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Michelle Baldwin
(demonstrating profiles) "I'm kind of a big deal in Canada."
(demonstrating profiles) "I'm kind of a big deal in Canada."

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This is Eric Johnson - aka yourkidsteacher. Eric is planning to attend our ‪#‎5Sigma‬ Educonference in two weeks.
He needs your help. His district denied him funds for travel. We only need to help him pay for a flight. If 50 (FIFTY!) people donated only $10, his flight would be fully funded.

Can you help?!pay-it-forward/c34c
TEN DOLLARS from 50 people is all we need. If you feel like donating more, that's wonderful, too!

Thank you, friends. Networking can be very powerful. Let's show the world how this works.

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The #5Sigma  Pay-It-Forward Project:!pay-it-forward/c34c 

Please help share and consider donating what you can! We're helping Eric Johnson (@yourkidsteacher) travel to the 5Sigma Educonference!

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Michelle Baldwin commented on a post on Blogger.
Thank you for sharing, Karl. No comment could possibly express the amount of gratitude, sympathy, wishes, and love for you and everyone at AHS. 
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