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Spotted today.
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Wow... just, wow. I personally would have walked right up to it and ripped it off.
So they are throwing down the gauntlet! Let's do this!
Wow that is just so jaw dropping... if I didn't see the picture I wouldn't have believed it
I think this person seriously wants someone to key their vehicle...
I give it 5 stars for "concise usage of racial animosity in a limited space", and 1 star for "well thought out car preservation accessory".
Holy crap... Nice of you to crop out the license plate... Surely theres some people in ATL that'd like to pay them a house call.
"I may not agree with what you're saying, but ill defend, to the death, your right to say it" -Ewelyn Beatrice Hall
First Amendment.
Unfortunately, that doesnt keep you from looking like a complete and total douchebag, in the process.
I don't think hate speech is protected by the law though...
I didn't take the photo a friend mine sent it to me. I'm not fortunate enough to see these things first hand and its a good thing.

This is not surprising to see in Georgia. Not even surprising to see in the metro.

Yet it still sends me right into effin orbit.
As of lately, the government is intervening on our first amendment right and yes, we CAN get in trouble with it.. ask Neil Boortz. But still, clearly stated is your freedom of speech... any and all of it..
meaning, your opinion might be stupid to the rest of the planet, but you have the RIGHT to say it..
that, however, will change.. soon enough
How is it that racism can be protected under the first amendment? How is it that racism can be attributed to stupidity instead of the vile institution that it is? How is hate speech protected but a black child walking from the store cant be protected from a vigilante neighborhood watchman?

Where is his freedom? Where is mine? Where us ours?
Freedom of speech, in its entirety... thats how
Thing is, people think "freedom of speech" should imply protection and immunity, which is a complete farce. If I went around spouting bigotry and racial slurs like this, I would fully expect at some point to get the shit kicked out of me. That's on me. Primal law dictates, and it's been around a lot longer than the freedom-of-speech "say whatever the hell you want and nobody is allowed to take offense" law we too often refer to.

Be prepared to face consequences of saying something unpopular and offensive. If someone keyed this guy's vehicle, I fully agree it would be his own damned fault. Is it right? No. Is it just? Who knows; in that moment, it might just be.
Right - the new attitude about freedom of speech is that only you get it. Rebuttals are crypto-fascist oppression, natch.
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