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#blogger #social media #marketing #digital #mom #review #giveaways #sponsorship
#blogger #social media #marketing #digital #mom #review #giveaways #sponsorship

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I love when my husband and I have date nights. Just a little time away makes a world of difference. Wouldn't you agree?
Our schedules have been so hectic lately so I find it much easier to just enjoy a night in.
Making one of his favorite meals like Baked Chicken Parmigiana made with Tyson Chicken Nuggets.
It's so simple to make with +Tyson Foods, Inc..
And the best part, snuggling on the couch with a Redbox movie.
Have you heard of the Winter to go offer available at Walmart?
By purchasing two participating Tyson products you’ll receive a Redbox promo code and each code is valid for a free 1-night DVD rental. How amazing is that?
Come find out more about this great offer and get my full recipe-
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Are you looking to buy a new home this year?
Perhaps a vacation home?
Come learn how you can save money and earn a rebate up to $5,000 by using UpNest.
Upnest is a service that is completely FREE to use. Locating the most qualified real estate agent in your area can be difficult.
At Upnest, top agents will compete for your rebate proposals which allows homebuyers or sellers to save more.
Come learn more about this great service with my tutorial -…/
You can also visit Upnest here - #ad #agentscompete

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Chocolate Muffins for breakfast?
Oh heck yes! Do you know why?
Because these moist and tasty Garden Lites are made with veggies. How can you say no to that? You can't.
Have you tried them? So good!
Take it from me, my kids had no idea that they were eating vegetables this morning. Yup, I'm one of those slick moms. :)
You can save $1 now with this coupon -
Learn all about Garden Lites and other products they offer -…/
#ad #hookedonveggies

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Nothing brings the crowd together during the big football game more than my Cheesy Meatball Bombs made with buttermilk biscuits. These babies are so tasty! You seriously need to try them!
For the full recipe:
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How do you keep the kids busy during the winter months?
Here are 3 easy tips to help.
Also, come learn how Fruit Shoot has partnered with Pizza Hut to help children in need by providing resources to help them learn how to read. How incredible is that?

You can find out more about Fruit Shoot here- and here

Read all about my tips here - #Fruitshoot #Winterfun #ad

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Did you know that it's almost #NationalCheeseLoversday?
Oh yes, this Friday all cheese lovers will rejoice.
I can't get enough of foods that are cheesy. So good!
Just like my Hasselback Garlic Chicken with Mozzarella Cheese and Tomatoes recipe.
Super easy, and delicious!
For my full recipe -
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Why make ordinary cupcakes for Valentine's Day when you can add Diy chocolate cupcake toppers.
They're so simple to make.

Get the full tutorial -
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You guys, I'm in love with the new Kitchen Crafted- Marinara Mia® SPRD.
It tastes so delicious on my Margherita Flatbread Pizza.
This smooth tomato and mayo spread gives my pizza a bolder flavor.
It's healthier, all-natural, and gluten-free.
You can find out more information about Kitchen Crafted here->

#recipe #food #gameday #Pizza #allnatural #glutenfree

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The weather has been so cold lately.
How about making my delicious Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup.
It warms your heart and belly. Very yummy!

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Looking for a late lunch or a quick and easy dinner recipe?
You're going to love my "Chunky" Chicken Salad with red grapes.
Oh, this baby is so good! It's a must try.
Serve it in a sandwich, on a bed of lettuce or even in a lettuce wrap.
For the full recipe:
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