 5 people join under you and you receive the device for free and receive lifetime access at no extra cost. If you have already paid for the Itovi or on the 12 month payment option they will refund you whatever you have paid.
4. If you aren't happy with it you will get your money back.
5. When you refer people who pay the subscription fee you will get 5% of that. This build residual income. Over the life of an account this  can return far more then the $100 buying bonus that Zyto offers.

**Here is a link to the offer being made to the general public:

Once the promotion Is over this will be priced very similar to the Zyto compass. It will be about $500 to buy and access will be $39.99  monthly. This is an excellent
introductory promotion. Over the course of a lifetime of use you are saving thousands of $$$. It is small enough to carry in your pocket. It measures about 3 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 3/4".

Here is a link to see their webinar schedule.

***Here is a link to the page that shows the promotional prices and where you can sign up. Please ask me for a name to put as a referral.

Benefits of this device:
1. It is very small and portable. It fits in your fist so you can carry it in a pocket or purse.
2. You can still scan animals and small children. It would actually be much easier with this device.
3. It runs from your smart phone and you can print the report from there or message or e-mail it to the person scanned.
4. This device also gives you an overall wellness score in its readout.
5. Like the Zyto Compass it does reference oils and supplements.
Some other differences:
1. This device will not give you radically different readings if you do subsequent scans in close succession.
2. Currently this device only give you the top three choices you are scanned for. We have been told that they will soon add more choices.
3. It is compatible with IOS and Android systems. For IOS you must be 8 or higher.

It uses the same technology as the Zyto...GSR (galvanic skin response), but some additional technology that is used in medical devices and things that you are already familiar with like the FitBit (and similar devices) and also takes into account your BMI (body mass index).

This device is a little more affordable than the Zyto Compass and one convenient feature is that it is very portable. The device is held in the hand rather than the hand resting on a hand cradle. It operates from a Smart Phone (either iPhone or Android....with certain system requirements).
It is small and compact and wireless, that makes it very convenient and you could carry with you and we all have our cell phones, right?
It also gives you an overall wellness score and tests more than 200 bio-markers vs 76 (for the Compass).

I am happy to answer any questions if I can!

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Here's your chance to get inexpensive stocking stuffers sure to please!  #SmallBusinessSaturday #christmasgifts 

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Through the end of this month take advantage of TWO special offers when you get started with essential oils. All weekend I'll be posting deals and specials not to miss! #shopsmallbusinesssaturday

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BREAKING NEWS -- Get 5% Off Everything...NOW!
That means you can get Zaycon Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast for just $1.61/lb: 
**That's a total of 50% off the national grocery store average!

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Head over to my FB page to get in on my latest giveaway!

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Try adding Cardamom into your homemade rolls or Basil in your favorite stuffing recipe to make your guests go, ‚ÄúWow!‚ÄĚ For today only, buy 1 Cardamom and get 1 Basil FREE! ¬†#BOGO #essentialoils

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Who wants to play bingo while learning about essential oils? Comment below with "I want to play" to get an exclusive invitation to this fun event!

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Yep, I've burnt dinner but in my defense, I just wanted to see how the firemen. ;) #doterra   #essentialoils  #linkinprofile
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