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Michele Spagnuolo
Information Security Engineer at Google Zurich
Information Security Engineer at Google Zurich

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I originally thought it was a Hollywood-style hacking scene parody, but I have no evidence to support this theory. WELL DONE screen with green Matrix-style radioactive ASCII art = best. Too funny.

SSL Added and removed here :¬) .

If I were Google, I’d send NSA a $3,337 bounty.
If I were Yahoo, I’d send a shirt.

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#Bitcoin market capitalization has reached 2.5 billions USD today, October 30th.

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My vulnerability report of #Mailbox executing JS raised some debate in the security world. Nice insight here.

Post has attachment executes Javascript in email bodies.

Please stop thinking to Engineers as technical factotum. They conceive ideas and see if they can become reality.

Homo faber != Tech_Guy.

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Just got featured on Arduino Official Blog.
I love their article: "This is for the uber-cool geeks who want to specially set up a pre-dinner concert for their loved ones." . ... :D .
Thanks, Arduino Team!

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Non sempre i soldi sono lo sterco del diavolo.... il tormentone dei ciellini...
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