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Michele Yates
Writer for The Homesteading Cottage™ bringing you the Natural esSCENTials™ to Simplify, Organize, Entertain and Celebrate Life.
Writer for The Homesteading Cottage™ bringing you the Natural esSCENTials™ to Simplify, Organize, Entertain and Celebrate Life.

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So glad to find this group!! I've wanted to go tiny for the last 12 years, but it wasn't until recently that the dream transitioned into reality. We're now in the planning stages of building 2 connected tiny houses. I know to some this isn't technically tiny since the total will be 600 sq ft, but my mother's health has been up and down for the last several years and building two 200 sq ft tiny cottages with an other 200 sq ft common space connector will afford us our own separate spaces and yet still allow me to be very close by to support Mom during recovery times.

The plan is to build one cottage, live in that and then save for the next cottage. Once the two tinies are complete, we'll begin looking for land to purchase so the two cottages can be joined together. The challenge is going to be finding land to rent until that time.

What is the best way to locate rental land? Due to Mom's health, we need to "stay put" and moving around to different spots is not an option. We'll be in SC (near the NC border) and want actual land (not RV parking) so we can grow our own food. I'm just not quite sure on the best way to approach it. What have you guys found to be the easiest way to find rental land? I know many rent land from friends, but we don't know anyone with that kinds of space to rent. Thanks so much and I look forward to sharing our process...HUGE learning curves and all.
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I was curious if anyone in this group lives in a tiny house or making plans to build one. We're in the planning stages for our homesteading cottage and wanted to connect with others already blazing the same trail ;)

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Embrace the Simple Act of Gratitude {Day 5}
I wanted to share how embracing the simple act of gratitude can set the tone for
your entire day.  Simple living is really about making mindful decisions.  It
means letting go of the complicated and focusing on what matters most. Yesterday
we talk...

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Morning & Evening Routines for Simple Living {Day 4}
a morning and evening routine is one of my favorite tips for simple living.  Routines
simplify our schedule and ensure that important things get done. It reduces
stress, helps us to focus and provides a stability for the times when we just

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11 Simple Tips to Organize the Day
you know, we've joined  The Nester's 31 Days Challenge  and it's Day 3 of our 31
Days of Simple Living series.  Yesterday we talked about the 7 Daily Do's and
today I wanted to share 11 simple tips to organize the day.  As
a creative spirit, I can be...

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Simplify Your To-Do List with the 7 Daily Do's
Yesterday we talked about how
to create a Master To-Do List and today we want to build on that by
incorporating the 7 Daily Do's.  We humans are creatures of habit, so it's
important to make mindful intentions each day to keep us moving in the right

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How to Simplify with a Master To-Do List {Day 1}
You're wanting to simplify, but have no idea where to begin.  You thought the solution might be completely decluttering your home, but that was way too complicated, time consuming and let's face it, exhausting.  Believe it or not, the whole process starts w...

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31 Days of Simple Living
Well, it's that time of year again... The 31 Days Challenge .  For those of you unfamiliar with The Nester and her annual blogging challenge, we're asked to pick a topic, write about it everyday for the entire month of October and then link up with other 31...

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The perfect thing to add to you healthy pantry...and it's also a great gift giving idea too!
{How to Preserve Fresh Herbs with Sea Salt} by Pure Grace Farms


This is SO awesome. I will definitely do this with my fresh basil! 

#sustainable   #homesteading   #diyproject   #homemade   #homemadefood   #coolstuff   #preservation   #seasalt  

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How to make a great cup of healing broth and why it's something we add to our daily diet...
#naturalhealing   #healingbroth   #nourishing   #healthyliving   #healthyeating   #healthylifestyle   #recipes  
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